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We understand the challenges that charities and not for profit organisations face, in a world increasingly reliant on Technology. Our dedicated team of specialists work with the world’s leading technology vendors to negotiate preferential rates, ensuring you get the technology you need, at the budget you can afford.

Our services – Software Licensing

Since our inception in 2003 we have been firm believers that Charitable and Not for profit organisations should be paying reduced rates for their internal software licensing requirements.

Whether you are looking for a single copy of software or a license to cover your entire organization we offer solutions for the following areas:

  • Office & Productivity Software
  • Design, Graphics & Web
  • Assistive Technology
  • Audio & Video Solutions
  • Security & Infrastructure
  • Mobile Device Management

Our approach has been to work with Charitable and not for profit organisations to review their current software licensing position. Once this has been established we will investigate all licensing model’s for each vendor to ensure any purchase meets the overall goals of your organisation and at the best possible price.

IT – Support

Our services – IT Support Services

Our IT support services are available in a number of packages, providing you with the flexibility to cover a single part or your entire IT infrastructure.

Telephone and Remote Support
We can provide telephone and remote support for minor fault resolution and initial diagnosis of any start-up problems, system crashes, configuration and drivers. This service is available from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. (Available on Bronze, Silver and Gold Support bands).

On-Site Support
If the fault cannot be resolved easily over the telephone, an engineer can be booked to attend your site. We aim to have an engineer with you within one working day of your call. This service is available from 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

Proactive Monitoring
This service is able to identify weaknesses in your IT network through the constant monitoring of its hardware components and applications. It will issue alerts when a fault is detected, enabling the root cause of the problem to be rapidly identified.

Remote Network Administration
Remote network administration can be provided to allow CBG to assist our clients with the management of your IT infrastructure. This may include adding new users, Windows Updates, Folder / Share creation, Permissions & User Security, Remote Connectivity, configuration of the Router & firewall, adding updates and settings, altering Security settings and IP addresses. Academia will also be able to assist our clients when archiving is required and changes need to be made to the backup schedule setup and configuration.

IT Healthchecks
CBG IT health check offers an objective review of your IT Infrastructure in the areas of performance, capacity, security and resilience. We offer two types of health check; a full health check which involves a comprehensive review of an entire IT infrastructure, and a mini health check which focuses on a single aspect of your IT. In either case we perform an investigatory visit and prepare a report detailing our findings and highlighting problems we have identified, their severity, and recommended remedial actions.

IT Preventative Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures. The primary goal of this service is to help in preventing a likely failure of equipment or applications before it actually occurs. Preventative Maintenance activities include equipment checks, and partial or complete overhaul of the network configuration.

Retained Services Agreements
This service provides you with pre-paid telephone/remote or onsite support for your IT infrastructure. Support is purchased in time and can be used in 15 minute segments. Throughout the course of the year you have the ability to “top-up” hours at any time. Unused time (up to 70%) can be rolled into the following year’s contract.

Time and Materials
This pay-as-you-go service provides onsite IT support on a time and materials basis. Due to the nature of this service, callouts cannot be fixed to a guaranteed response or resolution.

Infrastructure / Software as a Service

CBG can host your IT Infrastructure or relevant software solutions on our own managed service. This service can substantially reduce your IT infrastructure and energy cost, whilst our team of highly skilled engineers ensure maximum uptime.

If you are having challenges with your current IT Support provision call us today to speak to one of our specialist who can prepare a no obligation proposal.

IT – Hardware

Whether you are looking for a single device of looking to refresh your entire IT Infrastructure we offer solutions for every budget:

  • Laptops
  • Desktop PC’s
  • Apple Mac’s
  • Tablets – inc. iPad
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • IT Consumables

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