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Why charities should sign up for this year’s Great Gift Aid Hunt

An estimated £564 million worth of Gift Aid is unclaimed by charities every year – and the reason that the Great Gift Aid Hunt helps charities access Gift Aid that they are entitled to.

The Swiftaid Great Hunt found over £1.3 million in additional Gift Aid in 2023 – and why it is a no-brainer that charities should register for this year’s hunt.

Beth Michael, the Co-Founder of Swiftaid said:
“Swiftaid acts on behalf of over eight million UK taxpayers. By simply uploading their donation data, charities can check against these individuals for Gift Aid that was previously missed. Think of what an additional 25% income could do for your charity right now, with minimal effort and resource.”

How does it work?

1. Register online to determine eligibility.
2. Send as much information as possible about donations that did not include Gift Aid.
3. The team will match as many donations as possible with the millions of people using Swiftaid.
4. Swiftaid will prepare and submit claims to HMRC which will pay your charity directly.

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