Brand management


If I said to you ‘Marks & Spencer’s ‘Aldi’ ‘Ford’ ‘Pizza Hut’ ‘KFC’ ‘Virgin Trains’, you would immediately form an opinion of those organisations in your mind. Each is a brand. Your opinion might be positive or negative, but you would have one.


So what do people think of your brand? Do you have one? Does it have an image which you’d like to reinforce or correct? Does it have an identity which communicates clear values and conveys a professional image?


If you’d like help with branding then CMS are the people to speak to. We’ve been building and developing brands for 30 years. People like to get behind a brand which is modern, progressive, developing, clean cut, with a strong but simple symbol which easily translates onto t-shirts, vehicles, signage, brochures, leaflets, websites etc.


Branding need not cost a huge amount but the benefits across an organisation are immense. Ask for a free no obligation meeting with CMS now.


Design for print and websites

An effective hard working brochure, website or annual report costs no more than a poorly written, poorly executed one. So why put up with mediocrity?

CMS have 30 years experience projecting charities in the best light. We know how to write and design websites that get visits, brochures that get response, direct mail shots that get contributions and corporate identities and brands that get people behind them.


Tell us what you want your print or web project to achieve (who it’s going to reach, why they should be interested and what you want them to do as a result of seeing it) and we’ll quote you at special charity rates.


We can use your words or write the text for you, produce a design for your approval, organise a print price or send to a printer of your choice. You’ll get an outstanding hard working design which projects your organisation in the best possible light and gets the response you wanted to get.


We’ll build you a content management driven site with optimised with natural SEO and with a smartphone version so the site reads perfectly on leading mobile phones. We’ll devise a QR code for you to link to the phone site or to a YouTube video site too.