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Did you know that people who receive a door drop media item through the door, are over 60% more likely to make a donation to a charity? 

That’s why Whistl’s doordrop media team work with 16 out of the UK’s top 20 charities booking doordrops


Who are Whistl?

Whistl are the second largest postal company in the UK with four postal divisions:

-       Doordrop Media

-       Addressed Mail

-       International Mail

-       Packets and Parcels

Whistl processed over 4 billion items last year and are the market leader in intelligent doordrop solutions.

Why work with us?

-       We are experts in enabling charities to connect with donors in their homes

-       We apply insight and data analytics to target specific households  

-       We offer a full service from brief to evaluation

-       Whistl’s intelligent doordrop proposition for charities is driven by the smart use of anonymised data sets which is increasingly relevant with the advent of GDPR

-       Nearly 18m households in the UK have made a donation to a charity & raised  £1.2 Billon in the last 12 months

-       Doordrop media offers a unique balance between cost effective donor acquisition and scale with our ability to reach almost every household in the country

-       82% of households that have donated choose to donate by Cash, thus driving more donor acquisitions 

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