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Charities Buying Group is welcomed by Parliament

In 2004, the Charities Buying Group was supported by an Early Day Motion that was passed in the House of Commons, for supplying charities with more cost-efficient services. We have, in fact, been saving UK Charities millions of pounds since 2002.

As a not-for-profit company, all of our profits go toward our ‘CBG 4 Health Wellbeing Programme’, a programme that is focused on improving the health and well-being of the elderly. Our purpose is to help fellow organisations, no matter how big or small, to reduce expenditure so helping them find more funds to go towards their cause. That is why we offer charities and not-for-profit organisations free resources and advice – as well as services and products at competitive prices – since we believe that such organisations should not have to pay for guidance. For example, when it comes to gas, electricity, or water, we follow the mantra ‘you select the service, we do the research, you save money’ whereby we search amongst our trusted suppliers for the most competitive and comprehensive tariffs in line with a charity’s specific requirements. We act as a broker, but since our main interest is to support charities, we can offer incredibly competitive rates.

Our services range from utilities, telecoms and insurance to PPE and a wide range of essential products to the running of any charitable organisation.

As a community interest company, we were thrilled to be commended by Parliament for our establishment. This recognition reinforced the message that the services we provide through our buying agreements are indeed beneficial to the community, as the funds we save charities can be redirected toward their cause.

The motion was supported by over 40 MPs, and stated:

“..this House welcomes the establishment of the Charities Buying Group (CBG); and notes that this enables voluntary groups, charities and not-for-profit organisations, local and national, of all sizes, to become members and thus benefit from savings from purchases through buying agreements secured by the CBG; further notes that in its first year of operation, from November 2002, savings in excess of £1 million were achieved by the 255 charities and voluntary groups, who are members of CBG, across a range of buying areas including electricity, stationery, food and other supplies and wishes the CBG every success with its aim of increasing its membership base to achieve savings of £1 billion over the next five years for charities, not-for-profit organisations and voluntary groups through the use of bulk purchasing agreements.”

Going forward we hope that our services allow even more charities to thrive and will continue to offer support to our current 11,000 registered users (and growing) who benefit from our purchasing expertise.

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