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How it works
  • Invoice Accuracy Check: We meticulously review your energy invoices to catch and rectify any errors, ensuring transparent and accurate billing. Bill Validation: Our service verifies billing components against contractual terms, guaranteeing precision and transparency in your energy transactions.
  • Overpayment Reclamation: We specialize in identifying and reclaiming overpayments by conducting thorough audits of your historical invoices.
  • Billing Structure Optimization: We evaluate and optimize your current billing structure, recommending strategies for cost-effective billing.
  • Cost Reduction Strategies: We proactively explore cost reduction strategies, negotiating favorable terms with suppliers and implementing energy-efficient technologies.
  • Seamless Transition: Changes to your billing structure or reclaiming overpayments are seamlessly facilitated, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.
How we can help

Free waste transfer note (WTN) also known as ‘duty of care
We don’t charge for the WTN which can cost up to £100 per annum with other suppliers
No overweight charges
Overweight collections (of no more than 10% but not greater than 50% in two instances within any six-month period)

No extra fees for bin rental
We don’t charge a separate fee for bin rental or delivery, it’s included as part of our transparent pricing.
Lockable containers available
Subject to availability a free lock can be provided for your bins (660L and above)
Transparent pricing
Clear and easy to understand charges with no hidden costs* and a fixed retail fee so you can manage costs

Waste Management Services Process:

Audit: Conduct a waste audit to understand your current waste generation and disposal practices.

Strategy: Develop a waste management strategy tailored to your business needs.

Implementation: Set up waste collection and bin management services.

Monitoring: Regular monitoring and reporting to ensure efficiency and compliance.


Cost Reduction: Save up to 40% on waste management costs.

Improved Efficiency: Streamlined waste processes and enhanced recycling rates.

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