Making Utilities Simple

Do you have difficulty each month with electricity, gas, water invoices and, unqualified direct debits etc. estimated billing and agreeing contract rates.

Do you waste valuable time checking hundreds of utility bills?

In response to charity requests, UA through its sister company UA Services offers you a comprehensive invoice validation service which includes:

- Put all your metered sites/billing/DD's together

- Check invoiced rates and standing charges against contracted rates you agreed

- Check estimated reads are fair and reasonable

- Send meter read reminders and relay to suppliers to ensure accurate billing

- Check VAT/CCL charges

- Look, via histororical data, at profiling to ensure each meter is on the correct tariff/profile

- Help with budgeting and forecasting

- Help reduce usage and advise on energy issues

- Advise on AMR smart metering options

- AMR reporting and support

- Contract support

Utility Aid Services also offers you bespoke packages fro particular processes or issues you require assistance with.

The package will be quoted separately

Prices for full invoice validation services are from -

£12 per site per year for quarterly billed meters

£36 per site for monthly billed meters

£100 per site for half yearly billed meters

£30 per site for gas meters

Utility Aid DO NOT take a percentage of savings, ALL savings made are yours

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