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How #BeMoreDigital Strategy Day can help charities

When COVID-19 brought everyday life to a halt society’s reliance on technology was amplified, and that included charities. To continue their work throughout the pandemic, charities embraced digital techniques, by switching monetary donations to digital and hosting fundraising events online.

#BeMoreDigital Strategy Day is a free one-day event, held on the 8th of July 2021, that will focus on digital strategies. The workshops and webinars have been designed to help charities improve and work on their current or new strategies as the world transitions back to the new normal.

The agenda

1. Small but mighty: digital strategy fundamentals for smaller charities

This free and virtual workshop by Michael MacLennan, the founder of COVID: AID, will focus on building and improving digital strategies. With a background in the commercial industry (as Global Digital Editorial Manager at Red Bull and the BBC, ITN, and Barclaycard), Michael MacLennan will explain the process and fundamental steps that smaller charities should consider when creating a digital strategy.

To put it into perspective, this speaker helped The Air Ambulance Service double their digital donations and interactions on social media within six months. That is why his advice could prove invaluable to your charity – as the workshop is set to deliver realistic strategy advice and need-to-know basics.

Who can attend?

  • Micro (<£10K income) and supermajor (>£100M income) sized charities.
  • People working in leadership and C-Suite positions.
  • People with a low-medium understanding of technology and digital strategy.

2. We’ll never work again… and why should we?

This session will be held by Matt Haworth, founder at Reason Digital, and a panel of individuals in the digital industry. It will reflect on how charities embraced technology during COVID-19, and how digital strategies can continue and be improved once restrictions have ended.

Who can attend?

  • Micro (<£10K income) – Supermajor (>£100M income) sized charities
  • People working in leadership, C-Suite positions
  • Those with a range of expertise and understanding of tech and digital strategy

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