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join the walking football community

As a Community, we invest our profits fund CBG4Health, which in turn is dedicated to investing in community based initiatives and projects.

We strongly believe that the benefits walking football has on the people who play it, are huge and extremely valuable. So much so, we are currently working on the set up and development of an official body dedicated to bringing all walking football related initiatives together, in order to give this fantastic game the visibility and support it warrants.

Walking football is an inclusive sport that encourages older generations to become part of a community. The sport gives older people, who may not have regular social activities, an opportunity to interact with others, make friends, and exercise. Ultimately, walking football has a positive impact on a person’s mental and physical well-being.

Small tweaks are made to the infamous ball game so older people can participate, such as kick-ins rather than throw-ins and no running whatsoever. These changes reduce stress on the body so older people can still play the infamous sport. By joining a team, people can be reunited with a sport that they may have had to give up because of the restrictions that come with aging.

We’re here to provide relevant information on walking football, from the latest tournaments and upcoming events.

Why Walking Football is proving so successful


Although walking replaces running, the game is sure to get the player’s blood pumping. Walking football can improve older people’s health as it encourages exercise


The older generation can be one of the loneliest age groups after a person retires and other family members are busy with commitments. Walking football combats that, as the game gives people a sense of purpose and belonging.


In addition to regular matches, players can become involved in various roles that are necessary for the games to go ahead, such as planning and training.

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