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We spoke to the Managing Director of Blueocto Ltd, Caroline Hagan

BlueOcto Ltd – a female-led company that provides websites and digital marketing strategies.

It was Caroline’s passion for “tech and computers” that sparked a thirteen-year (and counting) career within the Web Developer industry. During her studies in Design and Advertising, Caroline took it upon herself to learn to code as “there were no courses on the subject back then.”

This combined knowledge of graphic design and coding led to Caroline’s first role as a Junior Graphic Designer, a role that would later lead to the occupation of Web Designer. Working and establishing herself as a Web Designer, Caroline recalls that one of her most memorable achievements was having the opportunity to train on Web Apps with Google. “I was on their newsletter, qualified to go for free, and had three days with Google – it was such good fun,” she recalls.

The growth of BlueOctoLTD

Already in a contracting role and not being one to shy away from new opportunities, Caroline decided to go the ‘whole-hog and make BlueOcto more official’ in 2015.

BlueOctoLTD, a female-led team, advocates for web accessibility and inclusion in all its forms, particularly in web design and development. They do this by providing clients with eCommerce guidance, digital marketing strategies, and important marketing techniques for businesses and charities.

“Consistency is key,” explains Caroline when we delve into the topic of charities and digital marketing. It’s common knowledge that charities rely on donations and funding to continue their work and employing a digital marketing strategy similar to a business is imperative. This is because an online presence can raise awareness, encourage donations, and create new investors.

From the words of a managing director in Digital Marketing, with multi-hyphenated skills in all thing’s tech and computers, Caroline’s three tips for charities are:
1. “Ensure your brand and message are the same across all channels to maintain recognition and build trust.”
2. “Be clear about who you are and what you do. This will help users quickly understand and – hopefully – get involved and want to help.”
3. “Make it super easy for users to donate – Simple, fuss-free forms to take payments and modern merchants. Also, make it easy for them to share that with their connections.”

With an expanding team and ambitious hopes for the future, BlueOcto is eager to help even more organisations flourish online.

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