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How to raise funds for your charity

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. It may feel presumptuous, but asking for help toward your charity's cause is important and necessary. And contrary to popular belief, a monetary donation isn’t the only way to help a charity. Various…

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The 2021 Budget – a brief for small charities

The 2021 budget announcement by Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed that there was little mention of local government finances, an important source of funding for small charities. Perhaps it’s the misconception that charities can solely rely on funds from other sources…

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New COVID-19 Test Kits

We are happy to announce to all our members that we now have COVID-19 testing kits. These Kits are easy to use and will help you keep yourselves and your staff safe and secure. If you have any enquiries, please…

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COVID-19 | Back to work advice

Developing a contingency plan and how your insurance will be impacted You need to plan for how your organisation will run if a significant proportion of staff or volunteers were unavailable. Who will make decisions about your operations, how and…

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Charities Buying Group is welcomed by Parliament

In 2004, the Charities Buying Group was supported by an Early Day Motion that was passed in the House of Commons, for supplying charities with more cost-efficient services. We have, in fact, been saving UK Charities millions of pounds since…

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