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Controlling a charity’s finances means meticulous tracking.

Funds are sparse and each penny has a designated purpose. As the Charity’s profits — along with your budget — begin to grow, it becomes a challenge to track spending, especially across multiple departments or locations.

We provide a service that allows you to have a better understanding of your  financial situation and the best ways to cut cost and save money.

As funding becomes more difficult in the current financial climate, it is important to ensure you are getting ‘value for money’ on all ‘bought in’ goods and services. One of the problems while looking at reducing your operating cost is finding the time and resources necessary to undertake the exercise. This is why we offer a FREE Savings Audit without any obligation. It is an invaluable exercise which allows us to help charities saves thousands of pounds every year. Let us do this for you too!

All you need to do is send us copies of recent invoices, contracts, etc., and we will review all the costs for you. What will you get in return?

A report detailing:

  • Analysis of current and new projected costs
  • Savings available
  • Timescales for implementation (subject to your approval)

Key areas to start with are: Electricity and Gas, Telecommunications and Broadband, Food, Insurance and Stationery. If there are specific areas you would like us to review, we are always happy to look at opportunities to save further money for you.

You can send your information to us

  • By Post: pop photocopies of your bills in an envelopes and mail to Charities Buying Group (Savings Audit), Amtech House, Samson Close, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE12 6DX
  • By email: simply scan the documents and send them

Please also state clearly:

  • Name of organisation
  • Contact name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

We will do the rest – simple but effective. If you want to cut your bills, let us make a difference for you.

Click here to contact us or call 08001953010

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