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The NWFA, previously known as North East Walking Football Club, is an idea that materialised in 2021. Two friends,  Stevie Hill and Tom Cowan, wanted an organisation that represented the sport in the North East that would help clubs thrive.

Before the organisation, there were of course, a multitude of teams throughout the region that were made up of talented players and teams. This is why the development of the NWFA was so imperative, as it was set to unify teams not only in the region but throughout the UK.

Sadly, Tom Cowan passed away before the idea became a reality, but Stevie Hill continued to pursue the idea and make NWFA happen. Hill achieved this by enlisting the help of Steve Morgon, who built relationship with the Charities Buying Group (CBG) and is now a main sponsor.

The union of CBG and the NWFA is here to help with the expansion of walking football communities in the North East and on a national level. This is to support both teams and individuals who participate, with the mental and physical well-being of everyone involved being at the heart of the organisation.

Teams from the North East


Become part of a growing community centred around physical and mental health for all ages

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