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The NWFA was first launched in 2017 under the name NEWFC (North East Walking Football Club). It was the cumulation of an idea started by Stevie Hill and the late Tom Cowan, who together wanted to form an organisation that represented the North East and was aimed at helping clubs in the region develop the fast growing sport of walking football to its full potential and make it known – and available – to all.

In those early days, although having many fantastic clubs with individually talented players, the North East was fragmented. The development of the Northern Premier League for walking football was the catalyst by which the North East, as far as walking football was concerned, began to unify and grow as teams, not only from the North East but from all over, came together on a monthly basis to play in a league based in Leeds

Sadly, before seeing the dream realised, Tom Cowan passed on but Stevie Hill enlisted the help of Steve Morgon who in turn brought on board the Charities Buying Group as a main sponsor and the dream that was the NWFA was born in 2021.

Today thanks to the help of the CBG, the NWFA, whilst still in its infancy, begins a journey which will bring consolidation, recognition and support to the North East Walking Football communities, to help grow a sport which has now become synonymous with not only fitness but health and socialĀ  benefits to all in the North East Region and beyond.

Teams from the North East


Become part of a growing community centred around physical and mental health for all ages

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