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The unconventional fashion trend of September

A trend that will have a positive impact on charities and the environment.

September, a period that signifies a reset button for many, is significantly important for the fashion industry. It is a month that paves the way for transitional dressing and influences people’s style choices for the colder months ahead. A defining trend this September is a cause for celebration for charities, as #secondhandseptember circulates social media.

Oxfam’s #SecondHandSeptember is a campaign to raise awareness about the harmful effects that throw-away fashion has on the planet. With actress Sienna Miller at the forefront of the campaign, and influencers posting their thrifted finds on social media, is a clear indication that second-hand shopping is no longer a taboo subject.

Sienna Miller explains:

“I am delighted to be the face of Oxfam’s Second Hand September to help draw attention to how choosing second-hand fashion can be kinder for our planet. These small changes can make a huge difference. And rooting around in a charity shop is like hunting for treasure. Be a magpie.”

Various brands are supporting the campaign, including iconic department store Selfridges, which will have an Oxfam pop-up shop. The pop-up shop, which will run until December, is merchandised by Oxfam’s independent fashion advisor Bay Garnett to celebrate vintage treasures that can be found in charity shops.

“No matter how small our acts and choices seem, we can all make a difference. I love how the Selfridges pop-up shop brings Oxfam prices to Oxford Street, making it a choice that’s accessible to everyone’s pocket” explains Bay Garnett.

The fashion revolution

Accountability is a primary reason for second-hand shopping being popular, as consumers now question the effects that their purchases have on the planet. This shift in mindset is evident on the high street and runways, as brands try to combat the climate crisis and cater to their clients by implementing more eco-friendly practices.

Fast fashion is a monumental problem for the planet, as consumers send over 13 million items of clothing a week to landfills. But, by shopping second-hand, society can help the planet and different charities.

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