Nicklin LLP provides audit, accounting and taxation services to charities and owner-managed businesses. Our expertise means we are able to offer professional services that would normally only be found at larger, national firms.

However, in addition to traditional accounting services, Nicklin can also offer assistance in other areas of your accounting function, including the preparation of payroll and the maintaining of your books and records.

When you are running a charity, there will be many stakeholders with an interest in your accounts. We take the view that “what you can measure, you can manage”. On this basis, we help charities create robust accounting systems and processes. One such method may be the use of a web-based accounting package enabling you and your team to access it from any location with an internet connection, at any given time. We are highly experienced in helping a wide range of businesses and organisations implement these types of system.

With all entities being required to file their payroll information online from April 2013, we are working with a number of charities and businesses who wish to outsource their payroll function. Helping with potential confidentiality issues, we can handle all your payroll needs, including preparing pay slips and ensuring employees are paid via BACS.

As you would expect, Nicklin provides audit services to a number of charities and is always looking to add value to this regulatory requirement. As a proactive firm, we go beyond simply responding to a client’s query; we look at the bigger picture and take into account factors the client may not have considered.


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