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Gas & Electric

Gas and electricity plans

We offer fixed-price energy plans for small and medium sized organisations. All come with 100% renewable electricity as standard.


Fully fixed energy prices – ideal if budget certainty is crucial for your organisation:

  • Fully fixed energy prices, including unit prices and all existing non-commodity costs.
  • Fixed terms from six months to four years to suit your organisation.
  • Includes 100% renewable electricity.

Fixed wholesale energy prices only – good if you want to fix for longer:

  • Our lowest cost fixed rate: unit prices are fixed but non-commodity prices may vary.
  • Fixed terms for up to five years for longer term planning.
  • Includes 100% renewable electricity
How it works

Assessment: We begin with a thorough assessment of your current energy usage and needs. Send over a copy of a recent invoice for each meter you wish to receive quotes for

Strategy Development: We develop a customised procurement strategy, considering market trends and your business objectives.

Market Analysis: Our team conducts a detailed market analysis to identify the best rates and suppliers.

Negotiation: We negotiate on your behalf to secure the most favourable terms.

Implementation: We manage the contract setup and ensure a smooth transition to your new energy provider.

A permission slip will be send to you for us to obtain quotes.

You will be contacted by a Trustkeys account manager within 24-hours to discuss your requirements. If you have any questions or concerns with your current provider please let us know, we believe energy should be a smooth and transparent process. You will have an account manager assigned to you as one point of contact.

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Tell us your postcode and we'll help you find the best suppliers and prices for you.
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