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Fundraising convention rescheduled

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising has rescheduled its annual Fundraising Convention to September 2021.

The Convention Board will do all that we can to support the Action Plan and to ensure that Fundraising Convention embodies the culture that we want to see in our sector. Fundraising Convention is above all, an event for fundraisers, by fundraisers, and moving to September this year gives us the best opportunity to make the Fundraising Convention the best it can be for you.

This was said by Laurie Boult, Executive Fundraising Director, Age UK, Chair of Convention Board.

Described as the largest meeting of fundraisers in Europe and the UK, the event allows the fundraising community to network and learn from one another. Although the event will take place virtually due to restrictions, the convention will feature “inspiring and informative content”.

Meeting people from the Third Sector is a way to gain expertise, share ideas, build relationships and navigate the world of fundraising.

Why has it been rescheduled?

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising have changed the date in response to issues raised involving harassment within the sector and recognised that there have been problems in their own complaints process.

The event organisers will use their status and role within the fundraising community as a platform to address the problem, and explain the next steps to build a safe and inclusive profession to members.

Following this information, and feedback from the Convention Board that such themes need to be addressed, the decision has been made that the event is pushed back to the 27-29 September.

An ‘Action Plan’ that will tackle harassment, abuse and discrimination within the sector. Therefore, the delay will implement positive changes, as extra months of planning can be used to explore and incorporate particular themes into the upcoming event.

More details about the event can be found here.

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