We are one of the leading private training providers in the UK.

Our organisation offers online courses and qualifications to consumers covering a wide range of interests. These are all officially accredited qualifications that can be used in a variety of different ways for consumers - either to improve their lifestyle, knowledge or career prospects.

How our courses can help:

Develop knowledge in an area of particular interest
Gain more knowledge and skills to reach career goals
Learn more about a hobby or personal interest
Boost a CV to help secure a new job or career.
We believe we have a unique online product which is of the highest quality - interactive and engaging. The prices of our courses are competititive and affordable, as we give consumers the option of paying in three small instalments.


Health and Fitness

We have qualifications available in various formats which would suit anyone who is interested in this sector. In addition, we offer a 'Wellness Programme' which explores leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Our team leading, customer service, job search and employability courses provide the essential skills needed when looking for a job, securing a job and progressing in any career.

Health and Social Care

Anyone involved or interested in this sector would benefit from our courses in mental health, dementia, diabetes, infection control, the safe handling of medicines and end of life care to name but a few.

Personal Development

Our personal development courses are relevant to everyone, regardless of which sector consumers work in. For those who are unemployed our employability skills, learning to learn, and personal and social development courses can help develop the crucial skills that are needed to secure a job.

Retail sector

We offer a wide range of courses which could help individuals develop or begin their retail career, including; team leading knowledge, customer service, equality and diversity and personal and social development.

Hospitality and Catering

Anyone who deals with food, medicines, people and children, personal hygiene, personal equipment or cleaning would find the topics covered in our infection control course and nutrition and health course extremely beneficial to them, both at work and at home.

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