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Provide exceptional WiFi to enhance your customer, employee and guest experience.

Out and about we can feel as dependent on connectivity as electricity: gasping for a bit of decent bandwidth after an hour or so of relying on mobile data. Which means your WiFi is no longer a bolt-on. It’s at the very core of your business, with bags of commercial potential. If we can get connectivity into a space, we can transform it into glorious, accessible WiFi and you can have the tools to turn a digital experience into a new profit centre.

Benefits of CBG WiFi:

  • Increase customer loyalty and generate sales
  • Keep employees connected wherever they are in the building
  • Create marketing leads with custom landing pages and data gathering
  • Retain customers and clients for longer on your premises


This evolution is being felt across the hospitality sector as guest WiFi provision shifts from an occasional luxury to a basic amenity. No longer satisfied with sub-par hotel wifi hotspot solutions, hotel guests expect WiFi performance that matches that of their domestic or workplace networks, and what is more, they want it for free.

Free hotel WiFi, has become an expected and valued amenity for travellers looking to make a reservation. A recent study  found that not only is free WiFi the make or break factor when making a booking but that free hotel Internet provision tops the pile as the most sought after amenity.

Many organisations within the hospitality sector are finding that poor performing or non-existent guest WiFi is having a negative impact on their business, creating bad customer relationships and ultimately a decline in both sales and bookings. A significant growth in mobile device ownership in recent years has put a great deal of strain and expectation upon hospitality WiFi networks.

CBG hospitality WiFi is built with performance delivery in mind. Providing unbeatable network coverage, capacity and resilience, ensuring that guest WiFi performs as expected all of the time.

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Wi-Fi is an integral part of daily life. Billions of people the world over depend on Wi-Fi in their homes and businesses, to shop, bank, coordinate life, and stay connected. Securing Wi-Fi connections is an important element of securing personal data, and CBG  has been on the forefront of evolving Wi-Fi security as the number of Wi-Fi devices in use worldwide has grown.

For visitors to your premises and employees wishing to use their own devices whilst at work, it’s advisable to install a separate guest WiFi network.

This will make it easier to control the devices connected to your main network and offer that added level of protection where it’s needed most.

Devices that have previously been connected to other networks, where you have had no control over the level of security, may pose a threat to your network so it’s not worth taking the risk.

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