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We do the research

Thanks to our large buying power, we can source the best supplier and most competitive energy deal for your charity.

You save money

We’ll sort all the paperwork out so you can be free to dedicate yourself to your cause, safe in the knowledge you have saved money!

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  1. Fill out our contact form to let us know your interested
  2. Wait for our team to get in contact to enquire about your utilities contract.
  3. Leave it with us we will check your bills.

How are energy brokers mis-selling?

Did your energy broker tell you how much in total they made from arranging your business contract? In our experience most don’t, and there’s normally a good reason for that. Brokers know that if they had to fully disclose they would not make anything like the kind of commissions they do if they were transparent, after all would you sign up to a deal if you knew a significant chunk of your bill was going to your broker?


Since 2001, we have helped over 46000 UK Charities reduce their bills for gas, electricity and water


We vet all our suppliers so you can rest assured you are in safe hands


Friendly, personal, honest


Get £25.00 gift voucher if we can’t save you money


We review your bills to ensure they are accurate*


Get free deliveries on any product related order**

With more than 20 years experience supporting and advising charities and over 18 years experience in energy, CBG Utilities is the go-to service provider for all your charity’s energy needs.

The very nature of our business model, which puts charities’ needs at the heart of everything we do,  guarantees you the lowest rates. This is because we work closely with our approved partners to pass the biggest savings onto our members. We have a full transparency policy – if you have any questions about how we operate, all you have to do is ask.

This is why we are the number one energy service provider for Britain’s Charities – because we care.

Help us to help you.

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Your Gas and Electricity

Collaborate on the right strategy and infrastructure to get your company to net zero.

Energy can be an evil necessity that is confusing and complicated, distracting you from running your business, not knowing if you are getting a good deal or not.

We can take that hassle away from you through providing you with a jargon-free service and the best deal in the market from our approved energy suppliers.

Whether you are a small, medium, or large charity / business, we have the expertise to assist and guide you through the procurement process easily and efficiently.

Not only this, we also then provide a range of other benefits specifically tailored for you and your business.

Click here to contact us or call 0800 195 3010

Your Water

CBG Utilities helps charities across Britain get the solutions they need from their business water services, improving bills and providing solutions to reduce wastewater.

Whether you are a small charity starting out and need help with understanding charity water rates or have a large multi-site company looking for savings on water, we can help with all facets of water usage. As one of the leading water brokers in Britain, we can look after every aspect of water usage and help ensure that there are no hiccups when you have a unique issue to address.

Serving Charities in Britain

CBG Utilities helps Charities throughout the whole of the UK to control their water management, ensure wastewater treatment is in line with local statutory regulations and, most importantly, allows companies to save money by consolidating water bills and implementing smart meter reading across all sites.

Click here to contact us or call 0800 195 3010

How a smart meter can benefit your business

  • Save time – no more meter readings
  • Accurate and timely bills – collect remote meter readings for billing
  • Opportunities to improve your energy efficiency and save money
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