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Member OrganisationDate Joined
St Mungo's Broadway (Broadway Homelessness and Support - Head Office)06-Dec-04
@One Community Trust Keynsham15-Jun-15
1 World Vision Film Company20-Feb-14
15 Forward21-Mar-12
170 Community Project06-Dec-16
1st Claygate Scout Group27-Jan-05
1st Horsford & St Faith’s Scout Group07-Nov-17
1st Langley Green Scout Group11-Sep-14
1st Maidenhead Sea Scout Group11-Oct-14
1st Wootton Bassett Scout Group13-Jun-05
222 Ministries28-Oct-08
22nd South Shields (Brownsea) Scout Group21-May-02
28 Too Many 29-Oct-12
2Bears 18-Feb-13
3D MINDS19-Nov-14
3P Ministries17-Nov-06
3rd Hastings Scout Group23-Jan-14
3VA 10-Jul-12
4ALL - Building Community in West Dulwich18-Jan-17
4getMe-Nots 11-Apr-13
50plus Employment Link 13-Nov-12
56 North20-Apr-16
78th Leicester (Thurmaston) Scout Group07-May-09
A Little Love31-Jul-14
A National Voice19-Jul-10
A Rocha International11-Nov-09
A Rocha UK17-Nov-06
A Spell For The Unwell16-Oct-14
Abaana Ministries25-Mar-15
Abbey Community Centre13-Jun-14
Abbeyfield - Alnwick26-May-11
Abbeyfield - Amersham10-May-11
Abbeyfield - Aylesbury10-May-11
Abbeyfield - Ballachulish17-May-11
Abbeyfield - Banbridge21-Apr-17
Abbeyfield - Beverley24-Apr-17
Abbeyfield - Birkenhead - The Robertson Sandie Home26-May-11
Abbeyfield - Bognor Regis - Abbeyfield House09-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Bridge of Weir17-May-11
Abbeyfield - Cambridge - Brown's Field House10-May-11
Abbeyfield - Canterbury17-May-11
Abbeyfield - Carnforth24-May-11
Abbeyfield - Clitheroe24-May-11
Abbeyfield - Coventry09-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Crouch End17-May-11
Abbeyfield - Dagenham12-May-11
Abbeyfield - Edenbridge24-May-11
Abbeyfield - Epping12-May-11
Abbeyfield - Ferring09-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Formby - Halcyon House26-May-11
Abbeyfield - Gillingham24-May-11
Abbeyfield - Glasgow06-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Gravesend17-May-11
Abbeyfield - Haddenham10-May-11
Abbeyfield - Haywards Heath09-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Honiton12-May-11
Abbeyfield - Ilkley - Abbeyfield Grove House09-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Irvine26-May-11
Abbeyfield - Kings Langley - Friars Mead17-May-11
Abbeyfield - Loughborough24-May-11
Abbeyfield - Maidstone (Greensted)24-May-11
Abbeyfield - Maidstone (St Martins)24-May-11
Abbeyfield - Milnthorpe12-May-11
Abbeyfield - New Malden12-May-11
Abbeyfield - Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Gosforth - The Grove07-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Newcastle-upon-Tyne - South Gosforth - Castle Farm Road07-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Newport - Stow Park Nursing Home26-May-11
Abbeyfield - Newport (Eleanor Hodson House)26-May-11
Abbeyfield - Northfleet17-May-11
Abbeyfield - Northwood12-May-11
Abbeyfield - Nottingham - Millbeck House06-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Nottingham - Sycamore House06-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Nottingham - The Firs Complex06-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Nottingham (Katherine House)26-May-11
Abbeyfield - Oxted07-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Perth06-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Plymouth12-May-11
Abbeyfield - Reading10-May-11
Abbeyfield - Richmond - Victoria House17-May-11
Abbeyfield - Rugby09-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Seascale12-May-11
Abbeyfield - Sevenoaks24-May-11
Abbeyfield - St Albans - Grace Muriel House17-May-11
Abbeyfield - Stafford07-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Stockport17-May-11
Abbeyfield - Sydenham12-May-11
Abbeyfield - Taunton06-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Tonbridge24-May-11
Abbeyfield - Tywyn24-Apr-17
Abbeyfield - West Kirby26-May-11
Abbeyfield - Westcliff-on-Sea12-May-11
Abbeyfield - Weston-Super-Mare06-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Weymouth - Legh House12-May-11
Abbeyfield - Whitby21-Apr-17
Abbeyfield - Wimbledon (Lee House)12-May-11
Abbeyfield - Wimbledon (Pelham House)17-May-11
Abbeyfield - Windsor10-May-11
Abbeyfield - Withington17-May-11
Abbeyfield - Woodbridge07-Jun-11
Abbeyfield - Woodford Green12-May-11
Abbeyfield (Colyton) Society Limited05-Jan-04
Abbeyfield (Wrexham) Society - Abbeyfield House14-Jun-04
Abbeyfield -Abergele24-Apr-17
Abbeyfield Beaconsfield Society02-Aug-04
Abbeyfield Dulwich Society Limited09-Feb-04
Abbeyfield Furness Extra Care Home18-Jan-05
Abbeyfield Ickenham Society27-Jun-05
Abbeyfield Lancaster Society - Chirnside House05-Jan-04
Abbeyfield Lancaster Society - Supported Sheltered House06-Feb-12
Abbeyfield Oxenford Society Limited22-Jan-04
Abbeyfield School10-Feb-16
Abbeyfield Society - The Willows11-Aug-06
Abbeyfield Southport Society Limited29-Jan-08
Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society01-Dec-10
Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society - Hatch Mill07-Jun-11
Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society - Kemnel House31-Jan-12
Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society - Ridgeway Court02-Jun-03
Abbot Hall Social Centre19-Dec-11
Aberdeen Foyer - Marywell Centre20-Dec-11
Aberdeen Safer Community Trust Limited19-May-03
Ability Bow14-Aug-15
Abingdon Drama Club10-Jun-05
Abingdon, St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
AbleChildAfrica 19-Feb-13
About with Friends30-Sep-11
Above Bar Church Southampton02-Nov-06
Abthorpe St John the Baptist 23-Apr-12
Abundant Life Housing Association11-Jun-05
Academy of Medical Educators27-Aug-10
Academy of Sport (East London) Limited26-Jan-05
Access All Areas25-Feb-13
Access Committee for Leeds11-Sep-15
Access Community Trust (St John's Housing Trust) - Head Office02-Mar-05
Acction Led24-Jun-10
Ackroyd Community Association 10-Jun-11
Acomb Methodist Church14-Jan-12
Across Scotland28-Apr-03
Act 4 Africa02-Nov-06
Act Against Bullying15-Feb-07
Action Against Hunger06-Mar-12
Action for Advocacy01-Oct-12
Action For Blind People 20-Sep-12
Action for Children26-May-17
Action for Children in Conflict02-Aug-04
Action for Community Development12-Jan-11
Action for Elders Trust11-Sep-12
Action For Kids Charitable Trust11-Aug-08
Action Foundation 21-Feb-13
Action on Hearing Loss 20-May-03
Action Partners Training02-Nov-06
ActionAid UK - Head Office22-Jun-04
ActionAid UK - Supporter Care - Chataway House03-Nov-10
Adhya Shakti Mataji Temple08-Oct-09
Advance Advocacy 30-Jul-12
Adventure Ashram 17-Jul-12
Advocacy Focus06-Nov-17
Advocacy for Older People in Greenwich22-Jul-13
Advocacy Project23-Feb-05
Advocates for Human Dignity09-Jul-12
Africa Inland Mission International (Europe)03-Nov-10
Africa Inland Mission International Council02-Nov-06
African Community School24-Feb-16
African Enterprise UK (AE Evangelistic Enterprise Limited)02-Nov-06
African Pastors' Fellowship02-Nov-06
African Prisons Project14-Jul-15
African Revival25-Mar-15
Agape Alive in India08-Jan-15
Agape Ministries Limited02-Nov-06
Age Concern - Banstead25-Oct-11
Age Concern - Blandford Forum15-Mar-12
Age Concern - Bridport30-Mar-12
Age Concern - Bude & District05-Apr-12
Age Concern - Canvey Island16-Jan-12
Age Concern - Carlton & District01-Jul-09
Age Concern - Chesterfield & District30-Mar-12
Age Concern - Chipping Norton29-Feb-12
Age Concern - Christchurch12-Mar-12
Age Concern - Colchester07-Feb-12
Age Concern - Cowplain07-Feb-12
Age Concern - Crediton & District30-Mar-12
Age Concern - Crosby05-Apr-12
Age Concern - Epsom & Ewell25-Oct-11
Age Concern - Ferndown & Disrict12-Mar-12
Age Concern - Forest of Dean27-Mar-12
Age Concern - Gillingham & Shaftesbury14-Mar-12
Age Concern - Glossop & District30-Mar-12
Age Concern - Great Yarmouth30-Mar-12
Age Concern - Hailsham, Hellingly & Herstmonceaux07-Feb-12
Age Concern - Hampshire16-Jan-12
Age Concern - Harlow27-Oct-11
Age Concern - Hassocks & District19-Jan-12
Age Concern - Lutterworth & District08-Mar-12
Age Concern - Lytchett Minster & Upton15-Mar-12
Age Concern - Merstham, Redhill & Reigate27-Oct-11
Age Concern - New Forest East08-Mar-12
Age Concern - North Dorset27-Mar-12
Age Concern - Okehampton and Torridge13-Jun-05
Age Concern - Ross-on-Wye & District27-Mar-12
Age Concern - Seaford07-Feb-12
Age Concern - St Albans27-Oct-11
Age Concern - Stone & District30-Mar-12
Age Concern - Stourbridge & Halesowen27-Mar-12
Age Concern - Twyford & District16-Jan-12
Age Concern - Tyneside South05-Apr-12
Age Concern - Wimborne12-Mar-12
Age Concern - Windsor24-Nov-11
Age Concern Todmorden05-Apr-12
Age Cymru - Afan Nedd30-Mar-12
Age Cymru - Ceredigion08-Mar-13
Age Cymru - Gwent30-Mar-12
Age Cymru - Swansea23-Feb-11
Age Cymru - Swansea Bay30-Mar-12
Age Cymru- Gwynedd a Mon05-Apr-12
Age Scotland05-Apr-12
Age UK07-Nov-07
Age UK - Hammersmith & Fulham06-Jan-05
Age UK - Shropshire Telford & Wrekin24-Jul-13
Age UK - Southampton29-Feb-12
Age UK - Andover Office28-Feb-12
Age UK - Ashford07-Feb-12
Age UK - Astral House28-Oct-04
Age UK - Barnet25-Aug-11
Age UK - Barnsley30-Mar-12
Age UK - Barrow & District05-Apr-12
Age UK - Bath & North East Somerset 14-Mar-12
Age UK - Bedfordshire15-Nov-11
Age UK - Berkshire17-Jan-12
Age UK - Bexley13-Sep-11
Age UK - Blackburn with Darwen05-Apr-12
Age UK - Blackburn with Darwen - Darwen Office05-Apr-12
Age UK - Blackpool & District05-Apr-12
Age UK - Bolton05-Apr-12
Age UK - Bournemouth12-Mar-12
Age UK - Bradford & District05-Apr-12
Age UK - Brighton07-Feb-12
Age UK - Bristol27-Mar-12
Age UK - Bromley13-Sep-11
Age UK - Bromley & Greenwich Main Office25-Aug-11
Age UK - Bromsgrove & District15-Mar-12
Age UK - Buckinghamshire17-Jan-12
Age UK - Bury05-Apr-12
Age UK - Calderdale & Kirklees05-Apr-12
Age UK - Cambridgeshire29-Feb-12
Age UK - Camden07-Nov-07
Age UK - Canterbury07-Feb-12
Age UK - Carlisle & Eden05-Apr-12
Age UK - Cheshire30-Mar-12
Age UK - Cheshire East30-Mar-12
Age UK - Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly05-Apr-12
Age UK - County Durham17-Oct-13
Age UK - Coventry12-Mar-12
Age UK - Croydon13-Sep-11
Age UK - Dacorum24-Nov-11
Age UK - Derby & Derbyshie30-Mar-12
Age UK - Derby and Derbyshire 30-Mar-12
Age UK - Devon30-Mar-12
Age UK - Doncaster30-Mar-12
Age UK - Dorchester30-Mar-12
Age UK - Droitwich Spa27-Mar-12
Age UK - Dudley Head Office30-Mar-12
Age UK - Ealing25-Aug-11
Age UK - East Grinstead & District24-Nov-11
Age UK - East London23-Aug-11
Age UK - East Sussex19-Jan-12
Age UK - Enfield13-Sep-11
Age UK - Essex24-Nov-11
Age UK - Exeter30-Mar-12
Age UK - Faversham & Sittingbourne19-Jan-12
Age UK - Gateshead05-Apr-12
Age UK - Gloucestershire12-Mar-12
Age UK - Hackney23-Aug-11
Age UK - Harrow13-Sep-11
Age UK - Hereford & Localities30-Mar-12
Age UK - Herefordshire & Worcestershire27-Mar-12
Age UK - Herne Bay07-Feb-12
Age UK - Hertfordshire27-Oct-11
Age UK - Hillingdon13-Sep-11
Age UK - Horsham District16-Jan-12
Age UK - Hounslow25-Aug-11
Age UK - Hull30-Mar-12
Age UK - Hyndburn05-Apr-12
Age UK - Hythe & Lyminge28-Feb-12
Age UK - Isle of Wight08-Mar-12
Age UK - Islington23-Aug-11
Age UK - Kensington & Chelsea23-Aug-11
Age UK - Knaresborough & District26-Jan-05
Age UK - Knowsley05-Apr-12
Age UK - Lambeth18-Aug-11
Age UK - Lancashire05-Apr-12
Age UK - Lancashire - Lancaster05-Apr-12
Age UK - Lancashire Burnley05-Apr-12
Age UK - Lancashire Clitheroe Charity Shop05-Apr-12
Age UK - Lancashire Fylde05-Apr-12
Age UK - Lancashire Pendle05-Apr-12
Age UK - Leeds05-Apr-12
Age UK - Leicester Shire & Rutland12-Mar-12
Age UK - Lewisham & Southwark 18-Aug-11
Age UK - Lincoln and South Lincolnshire 30-Mar-12
Age UK - London 18-Aug-11
Age UK - Maidstone16-Jan-12
Age UK - Malling24-Nov-11
Age UK - Malvern & District27-Mar-12
Age UK - Margate28-Feb-12
Age UK - Medway16-Jan-12
Age UK - Mid Hampshire - Winchester07-Feb-12
Age UK - Mid Mersey30-Mar-12
Age UK - Milton Keynes15-Apr-09
Age UK - Newcastle-upon-Tyne05-Apr-12
Age UK - Newham25-Aug-11
Age UK - Norfolk14-Mar-12
Age UK - Norfolk in Thetford and District08-Mar-12
Age UK - North Craven05-Apr-12
Age UK - North Lincolnshire14-Sep-16
Age UK - North Norfolk30-Mar-12
Age UK - North Tyneside05-Apr-12
Age UK - North West Kent27-Oct-11
Age UK - North Yorkshire05-Apr-12
Age UK - North Yorkshire & Darlington (Darlington)05-Apr-12
Age UK - Northamptonshire07-Feb-12
Age UK - Northfleet27-Oct-11
Age UK - Northumberland05-Apr-12
Age UK - Norwich15-Mar-12
Age UK - Nottingham & Nottinghamshire30-Mar-12
Age UK - Oadby & Wigston12-Mar-12
Age UK - Oldham30-Mar-12
Age UK - Oxfordshire, City & County07-Feb-12
Age UK - Peterborough08-Mar-12
Age UK - Portsmouth28-Feb-12
Age UK - Reading17-Jan-12
Age UK - Redbridge13-Sep-11
Age UK - Redditch & District12-Mar-12
Age UK - Richmond upon Thames09-Jan-12
Age UK - Rotherham30-Mar-12
Age UK - Runnymede and Spelthorne21-May-13
Age UK - Salisbury District08-Mar-12
Age UK - Sandwell c/o Age UK Birmingham27-Mar-12
Age UK - Sevenoaks & Tonbridge27-Oct-11
Age UK - Sheffield30-Mar-12
Age UK - Sheppey17-Jan-12
Age UK - Shop - Chandler's Ford28-Feb-12
Age UK - Shropshire Telford & Wrekin (Wrekin)30-Mar-12
Age UK - Sittingbourne19-Jan-12
Age UK - Solihull12-Mar-12
Age UK - Somerset30-Mar-12
Age UK - South Gloucestershire27-Mar-12
Age UK - South Lakeland05-Apr-12
Age UK - South Staffordshire30-Mar-12
Age UK - Spalding District12-Mar-12
Age UK - Stafford & District30-Mar-12
Age UK - Staffordshire30-Mar-12
Age UK - Stockport30-Mar-12
Age UK - Suffolk29-Feb-12
Age UK - Suffolk Information Centre 27-Mar-12
Age UK - Sunderland05-Apr-12
Age UK - Surrey24-Nov-11
Age UK - Sutton13-Sep-11
Age UK - Teesside05-Apr-12
Age UK - Tiverton, Cullompton & District30-Mar-12
Age UK - Torbay30-Mar-12
Age UK - Trafford30-Mar-12
Age UK - Tunbridge Wells16-Jan-12
Age UK - Wakefield District30-Mar-12
Age UK - Walsall27-Mar-12
Age UK - Waltham Forest25-Aug-11
Age UK - Wandsworth23-Aug-11
Age UK - Warwickshire08-Mar-12
Age UK - Waverley24-Nov-11
Age UK - West Cumbria05-Apr-12
Age UK - West Cumbria Egremont05-Apr-12
Age UK - West Cumbria Millom05-Apr-12
Age UK - Westminster18-Aug-11
Age UK - Whitstable07-Feb-12
Age UK - Wigan Borough05-Apr-12
Age UK - Wiltshire08-Mar-12
Age UK - Wirral05-Apr-12
Age UK - Wolverhampton30-Mar-12
Age UK - Worcester & District27-Mar-12
Age UK - Wyre Forest27-Mar-12
Age UK - York05-Apr-12
Age UK Folkestone Centre28-Feb-12
Age UK -Lincoln & South Lincolnshire - Boston Office27-Mar-12
Age UK- Salford04-Jan-05
Age UK -Tameside30-Mar-12
Age UK West Sussex22-Mar-11
AHOY Centre15-Dec-08
Aid for Japan29-Aug-13
Aid To The Balkans (A2B)22-Mar-10
Aim International (UK)02-Nov-06
Aish Hatorah UK - Head Office06-Dec-11
Akira's Angels 18-Feb-13
Alabaré Christian Care - Bournemouth Floating Support Service07-Feb-12
Alabaré Christian Care - Barford Training Centre07-Feb-12
Alabaré Christian Care - Café Alabare07-Feb-12
Alabaré Christian Care - Changing Lives - Clevedon07-Feb-12
Alabaré Christian Care - Kitted Out07-Feb-12
Alabaré Christian Care - Plymouth Floating Support Service07-Feb-12
Alabaré Christian Care - The Junction07-Feb-12
Alabaré Christian Care and Support - Head Office06-Dec-04
Al-Ain International Welfare Trust - Head Office30-Jun-05
Albania Spark Ministries28-Jun-16
Alderton St Margaret23-Apr-12
Aldwincle St Peter23-Apr-12
Alec Hunter Academy 10-Jun-05
Alec Hunter Academy c/o Saffron Walden County High School 07-Feb-12
Al-Falah Primary School (Al Falah Educational Trust)02-Jun-04
All Nations Christian College 02-Nov-06
All Saints - Roffey19-Jan-10
All Saints - Hersham19-Jan-10
All Saints - Oxted19-Jan-10
All Saints Centre Norwich11-Nov-04
All Saints Church - Peckham02-Jun-10
All Saints Church Woodford Wells11-Feb-08
All Saints Educational Trust10-Jan-08
All Saints Parish Church of Newton Heath15-Sep-05
All Saints, Adstone23-Apr-12
All Souls Church 11-Feb-08
Al-Manar Centre Trust24-Jun-10
Al-Mizan Charitable Trust 17-Jul-12
Alnwick - Willowburn Sports & Leisure Centre19-Jul-12
Alopecia UK19-Oct-13
Alpha Family Support Services07-Nov-11
Alpha Grove Community Trust09-Feb-09
Alternative Futures Group Limited26-Aug-10
Alton Castle27-Jun-05
Alton Community Association10-Jun-05
Altrincham Baptist Church02-Nov-06
Alzeimers Support27-Oct-06
Alzheimer's Society31-Oct-06
Alzheimer's Society - Antrim Ballymena Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Armagh Dungannon Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Aylesbury & Buckingham Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Barnet Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Basildon & Brentwood Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Basingstoke & Petersfield Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Bassetlaw Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Bedford Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Belfast Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Belfast Local Office 210-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Berwick & District Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Bexley Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Birmingham & Solihull Local Offic10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Black Country Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Blackwater Valley Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Blaenau Gwent Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Bradford Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Brecknock Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Bridgend & District Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Brighton & Hove Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Bristol Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Bromley Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Bury Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Caerphilly Local Offic10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Calderdale Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Cambridge & Ely Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Locality Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Cardiff & Vale Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Carlisle Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Castlepoint & Rochford Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Causeway Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Central and West Lancashire Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Central Hertfordshire Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Ceredigion Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Cheshire North & St Helens Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - City & Hackney Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Colchester & District Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Conwy Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Coventry Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Craigavon & Banbridge Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Croydon Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Darlington & Teesside Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Denbighshire Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Derbyshire Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Doncaster Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Dorset Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Down Lisburn Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Durham & Chester-le-Street Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - East Antrim Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - East Cheshire Local Office19-Jul-05
Alzheimer's Society - East Hertfordshire Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - East Surrey Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - East Sussex Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Eden & Keswick Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Epping Forest Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Fenland Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Fermanagh Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Flintshire Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Foyle Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Furness Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Gateshead Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Gloucestershire Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Grays & Thurrock Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Great Yarmouth Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Gwent Befriending Project10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Hambleton & Richmondshire Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Hammersmith & Fulham Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Harrow & Hillingdon Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Havering Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Hazelmeir Day Centre10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Herefordshire Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Hounslow Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Hull & East Riding Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Isle of Wight Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Islington Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Kingston Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Kirklees Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Knowsley Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Lambeth Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Leeds Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Leicestershire & Rutland Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Lincolnshire Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Liverpool Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Luton Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Maidenhead & Windsor Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Maidstone & Rural Communities Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Manchester Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Mansfield & Ashfield District Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Merthyr Tydfil Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Merton Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Mid Essex Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Mid Ulster Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Milton Keynes Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Monmouth Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Monmouthshire Advocacy Project10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Morpeth & District Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Morpeth & District Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Mourne Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Neath & Port Talbot Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Newcastle Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Newham Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Norfolk Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - North Down & Ards Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - North Lancashire Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - North Lincolnshire Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - North Norfolk Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - North Suffolk Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - North West Surrey Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - North West Wales Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - North Wiltshire Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Northamptonshire Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Nottingham Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Omagh Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Oxfordshire Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Pembrokeshire Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Pennine Lancashire Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Peterborough Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Pinelea Day Centre10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Plymouth Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Portsmouth & South East Hampshire Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Reading Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Rhondda Cynon Taff Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Richmond Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Ripon, Harrogate & Craven Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Rochdale Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Salford Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Salisbury & District Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Scarborough Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Sefton Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Selby & York Local Offic10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Sheffield Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Sir Gar Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Somerset Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - South Buckinghamshire Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - South Gloucestershire Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - South Lakeland Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - South Tyneside Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - South West Surrey Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Southampton & Eastleigh Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Southwark Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - St Helens Local Offic09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Staffordshire Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Stockport & District Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Stoke-on-Trent Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Sunderland Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Sutton Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Swansea Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Swindon & District Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Telford & Wrekin Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Tendring Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - The Limes Day Centre10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - The Templeton Day Support Centre09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Thetford & South Norfolk Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Torbay Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Tower Hamlets Local Offic09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Tynedale Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Uttlesford Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Vale Royal Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Wakefield & Five Towns Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Waltham Forest Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Wandsworth Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Warrington & District Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Warwickshire Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - West Berkshire Local Offic09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - West Cumbria Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - West Hertfordshire Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - West Kent Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - West Suffolk Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - West Sussex - North Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Wigan,Bolton & Bury Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Wirral Local Office09-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Worcestershire Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimer's Society - Younger People with Dementia Local Office10-Feb-12
Alzheimers Support - Devizes Office09-Feb-12
Amanah Awqaf Charitable Trust22-Jul-13
Ambassadors Football – Bolton02-Nov-06
Amber Foundation - Ashley Court20-Feb-04
Amber Foundation - Bythesea Lodge07-Feb-12
Amber Foundation - Central Office07-Feb-12
Amber Foundation - Farm Place07-Feb-12
Amnesty International UK01-Jul-08
Amnesty International UK - International Secretariat18-Sep-08
Amnesty International UK - Northern Ireland10-Feb-12
Amnesty International UK - Scotland10-Feb-12
Amnesty International UK - Wales10-Feb-12
Ampleforth Farm College19-Jul-12
AMREF (African and Medical Research Foundation) UK20-Oct-06
Angel Canal Festival 08-Oct-12
Angels of the North05-Aug-12
Anglesey Foodbank02-Sep-17
Anglia Football06-Aug-03
Anglo European College of Chiropractic14-Jun-05
Animal Defenders International13-Dec-04
Anita's Angel20-Oct-14
Annecy Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
Ansar Youth Project21-Jun-11
Antenatal Results & Choices 10-Jun-10
Anti-Slavery International01-Oct-03
Anxiety Care15-Dec-11
AOG World Ministries02-Nov-06
Ape Action Africa 13-Nov-12
Apethorpe St Leonard23-Apr-12
Appleby Leisure Centre19-Jul-12
Arab World Ministries02-Nov-06
Architects Benevolent Society10-Jun-05
Argyll and Bute Supporting Families21-Mar-12
Arlington Futures 19-Feb-13
Armenian Institute03-Aug-09
ARP Charitable Services t/a Foundation6610-Nov-11
Art in the Park (Sheffield) 23-Jul-12
Arthingworth St Andrew23-Apr-12
Arthritis Care20-Nov-02
Arthritis Care - Central England11-Jan-12
Arthritis Care - North England Office11-Jan-12
Arthritis Care - Northern Ireland11-Jan-12
Arthritis Care - Scotland11-Jan-12
Arthritis Care - South England Regional Office11-Jan-12
Arthritis Care - Wales11-Jan-12
Arthritis Research UK04-Nov-11
Asante Sana Foundation08-Jun-10
Asbestos Awareness & Support Cymru 07-Jan-13
Ash Green Scout Group11-Apr-05
Ashby St Ledgers The Blessed Virgin Mary and St Leodegarius23-Apr-12
Ashford Congregational Church02-Nov-06
Ashley Foundation14-Aug-03
Ashley St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Ashridge Business School (Bonar Law Memorial) Trust25-Mar-03
Ashtead Parish Church11-Feb-08
Ashton St Michael and All Angels23-Apr-12
Ashwell St Mary23-Apr-12
Asia Link Network02-Nov-06
Aspiring Futures 23-May-13
Assemblies of God 21-Dec-11
Assessment & Qualifications Alliance26-Feb-06
Assessment & Qualifications Alliance - Harrogate08-Feb-12
Assessment & Qualifications Alliance - Manchester08-Feb-12
Association for the Polish Family08-Dec-11
Association of Colleges11-Apr-06
Association of Colleges - Eastern08-Feb-12
Association of Colleges - North East08-Feb-12
Association of Colleges - North West08-Feb-12
Association of Colleges - South East08-Feb-12
Association of Colleges - South West08-Feb-12
Association of Colleges - West Midlands08-Feb-12
Association of Colleges - Yorkshire & Humberside08-Feb-12
Association of Sea Training Organisations15-Sep-05
Aston Le Walls St Leonard 23-Apr-12
Ataxia UK 17-Sep-12
Atholl Centre 02-Jun-03
Auditory Verbal UK27-Jun-11
Augustinian Care22-Aug-03
Augustinian Care - St Clare's06-Feb-12
Augustinian Care - St Mary's06-Feb-12
Augustinian Care - St Rita's06-Feb-12
Augustinian Care - St. Raphael’s06-Feb-12
Autism Anglia - Head Office13-Aug-10
Autism West Midlands - Gorse Farm10-Feb-12
Autism West Midlands - Head Office02-Jun-04
Autism West Midlands - Oakfield House10-Feb-12
Autism West Midlands - Pinetrees10-Feb-12
Autism West Midlands - St. Paul's10-Feb-12
Autism West Midlands - The Poplars10-Feb-12
Autism West Midlands - Upper Ford Lodge10-Feb-12
Autism West Midlands - Wagstaff Way10-Feb-12
Avenues Trust17-Jun-03
Avenues Trust - East Kent Area Office31-Jan-12
Avenues Trust - Medway Home Care Office31-Jan-12
Avenues Trust - Optua31-Jan-12
Avenues Trust - Sutton Area Office31-Jan-12
Avon and Bristol Law Centre26-Jan-05
Avoncroft Museum of Buildings06-Jul-11
AVOW (Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham)03-Mar-05
Awards for Young Musicians26-Jan-05
Awayforward Foundation 18-Oct-12
Aynho St Michael23-Apr-12
Ayrshire Sportsability 19-Feb-13
Ayston St Mary the Virgin 23-Apr-12
Azuki Foundation 15-Jan-13
B.A.P. 15-Jan-13
Bacton-on-Sea Village Hall25-Aug-10
Badby St Mary23-Apr-12
Bainton St Mary23-Apr-12
Balsall Common Village Hall09-Oct-08
Balscote Village Hall Trust16-Sep-10
Bangor Worldwide Missionary Convention02-Nov-06
Banstead Baptist Church02-Nov-06
Baptist Missions Ireland25-Jan-13
Barbara’s Wildlife Rescue04-Mar-18
Barnabas (Outreach) Trust02-Nov-06
Barnack St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Barnet Lone Parent Centre02-Mar-10
Barnsley Premier Leisure - Bircotes Leisure Centre10-Feb-12
Barnsley Premier Leisure - Dearneside Leisure Centre10-Feb-12
Barnsley Premier Leisure - Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre10-Feb-12
Barnsley Premier Leisure - Elizabethan Academy10-Feb-12
Barnsley Premier Leisure - Fitness Flex Pontefract10-Feb-12
Barnsley Premier Leisure - Head Office22-Feb-05
Barnsley Premier Leisure - Hillies Golf Course10-Feb-12
Barnsley Premier Leisure - Hoyland Leisure Centre10-Feb-12
Barnsley Premier Leisure - Kilton Forest Golf Course10-Feb-12
Barnsley Premier Leisure - Retford Leisure Centre10-Feb-12
Barnsley Premier Leisure - Royston Civic Hall10-Feb-12
Barnsley Premier Leisure - Royston Leisure Centre10-Feb-12
Barnsley Premier Leisure - Worksop Leisure Centre10-Feb-12
Barnwell St Andrews with All Saints23-Apr-12
Barrow Hills School21-Jan-10
Barton Seagrave St Botolph23-Apr-12
Base 2508-Oct-12
Basingstoke & District Sports Trust14-Dec-04
BATIAS - Grays / Thurrock Office05-Oct-11
Be Totally You30-Sep-10
Beacon Centre for the Blind - Beacon Centre19-Jul-05
Beacon Evangelical Church24-Jan-08
Beaconlight Trust01-Feb-08
Beckis Legacy 03-Jan-13
Beds Garden Carers29-Sep-08
Beeraahaar Sweet Combination01-Oct-03
Belchamps Scout Activity Centre07-Jan-11
Belfast Bible College02-Nov-06
Belgian Evangelical Mission02-Nov-06
Bellevue Chapel Evangelical Church11-Feb-08
Bellingham Community Trust24-Feb-10
Bellingham Heritage Centre 22-Sep-08
Bellingham Town Hall29-Sep-08
Belton with Wardley St Peter23-Apr-12
Ben Uri Gallery & Museum04-Feb-19
Beneficial Foundation 18-Sep-12
Benefield St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Benevolent Fund for the Institute of Mechanical Engineers10-Jun-05
Berinsfield Information & Volunteer Centre13-Nov-12
Berkshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre13-Dec-04
Bernie Grant Arts Centre18-Dec-06
Bethany Baptist Church13-Feb-12
Bethany Children's Trust30-Apr-08
Bethany Faith Ministries06-Oct-09
Beverley Minster13-Apr-11
Bfound Limited10-Nov-09
Bhat Singh Sabha Highgate Limited23-Feb-10
Bibbys Farm Scout Camp Site14-Jul-15
Bible Society02-Nov-06
BibleLands (Embrace the Middle East)01-Jun-11
Big C Cancer Support and Information Centre24-Jan-12
Big Fun Walk28-Aug-03
Big Pit: National Coal Museum19-Jul-12
Billing St Andrew and All Saints23-Apr-12
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association06-May-11
Bipolar UK - Head Office22-Dec-12
Birch Thompson Memorial Fund 05-Sep-13
Birmingham Cathedral22-Dec-05
Birmingham Christian College02-Nov-06
Birmingham City Mission26-Jan-05
Birmingham Federation of Clubs for Young People 17-Sep-12
Birmingham Rape and Sexual Violence Project15-Jun-05
Bisbrooke St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Bishop Creighton House29-Jul-03
Bishop Simeon Trust11-Oct-11
Bitterne Park Parochial Church Council08-Oct-09
Blaenavon Town Band 19-Jan-11
Blakesley St Mary23-Apr-12
Blessed Generation17-Jul-12
Blind Veterans UK - Brighton Centre02-Jun-03
Blisworth St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Blood Pressure Association06-Aug-04
Bloomsbury Festival 17-Jan-13
Blue Masque12-Dec-08
Blue Ventures Conversation09-Sep-03
Blythswood Care - Glasgow Depot Office11-Jan-12
Blythswood Care - Head Office Depot11-Jan-12
Blythswood Care - Medway Processing Facility Office26-Jul-02
Blythswood Care - North England Office11-Jan-12
Blythswood Care - Northern Ireland Depot Office11-Jan-12
Blythswood Care - South West England11-Jan-12
BMS World Mission02-Nov-06
BMS World Mission14-May-12
Board of Deputies of British Jews31-Jul-07
Boddington St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Body Positive Cheshire & North Wales13-Jun-05
Body Positive Dorset24-Sep-08
Bonners Church of England School 11-Nov-04
Bonny Downs Community Association17-Dec-04
Book Aid02-Nov-06
Book Aid International13-Mar-03
BookRelief UK 18-Feb-13
Border Collie Trust GB16-Oct-13
Bottesford Victory Commemoration Hall11-Jun-05
Bough Beech Visitor Centre16-Jul-12
Boughton St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Bournemouth & District & Sturminster Newton29-Feb-12
Bowel & Cancer Research04-Oct-18
Bozeat St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Brackley St Peter with St James23-Apr-12
Bradden St Michael23-Apr-12
Bradford Community Environment Project26-Jul-06
Bradgate Lions Club11-Nov-04
Brafield on the Green St Lawrence23-Apr-12
Brampton Ash St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Brathay Trust06-Dec-04
Braunston (Rutland) All Saints23-Apr-12
Braybrooke All Saints23-Apr-12
Bread of Life International Ministries18-May-11
Breast Cancer Campaign - London16-Aug-04
Breast Cancer Care - East Midlands and the North of England16-Feb-12
Breast Cancer Care - Head Office14-Feb-12
Breast Cancer Care - Scotland and Northern Ireland16-Feb-12
Breast Cancer Care -Wales, Central and South West of England16-Feb-12
Breast Cancer Haven - Fulham09-May-05
BrendonCare - Alton29-Jan-08
BrendonCare - Chiltern View29-Jan-08
BrendonCare - Froxfield29-Jan-08
BrendonCare - Head Office10-Jun-05
BrendonCare - Knightwood29-Jan-08
Brendoncare - Meadway14-Jan-10
Brendoncare - Park Road 14-Jan-10
BrendonCare - Ronald Gibson House29-Jan-08
BrendonCare - Stildon29-Jan-08
BrendonCare - The Old Parsonage29-Jan-08
BrendonCare - Woodhayes29-Jan-08
Brent Association of Disabled People09-Jul-07
Brent Mencap Limited22-Nov-16
Bretton The Holy Spirit23-Apr-12
Bridewell Organic Gardens05-Jun-07
Bridge Centre04-Nov-05
Bright Star Wellbeing03-Jun-16
Brighton & Hove Progressive Synagogue14-Oct-03
Brighton Dome14-Jun-05
Brigstock St Andrew with Stanion st Peter23-Apr-12
Brington St Mary with St John23-Apr-12
Bristol International Student Centre05-Jul-05
Bristol Music Trust21-Jul-16
Bristol Playbus15-Jun-05
BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology26-Jan-05
British & International Sailors' Society13-Mar-03
British Cardiac Patients Association12-Jul-01
British Institute for Brain Injured Children25-Jan-05
British Lung Foundation - Head Office10-Mar-05
British Lung Foundation - Midlands Office23-Feb-12
British Lung Foundation - North West Office23-Feb-12
British Lung Foundation - Northern Office23-Feb-12
British Lung Foundation - Scotland Office23-Feb-12
British Lung Foundation - South West Office23-Feb-12
British Lung Foundation - Wales Office23-Feb-12
British Red Cross - Paisley18-May-11
British South Africa Police Trust20-Jun-05
British Thyroid Foundation12-Jun-06
British Wireless for the Blind Fund20-May-03
British Youth for Christ11-Nov-09
Brixworth All Saints23-Apr-12
Broadfield Youth & Community Centre Trust 01-Aug-12
Broadstone Warren Scout Site & Activity Centre30-Dec-10
Broadwater Team Ministry11-Feb-08
Brockhall St Peter and St Paul23-Apr-12
Brockley Community Church11-Feb-08
Bromley Community Counselling Service05-Aug-05
Brooke St Peter23-Apr-12
Broughton House17-Jun-03
Broughton St Andew23-Apr-12
Brunswick Healthy Living Centre 17-Sep-12
Bugbrooke St Michael and All Angels23-Apr-12
Building Blocks Solutions26-Jul-05
Bullion Hall Community Centre30-Sep-08
Bulwick and Blatherwycke St Nicholas23-Apr-12
Burnley Pendle & Rossendale Council for Voluntary Service26-Jun-13
Burnside Community Garden & Hub03-Jan-13
Burton Dassett Village Hall31-Mar-18
Burton Latimer St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Burton Street Foundation11-Nov-04
Burwell Community Print Centre Limited15-Oct-08
Business in the Community09-Jan-12
Buteyko Asthma Relief 26-Apr-07
Buttercup Children's Trust14-Jul-15
Butterflies Community 18-Feb-13
Buttle UK - Head Office04-Aug-11
Buxton & District Scout Council22-Dec-10
Byfield - Holy Cross23-Apr-12
BYV Adventure Camps12-Jan-11
C venues & C theatre26-Jul-19
Cabin Lane Church27-Jul-11
Caerffili C.H.A.D. Caerphilly24-Feb-16
CAFOD - Head Office17-Mar-11
Caldecott St John the Evangelist23-Apr-12
Calderdale Recovery Steps - Todmorden10-May-12
Calibre Audio Library12-Jun-08
Calshot Disability Services07-Jan-13
Calthorpe Project11-Oct-12
Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) 15-Mar-12
Calvert Trust - Exmoor31-Jan-12
Calvert Trust - Kielder02-Jun-03
Calvert Trust - Lake District31-Jan-12
Camberwell After School Project23-Aug-16
Cambodia Action02-Nov-06
Cambodian Children's Charity16-Nov-06
Cambodian Communities out of Crisis02-Nov-06
Cambray Baptist Church, Cheltenham02-Nov-06
Cambrian Community Centre23-Feb-05
Cambridgeshire Deaf Association 18-Feb-13
CAME Women and Girls Development Organisation31-Jan-18
Camfed International01-Oct-03
Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales31-Mar-03
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Avonside17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Bedfordshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Berkshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Buckinghamshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Cambridgeshire26-Jan-05
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Cheshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Cornwall17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Cumbria17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Derbyshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Devon17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Dorset17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Durham17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - East Riding17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Essex17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Gloucestershire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Hampshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Herefordshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Hertfordshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Isle of Wight17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Kent17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Lancashire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Leicestershire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Lincolnshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - London17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Norfolk17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - North Yorkshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Northamptonshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Northern Lincolnshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Northumberland17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Nottinghamshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Oxfordshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Peak District - Friends of the Peak District17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Rutland17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Shropshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Somerset17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - South Yorkshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Staffordshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Suffolk17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Surrey17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Sussex17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Warwickshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - West Yorkshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England - Wiltshire17-Jan-12
Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)23-Apr-03
Campaign to Protect Rural England -Worcestershire17-Jan-12
Camphill Village Trust20-May-03
Camphill Village Trust - Apt Creations Cafe24-Jan-12
Camphill Village Trust - Berith and Camphill Partnership24-Jan-12
Camphill Village Trust - Botton Village24-Jan-12
Camphill Village Trust - Camphill St Albans24-Jan-12
Camphill Village Trust - Delrow Community24-Jan-12
Camphill Village Trust - Grange Village24-Jan-12
Camphill Village Trust - Larchfield Community24-Jan-12
Camphill Village Trust - Loch Arthur Camphill Community24-Jan-12
Camphill Village Trust - Newton Dee Community24-Jan-12
Camphill Village Trust - Oaklands Park24-Jan-12
Camphill Village Trust - Taurus Crafts24-Jan-12
Camphill Village Trust - The Croft 24-Jan-12
Cancer Research UK01-Jul-15
Canterbury & District Early Years Project 08-Jan-13
Canterbury Oast Trust21-Jan-03
Canterbury Oast Trust - Rainbow Gallery12-Jan-12
Canterbury Oast Trust - Rare Breeds Centre12-Jan-12
Canterbury Steiner School11-Jun-05
Capernwray Missionary Fellowship of Torchbearers03-Mar-10
Cardiff People First25-Nov-04
Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary School - Hersham21-Jan-10
Cardinal Newman Catholic School - Hove20-Jan-10
Care & Repair - Edinburgh 24-Jun-14
Care & Repair Cymru - Head Office19-Aug-11
Care & Repair Cymru - North Wales Office29-Sep-11
Care & Repair Flintshire11-Jul-11
Care & Repair Powys03-Jan-12
Care & Repair RCT23-Feb-05
Care (Christian Action Research and Education)01-Feb-08
Care for Someone24-Feb-16
Care South - Alexandra House24-Feb-12
Care South - Beauchamp Gardens24-Feb-12
Care South - Beauchamp House24-Feb-12
Care South - Buxton House24-Feb-12
Care South - Castle Dene24-Feb-12
Care South - Dorset House24-Feb-12
Care South - Elizabeth House24-Feb-12
Care South - Fairlawn24-Feb-12
Care South - Fremington Manor24-Feb-12
Care South - Head Office24-Feb-12
Care South - Home Care Bath & NE Somerset24-Feb-12
Care South - Home Care Bournemouth and Christchurch24-Feb-12
Care South - Home Care Somerset and West Dorset05-Feb-07
Care South - Kenwith Castle24-Feb-12
Care South - Maiden Castle House24-Feb-12
Care South - Queensmead24-Feb-12
Care South - St Martins Grange24-Feb-12
Care South - Strome Park24-Feb-12
Care South - Sussexdown24-Feb-12
Care South - Talbot View24-Feb-12
Care South - Templeman House24-Feb-12
Care South - Wickmeads24-Feb-12
Carers Choices19-Jun-14
Carers Rights22-Nov-07
Carer's Sitter Service12-Apr-18
Carers Trust - Carers Leeds05-Mar-12
Carey Outreach Ministries UK02-Jun-10
Caring Cancer Trust08-Jun-10
Carlby St Stephen23-Apr-12
Carmarthen Breakthro'28-Jun-05
Carmarthen Women's Aid Limited20-Apr-11
Carolina House Trust07-Feb-12
Cartmel Agricultural Society11-Jun-05
Cashmir Foundation22-Jul-13
Castaways Community Development Foundation04-Jan-05
Castel Froma28-May-05
Castle Ashby St Mary Magdalene23-Apr-12
Castlemilk Pensioners Action Centre13-Apr-10
Castor St Kyneburgha23-Apr-12
Cat Zero07-Feb-12
Catch 22 - Camden Young People’s Mediation Service23-Feb-12
Catch 22 - Finance Office06-Jan-05
Catch 22 - Head Office23-Dec-04
Catch 22 - Manchester Engage in Education22-Feb-12
Catch 22 - Wigan Floating Support22-Feb-12
Catch22 Charity Limited19-Sep-11
Catesby St Mary and St Edmund23-Apr-12
Cathedral of our Lady and St Phillip Howard08-Aug-05
Catholic Care (Diocese of Leeds)25-Nov-04
Catholic Schools in Arundel and Brighton19-Jan-10
Cats Protection - Aberystwyth & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Alness & District05-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Andover and District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Anglia Coastal Branch01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Arbroath & Carnoustie Adoption Centre05-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Ardnamurchan & Mull05-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Armagh Branch06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Ashfield & Amber Valley01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Atherton & Wigan Metro02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Barnsley02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Barnsley Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Barnstaple & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Barra & Uist06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Basildon, Brentwood & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Basingstoke & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Bedford & Biggleswade01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Bedford & Biggleswade Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Belfast Adoption Centre06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Beverley & Pocklington02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Bexley & Dartford01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Birmingham Adoption Centre01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Blackheath & Deptford01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Blackheath & Deptford Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Blandford & Sturminster Newton29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Bolton & Radcliffe02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Boston & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Bournemouth & District Charity Shop29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Bracknell & Wokingham District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Breckland01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Bredhurst Kent Adoption Centre01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Bridgend Adoption Centre02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Bristol & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Bristol & District (Henleaze) Charity Shop29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Bromley01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Burnley & Pendle02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Burscough & Liverpool Bay02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Burscough & Liverpool Bay Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Burton-on-Trent01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Bury St Edmunds & Stowmarket01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Caithness06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Calder Valley & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Cambridge01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Cambridge Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Cannock & Burntwood01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Cardiff & The Vale02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Carlisle & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Caterham, Redhill & East Surrey Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Central Aberdeen06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Central Aberdeen Charity Shop06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Central Dumfries06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Chelmsford & District Adoption Centre01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Cheltenham29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Cheltenham Charity Shop29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Cherwell29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Chesterfield & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Chesterfield Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Chichester Bognor Regis Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Chiltern01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Clackmannanshire & Stirling06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Clackmannanshire Charity Shop06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Coleraine District06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Colne Valley01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Colne Valley Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Colwyn & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Colwyn & District Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Corby & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Cornwall Adoption Centre29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Coventry02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Coventry Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Crawley, Reigate & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Crewe & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Cricklewood Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Croydon01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Culcheth & Glazebury02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Cumnock & Doon Valley06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Deeside Branch06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Derby & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Derby & District Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Derby Adoption Centre02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Dereham Adoption Centre01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Dewsbury, Wakefield & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Doncaster02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Downham Market Adoption Centre01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Dunbar & District06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Dundee & District06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Dundee Charity Shop06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Dundee Charity Shop 206-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Durham City & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Ealing & West London Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - East Devon29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - East Devon Charity Shop29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - East Neuk of Fife06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - East Northumberland02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Eastbourne Adoption Centre01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Ellon & District06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Eltham, Sidcup & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Eltham, Sidcup & District Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Ely & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Epsom, Ewell & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Eskdale & District06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Evesham & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Falmouth, Helston & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Fareham & Waterlooville Districts29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Farnham & Wey Valley01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Ferndown Homing Centre29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Folkestone & Hythe01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Folkestone & Hythe Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Forest of Dean29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Framlingham & Saxmundham01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Fraserburgh06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Frome and District Branch29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Gateshead & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Giffnock Branch06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Glasgow Adoption Centre06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Glasgow Branch06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Glastonbury & Wells29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Gloucester29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Gosport Town29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Great Amwell & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Grimsby & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Guildford & Godalming01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Gwent Branch02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Halesowen & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Halesowen & District Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Halifax & Huddersfield02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Harlow, Epping Forest & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Harrogate & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Haslemere Adoption Centre01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Hastings & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Hastings Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Haverhill & Stour Valley01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Head Office13-Nov-08
Cats Protection - Hemel Hempstead & Berkhamsted01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Hendon, Finchley & Mill Hill01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Hereford Adoption Centre02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Hereford Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - High Wycombe & South Bucks01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Hillingdon01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Holsworthy, Bideford & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Honiton29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Honiton Charity Shop29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Horncastle & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Hornchurch & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Horsham & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Hull & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Huntly & Keith & Turiff06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Inverness06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Inverurie & Alford06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Ipswich01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Ipswich Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Isle of Arran06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Isle of Skye06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Isle of Wight Adoption Centre29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Isles of Lewis & Harris06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Lanarkshire06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Lancaster & Morecambe02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Launceston & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Lea Valley01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Lea Valley Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Leicester & County02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Lewes, Seaford & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Lichfield with Tamworth02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Lincoln01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Lincoln Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Ludlow & District Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Luton, Dunstable & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Macclesfield02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Maidenhead, Slough & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Mansfield Adoption Centre02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Medway & Gravesham Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Mere & Gillingham29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Mere & Gillingham Charity Shop29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Mid Sussex Branch01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Midsomer Norton & Radstock29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Mid-Warwickshire02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Mid-Warwickshire02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Milton Keynes & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Minehead29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Montrose & Brechin06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Moray Branch06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Nairn06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - National Cat Adoption Centre01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - National Cat Centre (NCC)01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Newbury & District Adoption Centre29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Newtown & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - North Ayrshire06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - North Birmingham02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - North Hertfordshire01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - North London Adoption Centre01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - North Shropshire Neutering02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - North Tyneside02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - North Walsham & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Northampton02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Norwich & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Nottingham Adoption Centre02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Okehampton & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Orkney Islands06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Outer Aberdeen & District06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Oxford & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Paddington01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Peebles & Biggar06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Perth06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Peterborough & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Peterhead & District06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Plymouth and District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Portsmouth29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Preston02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Rayleigh, Castle Point & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Reading & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Reading & District Charity Shop29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Rochdale02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Rugby02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Salisbury & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Scunthorpe & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Sheffield - North Sheffield02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Sheffield Hallam02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Shetland06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Skegness, Spilsby & Alford01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Sleaford & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - South Ayrshire06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - South Birmingham02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - South Wirral02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Southampton29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Southend & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Spalding & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - St Albans & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - St Austell & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - St Helens Adoption Centre02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - St Neots, Huntingdon & St Ives Branch01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - St Neots, Huntingdon and St Ives01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - St Neots, Huntingdon and St Ivest Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Stafford & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Stafford & District Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Stamford & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Stewartry & District06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Stockport02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Stoke & Newcastle02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Stonehaven06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Stourbridge, Dudley & Wyre Forest02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Stranraer & District06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Strathspey06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Stroud29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Sutton & Cheam01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Sutton, Kingston & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Swale01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Swansea & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Swansea & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Swindon29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Tain & District06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Taunton & Wellington29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Taunton & Wellington Charity Shop29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Teesside02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Teesside Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Teignbridge & Totnes29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Telford & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Telford & District Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Tendring & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Tenterden & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Tenterden Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Three Rivers and Watford Branch01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Thurrock & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Torpoint & Rame Peninsular29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Torquay & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Trafford02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Truro & District Branch29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Truro & District Charity Shop29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough & District Branch01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Walsall Borough02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Warrington Adoption Centre02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Waveney Charity Shop01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Wear Valley & Darlington02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Wellingborough & Rushden02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Welwyn Hatfield District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - West Cumbria02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - West Fife06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - West Fife Charity Shop06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - West Lothian06-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Weston-Super-Mare & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Weymouth & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Wharfe Valley02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Winchester & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Woking & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Wolverhampton02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Wootton Bassett & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - Worcester & District02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Worcester Branch Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Worthing & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Worthing & District01-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Wrexham Adoption Centre02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - Yeovil & District29-Feb-12
Cats Protection - York Adoption Centre02-Mar-12
Cats Protection - York Charity Shop02-Mar-12
Cats Protection -Chichester, Bognor Regis & District01-Mar-12
Cauda Equina Syndrome UK Charity28-Aug-12
Caudwell Children03-Mar-10
Central & South Sussex Citizens Advice25-Sep-15
Central and Cecil Housing Trust - Head Office28-Aug-03
Central Avenue Christian Church20-Jun-05
Central Baptist Church29-Jul-05
Central Eastern European Mission13-Oct-09
Central Eltham Youth Project30-May-11
Central Youth Theatre04-Oct-12
Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS)26-Jan-05
Centre for Policy on Ageing20-Aug-03
Centre for the 3rd Age04-Feb-05
Centre for Voluntary Service St Albans District15-Dec-11
Centrepoint Outreach31-May-05
CFN - Berkshire Community Foundation17-Jun-05
CFN - Community Foundation for Calderdale29-May-08
CFN - Essex Community Foundation13-Aug-10
CFN - Milton Keynes Community Foundation11-Aug-06
CFN - South Yorkshire Community Foundation05-Sep-03
CFN - UK Community Foundations11-Apr-05
Chacombe St Peter and St Paul23-Apr-12
Chamber of Commerce - Hadleigh 21-Feb-11
Chance UK - Head Office08-Apr-11
Changes Bristol01-Aug-11
Changing Faces27-Oct-06
Chaplaincy to the Universities of Brighton and Sussex19-Jan-10
Chapter 1 - Head Office28-Aug-03
Charcot-Marie-Tooth UK (CMT)27-Jan-10
Charing Cross Centre05-Dec-08
Charis Training11-Feb-08
Charities Aid Foundation15-Jun-06
Charities Trust03-Oct-03
Charity Technology Trust07-Jun-04
Charney Manor17-Feb-04
Chartered Institute of Taxation14-Jun-04
Charwelton Holy Trinity23-Apr-12
Chaseley Trust17-Apr-03
Chats Palace Limited13-Jun-05
Chatsmore Catholic High School20-Jan-10
Cheam Baptist Church11-Feb-08
Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity10-Jun-09
Chelveston St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Chenderit Benefice23-Apr-12
Chennai Challenge09-Mar-10
Cheriton Baptist Church11-Feb-08
Cheriton Baptist Church02-Nov-06
Cheshire Foster Care Association 18-Feb-13
Cheshire Ireland24-Feb-03
Cheshire Ireland - Abbey View Residences13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Ardeen Cheshire Home13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Blackrock Cheshire13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Cara Cheshire House13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Cheshire Community Living 13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Cork Supported Accommodation Service13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Donegal Cheshire Apartments13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Dundalk Cheshire Service13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Eaglewood Cheshire13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Galway Cheshire House13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Greystones Cheshire House13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Kerry Cheshire13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Mayo Cheshire Services15-Jun-16
Cheshire Ireland - Newbridge Respite Centre13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - O’Dwyer Cheshire Home13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Rathfredagh Cheshire Home13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Richmond Cheshire House13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - St. Laurence Cheshire Home13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - St. Patrick’s Cheshire Home13-Jan-12
Cheshire Ireland - Waterford Cheshire13-Jan-12
Chicken Shed Theatre06-Aug-04
Child Accident Prevention Trust21-Mar-03
Child Action Group23-Jul-12
Child Action North West - Head Office01-Sep-03
ChildAid to Russia & the Republics29-Jun-12
Childhood First - Head Office11-Jan-05
Children - North East01-Oct-03
Children 1st - Chill Out Zone21-Mar-12
Children 1st - Corrieneuchin21-Mar-12
Children 1st - Glasgow21-Mar-12
Children 1st - Head Office31-May-06
Children 1st - Irvine21-Mar-12
Children 1st - Lochgilphead21-Mar-12
Children in Distress10-Mar-05
Children of Latin America17-Jan-12
Children with Cancer UK20-May-03
Children1st - Domestic Abuse Community Service21-Mar-12
Children's Cancer & Leukaemia Group 13-Nov-12
Children's Rights Alliance for England 17-Jan-13
Children's Trust21-Jan-05
Chile SCDA01-Oct-03
Chinese Church, London11-Feb-08
Chinese Overseas Christian Mission02-Nov-06
Chipping Warden St Peter and St Paul23-Apr-12
Choice Cambodia02-Jun-11
Choice Support - Roy Kinnear House27-Feb-12
Chopsticks North Yorkshire08-Jun-05
Chosen People Ministries02-Nov-06
Christ Church - Chelmsford30-Jan-04
Christ Church - Southchurch11-Apr-05
Christ Church Winchester11-Nov-09
Christ Church, Clifton11-Feb-08
Christ Church, Surbiton Hill02-Nov-06
Christ the King18-Jan-10
Christ the King - Camberley and Bagshot18-Jan-10
Christ the King Catholic Church - Eastbourne18-Jan-10
Christ the Lord18-Jan-10
Christ the Prince of Peace - Weybridge20-Jan-10
Christ the Redeemer of Mankind18-Jan-10
Christ the Saviour Monastic Trust22-Jan-13
ChristChurch Banstead24-Apr-14
Christchurch Open Awards Centre15-Aug-16
Christchurch Open Awards Centre09-Jul-19
Christian Camping International (UK) Limited19-Jun-03
Christian International Peace Service (CHIPS) 25-Feb-13
Christian Life Community02-Nov-06
Christian Medical Fellowship02-Nov-06
Christian Partners in Africa15-Jan-07
Christian Publishing & Outreach Limited06-Feb-08
Christian Research11-Nov-09
Christian TEFL27-Sep-12
Christian Witness to Israel02-Nov-06
Christians Against Poverty16-Sep-19
Christians in Action02-Nov-06
Christians in Sport02-Feb-05
Christopher Whitehead Language College02-Jun-14
Christopher's Smile 11-Apr-13
Christ's Hospital27-Jun-05
Church Brampton with Chapel Brampton St Botolph23-Apr-12
Church Lads & Church Girls Brigade26-Jun-03
Church Mission Society02-Nov-06
Church Mission Society02-Nov-06
Churches Conservation Trust27-Jan-05
Churches Together in Britain and Ireland22-Aug-08
Church's Ministry Among Jewish People UK02-Nov-06
Circles Network - Head Office23-Nov-07
Citizens Advice & Law Centre27-Nov-09
Citizens Advice Bureau - Birmingham 16-Aug-05
Citizens Advice Bureau - Dorking & District 13-Jun-05
Citizens Advice Bureau - East Lindsey 26-Jan-05
Citizens Advice Bureau - Eastleigh01-Oct-12
Citizens Advice Bureau - Edinburgh01-Oct-09
Citizens Advice Bureau - Halton 10-Sep-10
Citizens Advice Bureau - Harlow 15-Nov-04
Citizens Advice Bureau - Harold Hill11-May-11
Citizens Advice Bureau - Harrow07-Jul-09
Citizens Advice Bureau - Havering26-Apr-11
Citizens Advice Bureau - Leatherhead & Dorking10-Aug-07
Citizens Advice Bureau - Malvern Hills 04-Dec-03
Citizens Advice Bureau - Melton27-Jun-05
Citizens Advice Bureau - National Association Head Office16-Jul-09
Citizens Advice Bureau - Plymouth26-Jan-06
Citizens Advice Bureau - Rainham11-May-11
Citizens Advice Bureau - Thanet District13-Jun-05
Citizens Advice Bureau - Wandsworth 07-Dec-05
Citizens Advice Bureau - Wear Valley15-Feb-07
Citizens Advice Bureau - West Northumberland06-Dec-04
Citizens Advice Bureau - York & District14-Mar-06
Citizens Advice Forest of Dean25-Feb-16
Citizenship First28-May-05
City & Hackney Carers Centre26-Feb-09
City Church (Grimsby New Life Christian Fellowship)01-Jul-05
City Gate Church, Brighton11-Feb-08
City Gates Church, Soho02-Nov-06
City Misson:Creative Media 18-Feb-13
City of Winchester Trust15-Jul-05
Claybury International30-Apr-08
CLC UK (Christian Literature Crusade)11-Nov-09
Cleaford Christian Trust20-May-03
Cleft Lip and Palate Association13-Jan-17
CLIC Sargent05-Dec-12
Clifton Diocese Trust14-Jun-05
Clipsham St Mary23-Apr-12
Clipston All Saints23-Apr-12
Clockhouse Community Centre26-Jan-05
Clopton St Peter23-Apr-12
Clothes Aid Services Limited01-Jul-10
CMJ UK11-Nov-09
Coast and Moors Voluntary Action03-Jun-03
Cogenhoe St Peter23-Apr-12
coHearentVision (Leeds Society for Deaf & Blind)22-Feb-08
Cold Ashby St Denys23-Apr-12
Cold Higham St Luke23-Apr-12
Coleg Harlech Workers' Educational Association (North Wales)11-Jun-05
College of Occupational Therapy07-Oct-09
Collingtree St Columba23-Apr-12
Coltishall Benefice 13-Sep-12
Coman Communications28-Jun-11
Co-Masonic Benevolent Fund12-Oct-05
Combat Stress24-Nov-15
Combe Down Holiday Trust14-Jan-20
Combe Mill Society06-Jun-10
Commonside Community Development Trust25-Jan-17
Community Admin08-Oct-12
Community Association for West Hampstead29-Nov-10
Community Church Huddersfield13-Jun-05
Community Development Foundation03-Jul-12
Community Drug Service for South London22-Jul-13
Community Environmental Education Developments Trust 28-Aug-12
Community Hertsmere04-Apr-18
Community Integrated Care20-Jan-09
Community Link Up Limited01-Feb-05
Community of Reconciliation and Fellowship14-Jun-05
Community Spirit Emlyn 04-May-11
Community Voluntary Services Tendring29-Jul-10
Community Youth London11-Apr-18
Compass Braille/Sightlink02-Nov-06
Compassion in Dying 08-Jan-13
Compassion in World Farming25-Nov-04
Computer Aid International22-Aug-03
Computers Are Free For Everyone (CAFFE) 17-Jul-12
Concerned About Age19-Jan-12
Connections Bus Project03-Jan-06
Consumer Consultancy12-Sep-03
Consumers International08-Jun-05
Contact Point in East Dunbartonshire16-Sep-04
Contact the Elderly31-Aug-11
Convent Chapel18-Jan-10
Conwy and Denbighshire Mental Health Advocacy Service14-Feb-19
Cooksbridge Recreation Ground Committee13-May-09
Copeland Bowls & Sports Centre19-Jul-12
Copeland Swimming Pool19-Jul-12
Coram Family02-Jun-05
Coram Voice - Head Office12-Oct-10
Corby St Columba and the Northern Saints23-Apr-12
Corby St Peter and St Andrew23-Apr-12
Corby The Epiphany with St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
CORD - Christian Outreach Relief & Development02-Nov-06
Cornerstone Church, Nottingham02-Nov-06
Cornerstone Pregnancy Crisis Centre 19-Feb-13
Cornford House11-Feb-08
Cornwall Blind Association - Head Office02-Jun-08
Cornwall Care27-Feb-03
Cornwall Care - Athelstan - Bodmin13-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - Blackwood - Camborne16-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - Cedar Grange13-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - Chyvarhas - Callington16-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - Headlands13-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - Mountford - Truro16-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - Penberthy13-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - Pengover - Liskeard16-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - Redannick - Truro16-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - St. Breock - Wadebridge16-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - St. Hilary - Bude16-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - St. Martins - Camborne16-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - The Green - Redruth16-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - Trengrouse - Helston16-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - Trevarna - St. Austell16-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - Trevern - Falmouth16-Jan-12
Cornwall Care - Woodland - St. Austel16-Jan-12
Cornwall Community Accountancy Service26-Oct-12
Corpus Christi - Henfield19-Jan-10
Corrymeela Community - Ballycastle27-Feb-12
Corrymeela Community - Head Office01-Sep-03
Corrymeela Community - Knocklayd Retreat Centre27-Feb-12
Cosgrove Care28-May-05
Cosgrove St Peter and St Paul23-Apr-12
Cosmic Designs12-Sep-11
Cotterstock St Andrew23-Apr-12
Cottesbrooke All Saints23-Apr-12
Cottesmore St Mary's Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
Cottesmore, Barrow and Burley St Nicholas23-Apr-12
Cottingham St Mary Magdalene23-Apr-12
Counselling and Family Centre17-Jul-08
Country Trust26-Jan-05
Countryside Education Trust13-Jun-05
Countryside Learning13-Jan-05
Courteenhall St Peter and St Paul23-Apr-12
Coventry Law Centre11-Jun-09
Coventry Refugee & Migrant Centre27-Jan-05
Coventry West Indian Indian Centre10-Jun-05
CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society)20-Dec-06
Craignish Village Hall06-Dec-04
Cranbrook Residents' Association 29-Oct-12
Cranfold Job Seekers Club 04-Apr-11
Cranford St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Cranleigh Arts Centre Limited03-Jan-13
Cransley St Andrew23-Apr-12
Crawley Baptist Church11-Feb-08
Crazy Hats Breast Cancer Appeal24-Jun-10
Creative & Supportive Trust 08-Dec-11
Crew 2000 (Scotland)18-Oct-12
Crick St Margaret23-Apr-12
Cross-Cultural Services - Marion Knell11-Feb-08
Crossroads Care Cambridgeshire19-Dec-05
Crossroads Care West London22-Dec-11
Crossroads Caring for Carers IOM24-Jun-10
Crossways Community27-Sep-12
Croughton All Saints23-Apr-12
Croydon Neighbourhood Care17-Apr-13
Cruse Bereavement Care - South West Surrey30-Mar-11
Cuba Para Cristo28-Jun-16
Cuiken House21-Mar-12
Culworth St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Cumbria Community Transport - Head Office20-Dec-11
Custom House & Canning Town Community Renewal Project03-Jan-12
CVA Torbay19-Jan-05
CVS Cheshire East - Head Office25-Oct-11
Cynon Taf Community Housing Group 21-Apr-11
Dacorum Sports Trust - Hemel Hempstead15-Sep-04
DAI UK16-Jan-07
Dallington St Mary23-Apr-12
Dame Hannah Rogers School - Hannah's at Ivybridge14-Jun-05
Dame Hannah Rogers Trust19-Feb-15
Dance House17-Dec-04
Dance Woking25-Feb-16
Dartmoor Activity Centre02-Dec-18
Daventry Holy Cross23-Apr-12
Daylight Christian Prison Trust17-Oct-16
Deaf Parents Deaf Children 03-Jan-13
deafPLUS - Head Office29-Mar-11
DEMAND: Design & Manufacture for Disability - Head Office01-Oct-03
Dementia Concern - Head Office09-Jun-05
Denford Holy Trinity23-Apr-12
Dental Wellness Trust 03-Jan-13
Denton St Margaret23-Apr-12
Derby Counselling Centre26-Aug-10
Derbyshire LGBT + Limited09-Jun-05
Derbyshire Positive Support19-Aug-08
Desborough St Giles23-Apr-12
Detention Advice Service22-Jul-13
Dimensions - Head Office04-Jul-04
Dingley All Saints23-Apr-12
Dingwall Primary School Parents Association20-Apr-05
Diocese of Arundel and Brighton08-Aug-05
Diocese of Arundel and Brighton Christian Education Centre 19-Jan-10
Diocese of Peterborough - Board of Finance01-Feb-08
Diocese of Salisbury16-Aug-05
Diocese of Sheffield10-Jun-04
Diocese of Westminster - Diocese Office25-Jul-05
Directory of Social Change - London21-Jun-05
Disabilities Trust - Head Office13-Dec-04
Disability Essex 06-Aug-10
Disability Solutions - West Midlands25-Nov-09
Disability Works Community Interest Company08-Nov-11
Disaster Emergency Response Team 08-Oct-12
Discover Children's Story Centre25-Jan-05
Diseworth Village Hall03-Dec-11
Diverse Abilities 30-Apr-10
Diversity Role Models09-Aug-13
DNA Leadership Training06-Dec-16
Doddiscombsleigh Art Show08-Dec-10
Dodford St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Dog Assistance in Disability04-Sep-12
Dogs Best Friend28-Aug-12
Dolphin Square Foundation 04-Dec-12
Dominica UK Assocation11-Jun-05
Donas Trust13-Jun-05
Donnington Doorstep Family Centre30-Sep-09
Dorothy's Well Project Tanzania18-Oct-12
Dorset Dog Re-homing14-Mar-13
Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre 21-Feb-13
Dove Cottage Day Hospice02-Nov-10
Down's Heart Group22-Jul-13
Downside Fisher Youth Club17-Dec-04
Dr.Williams Trust18-Sep-03
Draughton St Catherine23-Apr-12
Drayton Grange Community Association10-Jun-05
Dream It Believe It Achieve It22-Aug-13
Duchess of Kent Hospice15-Dec-04
Duddington St Mary23-Apr-12
Dulwich Helpline & Southwark Churches Care09-Jun-05
Dulwich Picture Gallery09-Jun-05
Dundee Family Group Conference Service21-Mar-12
Dundee Supporting Families21-Mar-12
Dundee Voluntary Action04-Jul-03
Dunfield House27-Jun-11
Duston St Luke & St Francis23-Apr-12
Dyfodol Powys Futures20-Dec-11
Dyscover Limited - Head Office16-May-11
Dyslexia Association of Bexley Bromley Greenwich & Lewisham08-Sep-08
Dyslexia House Association13-Dec-04
Dystonia Society24-Mar-06
E13 Learning Community Limited03-Jan-13
Ealing Community and Voluntary Service04-Feb-09
Earls Barton All Saints23-Apr-12
East African Ministries Trust02-Nov-06
East African Playgrounds 17-Jan-13
East Barnet Baptist Church (Friend in Need Community Centre)26-Jan-05
East Carlton St Peter23-Apr-12
East Durham Community Transport03-Feb-05
East Farleigh Pre-School29-Sep-05
East Farndon St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
East Grinstead Sports Club Limited05-Aug-03
East Haddon & Holdenby St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
East Ham Bangladeshi Islamic Community Trust 23-Mar-10
East Midlands Christian Fellowships06-Mar-09
Easton Maudit St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Easton Neston St Mary23-Apr-12
Easton on the Hill All Saints23-Apr-12
Eccleshall Cricket Club20-Feb-19
Eccleston Old Peoples Welfare Committee08-Mar-11
ECHO International Health Services02-Nov-06
Echoes International02-Nov-06
ECOarcmarine 15-Jan-13
Ecosys Environmental Management & Education23-May-07
Ecton St Mary Magdalene23-Apr-12
EDAS Foundation05-Jul-05
Edgcote St James23-Apr-12
Edith Weston St Mary23-Apr-12
Egleton St Edmund23-Apr-12
Elam Ministries, UK02-Nov-06
Elfrida Rathbone Camden13-Jan-05
Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance03-May-17
Elim Pentecostal Church14-Dec-04
Elimination of Leukaemia Fund (ELF)17-Jul-12
Elizabeth Finn Care04-Aug-03
Elizabeth Finn Care - Colehaven Cottages01-Feb-11
Elizabeth Finn Care - Eversfield01-Feb-11
Elizabeth Finn Care - Grove Court01-Feb-11
Elizabeth Finn Care - Halliwell01-Feb-11
Elizabeth Finn Care - Hampden House01-Feb-11
Elizabeth Finn Care - Merlewood01-Feb-11
Elizabeth Finn Care - Rashwood01-Feb-11
Elizabeth Finn Care - Rush Court01-Feb-11
Elizabeth Finn Care - The Cotswold Home01-Feb-11
Elizabeth Finn Care - The Lodge01-Feb-11
Elizabeth Fitzroy - Support04-Dec-02
Elizabeth Fitzroy - East Regional Office11-Jan-12
Elizabeth Fitzroy - South Regional Office11-Jan-12
Elizabeth Fitzroy - West Regional Office11-Jan-12
Ellel Ministries International - Ellel Grange02-Nov-06
EllenorLions Hospices - Head Office12-Dec-08
Elmfield Church11-Nov-09
Elvanfoot Development Trust Limited 10-Jul-12
Emerge Poverty Free 17-Oct-08
Emmanuel Baptist Church, Gravesend11-Feb-08
Emmanuel Church, Northwood11-Feb-08
Emmanuel Community Church11-Feb-08
Emmanuel Community Church06-Dec-04
Emmanuel International UK02-Nov-06
EMMS International02-Nov-06
Empingham St Peter23-Apr-12
Encourgae International11-Feb-08
Endometriosis UK09-Jul-12
Enfield Asian Welfare Association10-Jun-05
Enfield Parents & Children02-Sep-16
En-Form (Colchester's Environment Centre)01-Feb-05
Engage Youth Empowerment Services (EYES)30-Oct-12
Engineering Ministries International UK21-Jul-09
English Martyrs - Goring-by-Sea18-Jan-10
English Martyrs - Horley19-Jan-10
English Martyrs Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
English Springer Spaniel Welfare12-Nov-09
Enham Skills - Hampshire14-May-12
Enham Trust06-Jun-05
Enham Trust - Broadway House14-May-12
Enham Trust - Charity Shop14-May-12
Enham Trust - Direct Payments and Support Service14-May-12
Enham Trust - Learning and Working14-May-12
Enham Trust - Mount Industries 14-May-12
Enham Trust - Nurseries14-May-12
Enham Trust - Plymouth14-May-12
Enrych (Ryder-Cheshire Volunteers) - Head Office14-Jun-05
Environment Trust - Richmond upon Thames 08-Dec-11
Environmental Investigation Agency Trust06-Dec-04
Environmental Protection UK21-Aug-03
Envision - Birmingham16-May-12
Envision - Bristol16-May-12
Envision - London09-Sep-08
Eothen Homes - Gosforth12-Nov-10
Eothen Homes - Head Office17-Jun-03
Eothen Homes - Sutton12-Nov-10
Eothen Homes - Whitley Bay12-Nov-10
Epilepsy Outlook24-Feb-16
Epilepsy Research UK23-Feb-05
Epilepsy Society (National Society for Epilepsy)01-Apr-03
Eric Liddell Centre20-Jun-08
Erskine Hospital30-Jun-04
ESCAYP 21-Feb-13
Essendine St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Essex & Herts Air Ambulance16-May-05
Essex Coalition of Disabled People14-Apr-09
Eternal Benefits06-Sep-04
Eton College07-Dec-05
Etton St Stephen 23-Apr-12
Eurasia Education Foundation02-Nov-06
Eureka! The National Children's Museum10-Feb-10
European Christian Mission02-Nov-06
European League of Stuttering Associaitions19-Dec-05
Evenley St George23-Apr-12
Everdon St Mary23-Apr-12
Everest 15-Jan-13
Every Nation London30-Apr-08
Excellent Development11-Apr-05
Exeter Diocesan Board of Finance Limited02-Aug-05
Exmouth Museum25-May-16
Exton with Horn St Peter and St Paul23-Apr-12
Extracare Charitable Trust26-Nov-02
Extracare Charitable Trust - Beacon Park Village11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Berryhill Village11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Broadway Gardens11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Brunel Court11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Brunswick Gardens11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Bushfield Court11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Camoys Court11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Hagley Road Village11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Humber Court11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Imperial Court11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - James Beattie House11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Lark Hill Village11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Lovat Fields Village11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - New Oscott Village11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Pannel Croft Village11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Princethorpe Court11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Reeve Court Village11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Rosewood Court11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - School Court11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Seagrave Court11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Shenley Wood Village11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - St Crispin Village11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - St Oswald's Village11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Sunley Court11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Terryspring Court11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - The Rose Garden11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Verona Court11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Willowbrook11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust - Yates Court11-Jan-12
Extracare Charitable Trust -St Dominic's Court11-Jan-12
Eydon St Nicholas23-Apr-12
Eye St Matthew23-Apr-12
Ezer Leyoldos 09-Jul-12
FACES Bedford28-Oct-14
Facial Palsy UK09-Apr-14
Facing the World02-Aug-12
Fair Mobility01-Feb-11
Fairfield Independent Hospital12-Oct-09
Fairtrade Foundation15-Dec-04
Faith in Families18-Feb-05
Faith Mission Bible College02-Nov-06
Faithworks Wessex02-Jul-12
Families Need Fathers07-Nov-11
Family Doctor Association24-Jun-10
Family Support - Clacton29-Jul-10
Farnham Baptist Church11-Feb-08
Farnham Caste08-Mar-04
Farthinghoe St Michael & All Angels23-Apr-12
Farthingstone St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Fawsley St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Feba Radio02-Nov-06
Federation of Refugees from Vietnam in Lewisham (FORVIL)07-Jan-13
Feed My Lambs Children's Ministry02-Jan-12
Fellowship of Faith for Muslims02-Nov-06
Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches27-Sep-12
Field Lane Foundation - Care and Support Agency (Southend)12-Jul-12
Field Lane Foundation - Ailsa Road12-Jul-12
Field Lane Foundation - Ashdown Close12-Jul-12
Field Lane Foundation - Badgers12-Jul-12
Field Lane Foundation - Boston Avenue12-Jul-12
Field Lane Foundation - Care and Support Agency (Reigate)12-Jul-12
Field Lane Foundation - Court Lodge12-Jul-12
Field Lane Foundation - Dovers12-Jul-12
Field Lane Foundation - Head Office21-Nov-07
Field Lane Foundation - The Priory12-Jul-12
Field Lane Foundation - Training Services12-Jul-12
Field Lane Foundation - Westmead Drive12-Jul-12
Fife Folk Museum Trust25-Mar-10
Find Your Feet 31-Jul-12
Findhorn Foundation02-Feb-09
Findhorn Foundation College02-Mar-09
Finedon St Mary the Virgin 23-Apr-12
Finnish Lutheran Mission02-Nov-06
Fircroft College09-Dec-05
Fire Support Network10-Mar-05
First College Lincs (Head Office)02-Jun-03
Firthfields Community Association25-Jul-05
Flame Community Church11-Feb-08
Flintshire Disability Forum 19-Nov-12
Flore All Saints23-Apr-12
Focus Birmingham11-Jan-05
Focus Radio02-Nov-06
Folkestone Rainbow Centre26-Jan-05
Fonic Trust02-Nov-06
Food for the Hungry UK02-Nov-06
Foodskills Limited24-Jun-10
Footprint Trust08-Feb-05
For the Love of Harley20-Feb-14
For Theophilus05-May-11
Foresight North East Lincolnshire23-Mar-10
Forest Row Youth & Community Company Limited02-Oct-12
Forth Valley Advocacy27-Nov-13
Forum for the Future - Head Office24-Mar-05
Forum Trust Limited30-Sep-05
Forward Living07-Sep-06
Fotheringhay St Mary the Virgin and All Saints23-Apr-12
Foundation East27-Oct-06
Foundation for Liver Research28-Jul-11
Fountain Centre09-Apr-14
Four Paws Animal Rescue South Wales13-Jan-19
Four Square (Scotland)29-Sep-06
Freedom from Torture - Head Office (Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture)18-Jul-07
Freedom Matters 17-Jan-13
Frenchfield Sports Centre19-Jul-12
Fresh Start Consultancy13-Nov-12
Freshwinds 23-Apr-14
Friend Finder Official 18-Jun-18
Friends in Action International27-Aug-10
Friends International02-Nov-06
Friends of Bradway Community Hall18-Nov-04
Friends of Bristol Horses Society08-Nov-05
Friends of Cranmer House11-Jun-05
Friends of Gayle Mill17-Sep-12
Friends of Hopwood Park11-Feb-18
Friends of IEM (UK)02-Nov-06
Friends of Lough Derg25-Feb-05
Friends of North Tawton School16-Jun-05
Friends of the Elderly - Among Friends Wichenford04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Bernard Sunley04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Bernard Sunley04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Bradbury Court04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Davenham04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Day Care in Wallington04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Friends at Home Malvern04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Friends at Home Sutton04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Friends at Home Woking04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Howbury Lodge Day Centre04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Kidderminster Day Care04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Little Bramingham Farm04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Moor House04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - New Copford Place04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Orford House04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Perrins House04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Redcot04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Sherwood House04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Sir Thomas Lipton04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - The Lawn04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - The Old Vicarage04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Visiting Friends West Elmridge04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Woodcote Grove House04-Jul-12
Friends of the Elderly - Head Office04-Jul-04
Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum15-Jul-10
Friends Therapeutic Community Trust13-Dec-04
Friends4Families 17-Jul-12
Frimley Fuel Allotments CIO 11-Apr-17
Frontiers Charitable Trust18-Sep-19
Frontiers International Ministries (Hope Consultants international)05-Sep-07
Frontline Trust17-Dec-04
Fry Housing Trust19-Dec-05
Fulani Ministries02-Nov-06
Fundamental Limited05-Jul-05
Furlock Holmes Animal Care10-Jan-19
Furness Mental Health Trust28-Jan-15
Furness Multiple Schlerosis Society07-Dec-05
Furniture Recycling Project - Training Centre28-Aug-03
Future 04-Dec-12
Gainsborough Adventure Playground17-Feb-05
GAP International02-Nov-06
Garston Urban Village Hall Limited31-Mar-05
Gartmore House11-Feb-19
Garwood Foundation - Bramley Hill20-Jan-12
Gateshead Access Panel28-Jan-05
GAVCA in Gloucester07-Dec-04
Gayton St Mary23-Apr-12
Geddington St Mary Magdalene23-Apr-12
Gender Action UK17-Dec-13
General Assembly of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches29-Oct-12
Generation for Change & Development22-Jul-13
Genesis Family Entertainment Centre06-Dec-04
Genesis Pre-School28-Aug-12
Genesis Trust27-Jun-05
Get Connected24-Jun-04
GFA World 01-Feb-08
GFS Platform17-Jun-08
Gifted & Talented Children in Europe14-Mar-13
Gingerbread - Head Office26-Jan-05
Gingerbread Corner24-Dec-04
Girlguiding UK - Commonwealth Headquarters15-Apr-08
Girlguiding UK - Guildford 30-Mar-11
Girlguiding UK - Waddow Hall05-Jan-11
GISDA Cyf24-May-17
Glapthorn St Leonard23-Apr-12
Glasgow Supporting Families21-Mar-12
Glaston St Andrew23-Apr-12
Glenkens Community & Arts Trust Ltd. (The Catstrand) 18-Apr-11
Glenwood Church11-Feb-08
Glinton St Benedict23-Apr-12
Global Action Plan UK05-Nov-04
Global Care11-Nov-09
Global Connections23-Apr-03
Global Outreach UK02-Nov-06
Gloucester Law Centre26-Jan-05
Gloucestershire Action for Refugees & Asylum Seekers18-Apr-02
Gloucestershire Arthritis Trust20-Apr-07
Gloucestershire Council for Voluntary Youth Services22-Jul-05
Godisa Technologies Trust28-Apr-06
Gold Hill Baptist Church12-Nov-09
Golden Buddha Centre28-May-05
Golden Opportunity Youth Association21-Feb-05
Golden Valley Church, Gloucester02-Nov-06
Goldsmiths Community Association13-Nov-12
Good 4 You24-Jun-10
Goods for Good22-Jul-16
Goodwill Social Work Centre23-Feb-05
Gorakhpur Nurseries Fellowship02-Nov-06
Gorse Covert Community Association21-Aug-03
Gorseinon Devlopment Trust09-Aug-10
Gospel Literature Outreach (GLO)05-Oct-11
Gospel Printing Mission02-Nov-06
Grace Community Church01-Dec-06
Grace Food Bank Sheffield31-Aug-12
Grace to Grace International Centre09-Mar-10
Grafton Regis St Mary23-Apr-12
Grafton Underwood St James the Apostle23-Apr-12
Grampian Regional Equality Council Limited11-Jun-11
Grand Union Vineyard Church23-Sep-04
Grange Centre05-Aug-03
Grange Park Church Plant23-Apr-12
Grange Welfare Association02-Jun-05
Grassington Hub31-Aug-11
Gratis-Christi Trust 13-Nov-12
Great & Little Billing St Andrew & All Saints23-Apr-12
Great & Little Oakley St Michael23-Apr-12
Great Addington All Saints23-Apr-12
Great Ayton Discovery Centre 13-Nov-12
Great Casterton St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Great Creaton St Michael & All Angels23-Apr-12
Great Doddington St Nicholas23-Apr-12
Great Harrowden All Saints23-Apr-12
Great Houghton St Mary23-Apr-12
Great Parndon Community Association23-Feb-05
Greater London Middlesex West Scout Council, Paccar Scout Camp21-Dec-10
Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation08-Dec-08
Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit25-Jan-07
Greatworth St Peter23-Apr-12
Green Alliance03-Aug-10
Green Office12-May-05
Green Pastures21-Jul-09
Greenhouse Charity16-Jun-14
Greenock Arts Guild Limited30-Jun-11
Greens Norton St Bartholomew23-Apr-12
Greetham St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Grendon St Mary23-Apr-12
Grenoside Community Association29-Jul-16
Gretton St James the Great23-Apr-12
Greyfriars Church, Reading11-Feb-08
Ground Floor Project10-Jun-05
Groundwork - Blackpool 11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Blanford11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Bournemouth 11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Bridgend and Neath and Port Talbot11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Bristol11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Bury & Bolton11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Caerphilly11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Central Office Bishop Auckland11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Cheshire11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Coventry, Warwickshire & Solihull11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Creswell, Ashfield & Mansfield11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Cumbria11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Darlington Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Dearne Valley11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Derby & Derbyshire11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Durham City Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Durham North Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Ealing11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Easington Office (East Durham)11-Jul-12
Groundwork - East Midlands 11-Jul-12
Groundwork - East of England11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Exeter11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Gateshead Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Hertfordshire11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Hull11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Islington11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Kent & Medway Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Launceston 11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Leicester & Leicestershire11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Lincolnshire11-Jul-12
Groundwork - London11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Manchester, Salford, Stockport, Tameside & Trafford11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Merseyside11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Middlesbrough Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Middleton Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Newcastle & South Tyneside Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Newham11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Newton Aycliffe Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - North Northamptonshire11-Jul-12
Groundwork - North Wales - Wrexham Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - North Yorkshire11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Northern Ireland (Belfast Office)11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Northern Ireland (North West Office)11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Northern Ireland (South West Office)11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Northumberland Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Oldham & Rochdale11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Pennine Lancashire11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Plymouth11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Preston11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Saltash Pilgrim Pitch Saltmill11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Scarborough Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Sheffield11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Solent Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - South Essex11-Jul-12
Groundwork - St Austell11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Stoke & Staffordshire 11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Suffolk11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Swindon11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Tees Barrage Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Thames Valley11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Torbay11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Truro 11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Tyne & Wear Office11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Wales11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Waterloo11-Jul-12
Groundwork - West Midlands30-Jun-05
Groundwork - Weymouth11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Wigan11-Jul-12
Groundwork - Yorkshire & The Humber13-Dec-10
Groundwork UK - Head Office11-Jul-12
Group B Strep Support01-Oct-04
Guide Association, London and South East Region (Known as Girlguiding, LaSER) 17-Aug-15
Guideposts Trust05-Dec-08
Guildford Baptist Church11-Feb-08
Guilsborough w Hollowell St Etheldreda23-Apr-12
Gui-Patrick Foundation 03-Jan-13
Gunnerside Village Hall27-Jun-05
Gwellheans Limited22-Aug-03
Gwynedd & Anglesey Asperger & Autism Support Group 29-Sep-11
Hackney Marsh Partnership01-May-09
Haggai Institute02-Nov-06
Haileybury & Imperial Service College22-Jan-08
Ham & Petersham SOS 17-Jan-13
Hambleton St Andrew23-Apr-12
Hammerson House27-Feb-06
Hampshire Avenue Methodist Church13-Feb-12
Hampshire Council for Voluntary Service - OneCommunity05-Aug-10
Hampshire Council for Voluntary Service - Community Action Fareham30-Sep-10
Hampshire Family Mediation17-Jun-05
Hampshire Search and Rescue04-Oct-16
Hampton on Thames Community Association 29-Nov-12
Hannington St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association12-Aug-11
Happy Days Children's Charity01-Oct-03
Harborne Baptist Church, Birmingham09-Mar-10
Hardingstone St Edmund23-Apr-12
Hardwick St Leonard23-Apr-12
Hargrave All Hallows23-Apr-12
Harlestone St Andrew23-Apr-12
Harpole All Saints23-Apr-12
Harrias House29-Sep-05
Harrington St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Harringworth St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Harris HospisCare with St Christopher's Hospice25-Jul-07
Harrogate International Festival24-Mar-05
Hartwell St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Harv Outreach Team19-Dec-11
Harvest Trust Holidays for Children25-Jan-05
Haselbech St Michael23-Apr-12
Havant Area Disability Access Group08-Oct-13
Havant Council of Community Service - Head Office02-May-08
Havenpoint Limited10-Jun-05
HBG members22-Aug-11
Headway - Guernsey13-Jul-12
Headway - Ballymena13-Jul-12
Headway - Bedford13-Jul-12
Headway - Belfast13-Jul-12
Headway - Blackburn with Darwen19-Jul-12
Headway - Blackpool19-Jul-12
Headway - Bridgend & District31-Jul-12
Headway - Burnley & Pendle19-Jul-12
Headway - Cambridgeshire13-Jul-12
Headway - Central Northumberland13-Jul-12
Headway - Cumbria19-Jul-12
Headway - Derby13-Jul-12
Headway - Durham & Chester-le-Street13-Jul-12
Headway - East London13-Jul-12
Headway - East Northants13-Jul-12
Headway - Ennisrone13-Jul-12
Headway - Essex - Community Support Service06-Aug-10
Headway - Foyle13-Jul-12
Headway - Gateshead & South Tyneside13-Jul-12
Headway - Halton & St Helens19-Jul-12
Headway - Head Office03-Mar-08
Headway - Hertfordshire13-Jul-12
Headway - Highland26-Jul-12
Headway - Hurstwood Park13-Oct-09
Headway - Ipswich & East Suffolk13-Jul-12
Headway - Jersey13-Jul-12
Headway - Lancaster & Morecambe Bay19-Jul-12
Headway - Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland13-Jul-12
Headway - Lincolnshire13-Jul-12
Headway - Luton13-Jul-12
Headway - Newcastle & North Tyneside13-Jul-12
Headway - Newry13-Jul-12
Headway - Norfolk & Waveney - Goreleston02-Jun-03
Headway - North Derbyshire13-Jul-12
Headway - North Lanarkshire26-Jul-12
Headway - North London13-Jul-12
Headway - North Northumberland13-Jul-12
Headway - North West London13-Jul-12
Headway - Northampton13-Jul-12
Headway - Nottingham13-Jul-12
Headway - Perth & Kinross26-Jul-12
Headway - Preston & Chorley19-Jul-12
Headway - Somerset04-Jan-08
Headway - South East London/North West Kent13-Jul-12
Headway - South West London13-Jul-12
Headway - Teesside13-Jul-12
Headway - Tynedale13-Jul-12
Headway - Wearside13-Jul-12
Headway - West London13-Jul-12
Headway - West Suffolk13-Jul-12
Health NEWS Mobile 12-Dec-11
Healthy Living Projects28-Jul-05
Hearing Link - Head Office28-May-05
Heart of the Father02-Nov-06
Heathervale Baptist Church18-Jun-10
Heelands Rangers FC28-Aug-12
Heeley City Farm16-Jun-10
Hellidon St John Baptist23-Apr-12
Helmdon w Stuchbury and Radstone St Mary Magdalene23-Apr-12
Help Counselling Centre01-Mar-16
Help Hikkaduwa Strays18-Feb-15
Help Musicians UK (Musicians Benevolent Fund)04-May-10
Help the Needy Charitable Trust 28-Jun-11
Helpston St Botolph23-Apr-12
Hemington St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Henry Martyn Centre02-Nov-06
Henry Smith Charity24-Oct-06
Herb Society30-Jun-05
Hereford Hospital Radio28-Apr-05
Herefordshire People's Advocacy ( peoples Union)06-Dec-04
Heritage Care21-May-03
Heritage Care - Bourne26-Jan-12
Heritage Care - Dorothy Terry26-Jan-12
Heritage Care - Gardenia House26-Jan-12
Heritage Care - Grantham26-Jan-12
Heritage Care - Hazlemere Lodge26-Jan-12
Heritage Care - Holmers House26-Jan-12
Heritage Care - Leicester26-Jan-12
Heritage Care - Millbank26-Jan-12
Heritage Care - Peppercorn House26-Jan-12
Heritage Care - St Audreys26-Jan-12
Heritage Care - Swan House26-Jan-12
Heritage Care - The Chestnuts26-Jan-12
Heritage Care - The Croft26-Jan-12
Hermitage FM21-Mar-14
Herriot Hospice Homecare21-Jul-05
Hertfordshire Action on Disability20-May-03
Hertfordshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre28-Apr-03
Herts Aid18-Oct-12
Hessle Road Network04-Jul-03
Heyford St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
HFT - Anglian11-Jul-12
HFT - Arden Vale11-Jul-12
HFT - Avon11-Jul-12
HFT - Bradford11-Jul-12
HFT - Cheshire and Wirral11-Jul-12
HFT - Devon 11-Jul-12
HFT - Gloucestershire11-Jul-12
HFT - Head Office11-Nov-05
HFT - Kent11-Jul-12
HFT - Kingston11-Jul-12
HFT - Leeds11-Jul-12
HFT - North Cornwall11-Jul-12
HFT - North of England11-Jul-12
HFT - North Oxfordshire11-Jul-12
HFT - Sheffield and Derbyshire11-Jul-12
HFT - South Cornwal11-Jul-12
HFT - South East of England11-Jul-12
HFT - South Oxfordshire11-Jul-12
Hft Head Office (Cottage & Rural Enterprises Limited)23-Apr-03
High Peak Community Arts19-Feb-13
High Peak Nightstop13-Dec-04
High/Scope GB05-Oct-04
Higham Ferrers St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Highlands Hotel12-Nov-09
Highway Projects01-Feb-08
Hindu Cultural & Heritage Centre Limited29-Jul-10
Hinton-in-the-Hedges w Steane The Most Holy Trinity & Steane St Peter23-Apr-12
Hinxton Hall Limited17-May-06
Hoddesdon Baptist Church11-Feb-08
Hoffmann Foundation for Autism - Head Office09-Feb-04
Holcot St Mary & All Saints23-Apr-12
Holly Bank Trust29-Jan-07
Holy Rood - Pevensey Bay19-Jan-10
Home Leone28-Jun-16
Homeless Link28-Jul-03
Home-Start UK - North Dorset10-Mar-15
Home-Start UK - York05-Sep-19
Home-Start-UK - Head Office17-May-12
Hope and Aid Direct07-Aug-12
Hope and Chance06-Sep-12
Hope Christian Centre06-Oct-10
Hope Community Services - Head Office23-Jun-08
Hope Housing Training & Support Limited12-Nov-13
Hope into Action - East of England21-Jan-15
Horns Drove Community Pre-School13-Jun-07
Hospice of the Valleys20-May-03
Hospital & Prison Ministries17-Jul-12
Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth28-May-05
Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God - Bradford26-Mar-07
Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God - Head Office16-May-07
House of St Barnabas-in-Soho17-Feb-05
Housing Justice23-Oct-06
Hoxton Health07-Nov-11
Hoylake Cottage Hospital Trust Limited14-Jun-05
HRE CIC04-Nov-14
Huddersfield Community Trust09-Apr-13
Hull & East Riding Institute for the Blind20-May-05
Hull & East Yorkshire Community Foundation Limited23-Mar-10
Hull Jewish Community Care01-Dec-03
Hult International Business School06-Dec-04
Humankind - Accident and Emergency Alcohol Link Worker10-May-12
Humankind - Action Towards Inclusion10-May-12
Humankind - Action Towards Inclusion - Harrogate 10-May-12
Humankind - Barnsley Recovery Steps10-May-12
Humankind - Bradford no second night out10-May-12
Humankind - Calderdale Recovery Steps - Halifax 10-May-12
Humankind - Challenging Youth Racism10-May-12
Humankind - County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service10-May-12
Humankind - County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service10-May-12
Humankind - County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service - Bishop Auckland10-May-12
Humankind - Cumbria Offender Services 10-May-12
Humankind - Darlington Intensive Mental Health Floating Support and Housing Advice10-May-12
Humankind - DOORS10-May-12
Humankind - Head Office23-Dec-08
Humankind - Sheffield Recovery Focused Accommodation10-May-12
Humankind - South Tyneside Adult Recovery Service10-May-12
Humankind - Step Forward Tees Valley10-May-12
Humankind - Sunderland Integrated Substance Misuse Service10-May-12
Humankind - Sunderland Integrated Substance Misuse Service10-May-12
Humankind - West Yorkshire-Finding Independence 10-May-12
Humberstone Carnival23-May-11
Hunts Forum of Voluntary Organisations29-Oct-12
Hurstpierpoint College09-Feb-07
Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Domestic Violence Team21-Mar-05
I Can - Dawn House School03-Jul-08
ICASAC (International Congo Aid - Smile African Children22-Jul-13
Ichthus Christian Fellowship02-Nov-06
ICIS (Information for Life)01-Mar-05
iGO eBooks09-Jul-13
Ilderton Foundation04-Mar-09
Illyrian Gospel Trust21-Jul-09
Imaan 15-Jan-13
Immigration Advisory Service - Liverpool20-Apr-06
Imperial College Health Charity02-Jun-04
Includes Us 227-Sep-17
Inclusion London 17-Sep-12
Independent Age - Head Office03-Sep-03
Independent IAG14-Mar-13
Indo-British Trade Council 17-Jan-13
Innovative Vision Organisation21-Sep-16
Inspiration for Life 15-Jan-13
Inspiring Grace 31-Jan-16
Instant Neighbour Charity Aberdeen01-Apr-04
Institute of Contemporary Arts15-Nov-07
Institute of Family Therapy30-Jun-05
Institute of Optometry10-Jun-05
Integrate (Preston and Chorley) Limited15-May-13
Intercontinental Church Society02-Nov-06
Intercultural Arts25-Sep-12
Inter-Faith Chapels - Gatwick Airport18-Jan-10
Interights (The International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights)27-Jun-05
International Association of Hydrogeologists29-Jan-09
International Children's Care UK (ICC UK)14-Dec-04
International Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan (ICRAA)18-Jan-14
International Fellowship of Evangelist Students Trust02-Nov-06
International HIV Aids Alliance30-Apr-12
International Miners' Mission02-Nov-06
International Needs02-Nov-06
International Nepal Fellowship02-Nov-06
International Otter Survival Fund05-Jul-12
International Teams02-Nov-06
Interserve England and Wales02-Nov-06
Interserve Ireland02-Nov-06
Interserve Scotland02-Nov-06
Ipswich Housing Action Group18-Sep-03
Irchester St Katharine23-Apr-12
Irish Chaplaincy in Britain28-Nov-11
Irthlingborough St Peter23-Apr-12
Isham St Peter23-Apr-12
iSight Cornwall22-Sep-15
Islamic Aid21-Mar-05
Islamic Relief Worldwide - Birmingham Office13-Jan-15
Island Stars 12-Dec-11
Islip St Nicholas23-Apr-12
I-Touches 08-Aug-17
It's Good 2 Give18-Oct-12
James Hopkins Trust14-Jul-03
Janz Team UK/TeachBeyond02-Nov-06
Japan Christian Link02-Nov-06
Japan Society10-Jun-05
Jeely Piece Club22-Feb-12
Jeely Piece Club Nursery14-Mar-12
Jeffrey Harrison Visitor Centre (Sevenoaks)16-Jul-12
Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy09-Dec-03
Jerry Green Dog Rescue26-Apr-18
Jewish Care Scotland22-Apr-03
Jews For Jesus02-Nov-06
Jian Hua Foundation02-Nov-06
Jigsaw Furniture Project22-Aug-03
Jigsaw Visitors Centre 24-May-10
John Muir Trust - Head Office20-Jul-10
Jonas Centre13-Jun-05
Jordan Mission25-Sep-12
Joseph Rowntree Foundation - Head Office11-Sep-06
Joseph Rowntree Theatre Limited25-Feb-05
Josie's Dragonfly Trust 15-Jan-13
Journeyman UK 03-Jan-13
Jubilee Hall Trust27-Jun-11
Jubilee House Care Trust01-Jul-05
Juvenile Diabates Research Foundation23-Nov-15
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation05-Oct-15
K9 Search Dogs 17-Jul-12
Kairos Mission11-Feb-08
Karmic Angels UK25-Feb-16
Karoy Foundation29-Jun-10
Karuna Trust18-Jul-11
KCS Coalition31-Aug-16
Keech Hospice Care (Pasque Charity)03-Mar-05
Keep Britain Tidy06-Apr-11
Keighley Furniture Project07-Aug-03
Keith Heart Foundation 10-Jul-12
Kelmarsh St Denys23-Apr-12
Kendra Daniels Association 29-Oct-12
Kent Sports Trust03-Jun-16
Kent Wildlife Trust09-Nov-05
Kenton Evangelical Church11-Feb-08
Kenton Methodist Church13-Feb-12
Kenya Community Support Network (KCSN)24-Feb-16
Kerem Shloime Limited02-Oct-13
Kettering All Saints 23-Apr-12
Kettering Christ the King 23-Apr-12
Kettering St Andrew23-Apr-12
Kettering St Mary the Virgin 23-Apr-12
Kettering St Peter and St Paul 23-Apr-12
Ketton St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Kew Community Trust29-Nov-12
Keystone Development Trust16-Nov-04
Kick It Out20-Mar-13
Kidney Research UK05-Jan-04
Kids - East Midlands (Strut)16-Jul-12
Kids - Finance16-Jul-12
Kids - Fundraising20-Jun-05
Kids - National Development Department16-Jul-12
Kids - National Development Department16-Jul-12
Kids - South East16-Jul-12
Kids - Yorkshire and The Humber16-Jul-12
Kids at School in Nepal28-Aug-12
Kids City (Trojans Scheme)19-Jan-04
Kids VIP (Prison and Advice Care Trust (PACT)26-May-10
Kidsout UK Limited27-Jul-01
Kilmore and Kilbride Public Hall30-Sep-10
Kilsby St Faith23-Apr-12
King David High School10-May-05
King Richard III Visitor Centre Trust08-Apr-15
Kingdom B.E.09-Mar-16
Kingdom Wall Builders Ministry 09-Jul-12
Kings Centre Christian Church, Sheffield11-Feb-08
King's Church15-Jul-05
King's Cliffe All Saints23-Apr-12
Kings Heath St Augustine23-Apr-12
Kings Sutton St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
King's Tennis Club 28-Aug-12
Kingsley Hall Church & Community Centre30-Sep-09
Kingsmeadow Community Flat17-Sep-12
Kingston & District WelCare Association25-Jun-13
Kingston Bereavement Service 08-Dec-11
Kingsway Community Project24-Feb-16
Kingsway Green 15-Sep-11
Kislingbury St Luke23-Apr-12
Kisumu Children Trust30-Apr-08
Kiveton Park and Wales Community Development Trust19-Oct-16
Knowle West Play Centre Limited20-Apr-05
La Leche League GB15-Feb-05
Lactation Consultants of Great Britain15-Jan-14
Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer12-Apr-17
Lakelands Day Care Hospice27-Jun-05
Lambeth Elfrida Rathbone Society11-Feb-11
Lamport w Faxton All Saints23-Apr-12
Lancashire BME Pact Limited06-Jun-06
Lancashire Boys and Girls Clubs04-Jul-13
Lancashire Global Education Centre13-Jun-05
Langham Partnership UK & Ireland02-Nov-06
Langham St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Langley House Trust13-Dec-04
Lantern Community (Sheiling Trust)22-Nov-05
Lapido Media03-Nov-08
Latin America Missions Trust06-Mar-13
Latin Link02-Nov-06
Laxton All Saints23-Apr-12
Le Personne Trust18-Jul-03
League of Jewish Women11-Sep-08
LEAP Sports Scotland 15-Jan-16 (Ltd) - Head Office02-Jun-09
Learning for Life 10-Jul-12
Leeds & District ABC Support Group14-Dec-10
Leeds Play Network 13-Dec-10
Leicester Cathedral17-Jun-05
Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living06-Dec-04
Leisure in Hyndburn - Head Office03-Sep-10
Lench's Trust03-Oct-02
Lench's Trust - Lench's Close11-Jan-12
Lench's Trust - Maas Road11-Jan-12
Lench's Trust - Tanner's Close11-Jan-12
Lench's Trust - William Lench Court11-Jan-12
Lenchwood Trust19-Jun-03
Leonard Cheshire Disability01-Sep-01
Leprosy Mission England and Wales, Channel Islands and Isle of Man02-Nov-06
Leprosy Mission Northern Ireland11-Feb-08
Leprosy Mission Scotland02-Nov-06
Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research23-Aug-12
Lewisham District Scout Council (Frylands Wood Scout Outdoor Centre)14-Oct-11
Lewisham Toy Library15-Oct-14
Leyland United Reformed Church Scout Group21-Dec-10
LGBT Wolverhampton01-Oct-12
Life Brooks International14-Mar-13
Life Changers Church14-Sep-16
Life Church22-Mar-16
Life Church, Folkestone13-Oct-09
Life Church, Peterborough11-Feb-08
Life Cycle UK17-Sep-12
Life Path Trust08-Feb-05
Lifebox Foundation14-Dec-11
LifeChurch Manchester15-Jun-05
Lilbourne All Saints23-Apr-12
Lillian Faithfull Homes - Head Office20-Oct-06
Lin Berwick Trust08-Jun-05
Linkability 20-May-03
Linkage Community Trust - Head Office07-Nov-07
Links International02-Nov-06
Lion of Judah International Christian Ministries29-Jul-11
Litchborough St Martin23-Apr-12
Little Addington St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Little Angel Theatre13-Sep-10
Little Angels Cakes 14-Mar-13
Little Casterton All Saints23-Apr-12
Little Harrowden St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Little Houghton St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Littlehampton & Rustington Housing Society08-Jun-05
Livability - Head Office07-Aug-03
Livebility - Waltham Forest11-Jul-06
Liverpool Broad Green Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses28-May-09
Lizard Outreach Trust24-Jun-10
Llanfaes Community Centre13-Jun-05
Lobe Foundation 30-Aug-12
Locality 05-May-11
Locality (Development Trusts Association)26-Mar-03
Lochboisdale Hotel25-Feb-03
Loddington St Leonard23-Apr-12
Loddon School Company Limited02-Jun-03
Loftus Development Trust19-Jun-03
Lofty Heights Limited14-Sep-12
Lois Weedon w Weston & Plumpton St Mary & St Peter23-Apr-12
London (Royal Holloway) University - Englefield Green19-Jan-10
London Borough Southwark25-Jun-10
London Bubble Theatre 09-Jul-12
London District Provincial Assembly (LPDA)26-Jan-05
London Jewish Girls' High School (Tiferes)07-Mar-16
London Legal Support Trust02-Aug-17
London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard10-Jun-05
London Mathematical Society18-Feb-08
London Mennonite Trust23-Apr-03
London Play25-Jun-03
London School of Theology02-Nov-06
London Welsh Centre Trust30-Nov-12
Long Buckby St Lawrence23-Apr-12
Longthorpe St Botolph23-Apr-12
Lordshill Community Association08-Aug-11
Louth Living Well Project20-Dec-11
Lowedges Community and Safety Forum22-Nov-04
Lowick St Peter23-Apr-12
Lucy Air Ambulance for Children12-Feb-16
Luddington St Margaret23-Apr-12
Luke's Loving Homes 03-Jan-13
Lutton St Peter23-Apr-12
Lyddington St Andrew23-Apr-12
Lyde Green Community Association16-Oct-19
Lydney Early Learners05-Aug-05
Lyndon St Martin23-Apr-12
M25 Housing & Support Group - Doncaster Nightstop (Head Office)08-Mar-10
Magic Attic Archives01-Nov-09
Magnet Centre14-Jul-03
Maharishi Foundation28-Mar-12
Maidford St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Maidwell St Mary23-Apr-12
Maitreya Kadampa Buddhist Centre23-Nov-07
Make-A-Wish Foundation UK29-Aug-03
Making Disciples (Mission Encouragement Trust)02-Nov-06
Making Music03-Mar-09
Making Space - Head Office05-Oct-04
Malden Trust Limited10-Jun-05
Malvern College16-May-05
Malvern Sea Cadets14-Nov-07
Maninplace Estate Limited28-Jan-14
Manor House Trust10-Jan-06
Manorfarm Action Group29-Mar-05
Manton St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Marches Energy Agency20-Jul-05
Marholm St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Marie Curie Cancer Care - Head Office24-Oct-06
Marie Curie Cancer Care - Sudbury Volunteer Group 17-Dec-04
Market Overton St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Market Research Benevolent Association28-May-07
Marston St Lawrence23-Apr-12
Marston Trussell St Nicholas23-Apr-12
Martock Youth Club29-Sep-09
Martock Youth Club 227-Jan-10
Mary Ward Legal Centre18-Jun-03
Mawsley Village Church23-Apr-12
Maxey St Peter23-Apr-12
Mayfield Community Church11-Feb-08
Mayhew Animal Home13-Dec-04
McCauley Riley Appeal 08-Oct-12
Meadowhead Christian Fellowship12-Nov-09
Meadows Muslim Action Group13-Jun-05
Mears Ashby All Saints23-Apr-12
MECO UK & Ireland04-Jun-14
Medaid United Kingdom28-Jul-11
Media Associates International - Europe02-Nov-06
Media Diversity Institute04-Dec-12
Media Trust17-Feb-05
Mediation In Education, Aberdeenshire21-Mar-12
Mediation In Education, Highland21-Mar-12
Medic Assist International21-Jul-09
Medway Council for Voluntary Service25-May-07
Medway Mediation08-Jun-05
Medway Youth Trust - Head Office26-Aug-10
Melton Mowbray Toy Soldiers Marching Display Band27-Jun-05
Member Care04-Dec-08
Memralife Group09-Jun-09
Men Get Eating Disorders Too15-Jan-13
Men In Sheds In Powys (MISIP)03-Feb-16
Mencap - Bromley30-Jun-05
Mencap - Cambridge11-Nov-08
Mencap - Enfield - Head Office24-Jun-10
Mencap - Kirklees22-Jan-09
Mencap - Lambeth24-Jun-10
Mencap - Midlands26-May-09
Mencap - Reigate22-Jan-04
Mencap- Watford16-Nov-10
Mendip Caving Group13-Mar-09
Menier's Society08-Jun-05
Meningitis Trust23-Apr-07
Mental Health Action Group Sheffield17-Sep-12
Mental Wealth Foundation28-Aug-12
Mentoring and Befriending Foundation01-Jul-08
Merland Rise Church12-Nov-09
Mersea Island Community Association12-Aug-05
Merseyaid 08-Apr-18
Merseyside Law Centre (Merseyside Welfare Rights Resource Centre Limited)15-Dec-11
Merseyside Play Action Council20-Oct-08
Merstham Community Facility Trust 23-Mar-18
Merton Voluntary Service Council (MVSC)05-May-11
MERU (Medical Engineering Resource Unit)13-Dec-11
Messianic Testimony02-Nov-06
Metropolitan Housing Trust - Head Office18-Jul-12
Metropolitan Housing Trust - Nottingham Office10-Sep-04
Micah Network 10-Aug-12
Michael Roberts Charitable Trust06-Dec-04
Mid Dorset Mencap Group24-Feb-16
Middle East Christian Outreach02-Nov-06
Middle East Concern04-Sep-08
Middle East Media02-Nov-06
Middleton Cheney All Saints23-Apr-12
Middleton Community Trust22-Aug-16
Midlothian Young Carers Service21-Mar-12
Midstream (West Lancs) Limited23-Jan-06
Migraine Action Association10-Aug-04
Migraine Trust21-Oct-04
Milton Keynes Play Association18-Jan-10
Milton Keynes Theatre and Gallery Company26-Jan-05
Milton Malsor Holy Cross23-Apr-12
Minchinhampton Baptist Church02-Nov-06
Mind - Birmingham05-Aug-10
Mind - Brent30-Oct-07
Mind - Gateshead (Tyneside Mind)26-Jan-05
Mind - Hammersmith & Fulham16-Jun-03
Mind - Head Office03-Feb-11
Mind - Heathside Resource Centre12-Oct-09
Mind - Lambeth13-Nov-12
Mind - Richmond Borough22-Jan-14
Mind - Rural Coffee Caravan Project 01-Feb-05
Mind - Scotland13-Jan-10
Mind - Sevenoaks Area09-Mar-07
Mind - Solihull07-Jun-12
Mind - Taunton & West Somerset03-Oct-03
Ministerio Bendiciendo a las Naciones, Reino Unido12-Nov-09
Miss Teen Africa Foundation14-May-14
Mission & Relief Logistics13-Oct-09
Mission Africa12-Nov-09
Mission Aviation Fellowship02-Nov-06
Mission Direct20-Feb-08
Mission India28-Aug-08
MissionAssist (Wycliffe Associates UK) 02-Nov-06
Mitrofanoff Support 13-Nov-12
Monica Kirk Foundation 19-Feb-13
Montgomeryshire Cat Rescue28-Aug-03
Monty's Community Hub31-Jul-17
Moonlight Trust 21-Feb-13
Moray Rights, Advocacy and Mediation21-Mar-12
Moray Stronger Safer Families21-Mar-12
Morcott St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Moreton Pinkney St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Morlan Centre19-Dec-11
Morning Star Christian Fellowship11-Feb-08
Morpeth Clock Tower Bell Ringers19-May-10
Morriston Orpheus Choir30-Jun-05
Mortlake Community Association29-Nov-12
Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre23-Aug-19
Motability Operations 25-Jan-07
Motiroti 30-Aug-12
Motor Neurone Disease Association25-Mar-03
Moulton St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Mountain View Food Bank Society18-Feb-10
Mountains to Molehills 11-Apr-13
Move More 17-Jan-19
Movember Europe02-Aug-11
Moving on14-Aug-03
MRS Independent Living (Mobile Repair Service)02-Apr-08
MS Action11-Nov-04
MS Family Support 03-Jan-13
Multi-Faith Centre26-Jan-05
Multiple Sclerosis Research & Relief Fund20-May-03
Multiple Sclerosis Society12-Sep-14
Multiple Sclerosis Society - Head Office05-Jul-13
Multiple Sclerosis Society - Merton08-Dec-11
Multiple Sclerosis Society - Redbridge01-Oct-03
Multiple Sclerosis Trust02-Jun-03
Multiple Sclerosis-UK 21-Feb-13
Muntham House School26-Jan-05
Muscular Dystrophy UK24-Jul-12
MusicPlace North-West20-Mar-13
Muslim Hands04-Jul-05
Mutant Mudders 18-Feb-13
My Child01-Mar-11
Myton Church11-Feb-08
Nabir Foundation 18-Feb-13
Nacro Head Office23-Nov-09
Napier Students Association08-Jan-14
Narthex Sparkhill05-Mar-10
Naseby All Saints23-Apr-12
Nassington St Mary the Virgin & All Saints23-Apr-12
National Animal Welfare Trust - Head Office29-Oct-09
National Association for Colitis and Crohn's Disease08-Jun-05
National Association of Child Contact Centres19-Oct-10
National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaus - Newcastle03-Jul-06
National Autistic Society30-Sep-02
National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV)16-Mar-11
National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations14-Jun-05
National Conference of Cancer Self Help Groups01-Mar-11
National Day Nurseries Association - Head Office09-Dec-08
National Deaf Children's Society - Head Office04-Jun-08
National Federation of Music Societies14-May-09
National Institute of Conductive Education14-Jun-05
National Museums & Galleries of Wales14-Jul-05
National Star College for Disabled Youth29-Nov-02
National Voices27-Jan-10
National Youth Choir of Scotland17-Jan-12
Nav Bhartiya Nari Vikas Samiti13-Dec-04
NAYPAC Parents & Tots Group 08-Dec-11
Nazarene Theological College02-Nov-06
Need British Sign Language 08-Jan-13
Needwood Forest Scout Campsite05-Jan-11
Neighbourhood Church Beckenham30-Oct-09
Nelbem Community Based Group31-May-05
Nelson's Journey28-Sep-10
Nepal Development Association12-Oct-11
Neurological Alliance - England31-Mar-05
New Addington Women's Centre 08-Dec-11
New College Worcester14-Jun-05
New Hope Trust27-Jun-05
New Life Christian Centre Tokyngton11-Feb-05
New Life Church07-Jul-05
New Life Church, Durrington11-Feb-08
New Oriel Hall 12-Jul-12
New Tribes Mission Bible & Missionary Training Centre02-Nov-06
Newborough St Bartholomew23-Apr-12
Newbottle w Charlton St James23-Apr-12
Newcastle Council for Voluntary Services08-Feb-05
Newcastle upon Tyne Dog and Cat Shelter18-May-05
Newham African Caribbean Resource Centre07-Feb-07
Newham Community Transport06-Dec-04
Newhampton Arts Centre03-Apr-13
NewLink Wales22-Jul-13
Newnham St Michael & All Angels23-Apr-12
Newton Village Hall22-Jul-13
Nile Swimmers10-Apr-14
No 5 Youth Counselling & Information Service22-Jul-13
No5 Young Peoples Counselling & Information Service01-Sep-15
Noah Enterprise06-Jul-12
Norfolk Autistic Community Housing Association17-Jan-03
North Ayrshire Advocacy21-Mar-12
North Cave Village Hall16-Oct-09
North Country Leisure22-Feb-05
North Devon Hospice06-Feb-06
North East Autism Society - Head Office31-May-11
North London ITeC06-Dec-04
North Luffenham St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
North Music Trust30-Jun-05
North Northumberland Hospice Limited10-Jul-12
North of England Zoological Society18-Aug-05
North Staffs Mind13-Aug-15
North Worcestershire DIAL17-Dec-04
North Yorkshire and York Forum26-Jan-05
Northam Lodge15-Dec-11
Northampton All Saints 23-Apr-12
Northampton Christ Church 23-Apr-12
Northampton Door to Door Service07-Dec-16
Northampton Emmanuel 23-Apr-12
Northampton Holy Sepulchre with St Andrew and St Lawrence23-Apr-12
Northampton Holy Trinity and St Paul 23-Apr-12
Northampton Rectory Farm (part of Emmanuel)23-Apr-12
Northampton St Alban 23-Apr-12
Northampton St Benedict 23-Apr-12
Northampton St Giles 23-Apr-12
Northampton St James 23-Apr-12
Northampton St Mary the Virgin (Far Cotton) 23-Apr-12
Northampton St Matthew23-Apr-12
Northampton St Michael and All Angels w St Edmund23-Apr-12
Northborough St Andrew23-Apr-12
Northchurch Baptist Church12-Nov-09
Northern Academy of Performing Arts14-Dec-16
NorthStar Worldwide13-Oct-09
Northumberland County Blind Association29-Oct-12
Northumbria Daybreak - Head Office09-Nov-10
Northwood Hills Evangelical Church11-Feb-08
Norton All Saints23-Apr-12
Norton-Juxta-Kempsey Parish Hall09-Aug-17
NoToDogMeat Foundation07-Jan-14
Notre Dame School21-Jan-10
Nottingham Credit Union 14-Dec-10
Nottingham Hostels Liaison Group (HLG)22-Dec-09
Nottingham Law Centre29-Jan-19
Nottingham Women's Centre 10-Jul-12
Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum04-Mar-11
Nottinghamshire Independent Domestic Abuse Services (NIDAS) 18-Feb-13
Notts Skateboard Association24-Feb-05
Novi Most International02-Nov-06
Number One Community Trust03-Jun-16
nVision (Blackpool Fylde & Wyre Society for the Blind) - Head Office30-Aug-05
Oak Hill Theological College02-Nov-06
Oakham All Saints23-Apr-12
Oakleaf Enterprise03-Nov-03
Oasis Trust02-Nov-06
Oblong Leeds23-Feb-05
OC International02-Nov-06
OC Team (Overseas Council for Theological Education and Mission)02-Nov-06
Octopus Community Network19-Mar-12
Off the Fence15-Aug-05
Old Enfield Charitable Trust14-Jun-05
Old McFarlane's Farm and Rescue Centre30-Mar-10
Older People's Action in the Locality (OPAL)13-Dec-10
Omega Therapies Information & Resource Centre 08-Jan-13
Omega, The National Association for End of Life Care05-May-11
OMF International (UK)02-Nov-06
On Eagles Wings Church01-Feb-08
One Another Ministries International02-Aug-16
One Blackpool 15-Apr-13
One Housing Group25-Jun-03
One Plus One06-Jun-05
One World Trust05-Jan-05
OneWorld UK22-Aug-03
Onside Independent Advocacy27-Jan-10
Open Arms International01-Feb-08
Open Door07-Oct-11
Open Doors UK02-Nov-06
Open Heaven Church11-Feb-08
Open Road - Head Office02-Aug-10
OPENHouse (Shire Training Workshops Limited)20-Jun-05
Operation Agri BMM01-Feb-08
Operation Mobilisation UK02-Nov-06
Opportunity International UK25-Mar-03
Opportunity International UK - Scotland Office16-Jan-12
Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment14-Jun-05
Orchid Cancer Appeal21-Aug-03
Orlingbury St Mary23-Apr-12
Ormerod Home Trust14-Jan-05
Orphaids UK02-Nov-06
OSCAR - India03-Jan-13
Osmani Trust16-Sep-10
Oswestry School10-Jun-05
Otford Village Memorial Hall23-Oct-09
Ottershaw Village Hall 11-Apr-13
Oundle with Ashton St Peter23-Apr-12
Our Lady and St Peter18-Jan-10
Our Lady and St Peter - Leatherhead19-Jan-10
Our Lady Help of Christians - West Byfleet20-Jan-10
Our Lady Immaculate & St Philip Neri - Uckfield19-Jan-10
Our Lady Immaculate and St Michael18-Jan-10
Our Lady of Consolation & St Francis - West Grinstead20-Jan-10
Our Lady of England Priory - Storrington19-Jan-10
Our Lady of Fatima - Staplefield19-Jan-10
Our Lady of Lourdes - Haslemere19-Jan-10
Our Lady of Lourdes - Thames Ditton19-Jan-10
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
Our Lady of Lourdes, Queen of Peace - Rottingdean19-Jan-10
Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St Wilfrid - Selsey19-Jan-10
Our Lady of Ransom18-Jan-10
Our Lady of Sion School21-Jan-10
Our Lady of Sorrows18-Jan-10
Our Lady of Sorrows - Effingham18-Jan-10
Our Lady of the Assumption18-Jan-10
Our Lady of the Forest - Forest Row18-Jan-10
Our Lady of the Rosary - Sidley19-Jan-10
Our Lady Queen of Heaven - Frimley18-Jan-10
Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Primary School20-Jan-10
Our Lady Queen of Peace18-Jan-10
Our Lady Queen of Peace - Christ the King -Steyning18-Jan-10
Our Lady Queen of Peace - St Peter18-Jan-10
Our Lady Queen of Peace - The Convent Chapel18-Jan-10
Our Lady Star of the Sea18-Jan-10
Our Lady, Queen of Heaven18-Jan-10
Our Lady, Queen of Heaven - Langley Green19-Jan-10
Our Voice02-Jun-03
Out & About30-Aug-06
Out of the Dark25-Jul-14
Outpost Charity10-Nov-15
Outward Bound Trust - Head Office21-Mar-05
Overstone St Nicholas23-Apr-12
Oxbel (Oxfordshire Befriending Network)22-Jul-03
OXCCARTS 17-Jul-12
Oxendon St Helen23-Apr-12
Oxford Centre for Mission Studies26-Nov-10
Oxfordshire Community Churches11-Feb-08
Oxfordshire Federaton of Womens Institutes14-Feb-07
Pakistan Youth and Community Association03-Apr-12
Pandas Foundation 21-Feb-13
Parental Alienation Custody Abuse 15-Jan-13
Parenting Together (Partog)19-Mar-16
ParentLine Scotland21-Mar-12
Parents Advice Centre - Keighley01-Oct-12
Parochial Church Council of St. Matthew's, Thatto Heath10-Mar-09
Parrot Society UK11-Jun-05
Partnership Council23-Mar-05
Passenham w Deanshanger St Guthlac 23-Apr-12
Paston All Saints23-Apr-12
Pathways Through Dememtia14-Mar-13
Pattishall Holy Cross23-Apr-12
Paulerspury St James the Great23-Apr-12
PBI Colombia25-Jan-05
PCC of Holy Trinity Sutton Coldfield19-Oct-16
PCC OF St Andrews Church, Churchdown28-Oct-10
Peakirk St Pega23-Apr-12
Pelsall Community Association30-Sep-09
Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services25-Apr-11
Penderels Trust - Head Office28-Aug-03
Pendle Action for the Community01-Oct-12
Penhurst Retreat Centre 02-Nov-06
Penrith Leisure Centre19-Jul-12
People United22-Jul-13
People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA)08-Dec-06
Peoples Kitchen28-Aug-03
Pepenbury - Head Office22-Jul-05
Percy Hedley Foundation - Head Office21-Jul-05
Pesticide Action Network (UK)02-Oct-09
Peterborough All Saints 23-Apr-12
Peterborough Christ the Carpenter 23-Apr-12
Peterborough Racial Equality Council21-Oct-09
Peterborough St John the Baptist 23-Apr-12
Peterborough St Jude 23-Apr-12
Peterborough St Mark and St Barnabas23-Apr-12
Peterborough St Mary 23-Apr-12
Peterborough St Paul 23-Apr-12
Peterborough Women's Centre06-Dec-04
Petersfield Museum Limited24-Feb-16
Petit Miracle Interiors18-Feb-13
Pharmacy Research UK05-Apr-18
Philippine Community Fund20-Dec-04
Philo Trust02-Mar-17
Phyllis Tuckwell Memorial Hospice Limited06-Jan-03
Pickworth All Saints23-Apr-12
Piddington St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Pier Avenue Baptist Church & The Welcome Centre29-Jul-10
Pillar of Fire International02-Nov-06
Pilton All Saints (nr Oundle)23-Apr-12
Pilton in Rutland St Nicholas23-Apr-12
Pioneer Trust - Head Office02-Nov-06
Pioneer Trust - Pioneer People Wirral14-Jan-13
Pioneers UK02-Nov-06
Pirate Club10-Jun-05
Pitsford All Saints23-Apr-12
Plan UK20-Mar-06
Play Montgomeryshire17-Feb-05
PLUS 13-Oct-11
PLUS (Providence Linc United Services)18-Nov-03
Plymouth Cat Rescue 15-Jan-13
POhWER - Head Office30-Apr-10
Point Europa27-Jan-05
Polebrook All Saints23-Apr-12
Police Rehabilitiation Centre27-Feb-03
Polka Theatre09-Dec-11
Poor Clares18-Jan-10
Poppy Scotland - Head Office (Earl Haig Fund)25-Nov-04
Porch Boxes28-Jun-05
Port of Bristol Seafarers Centre14-Jul-03
Portman Group06-Dec-04
Portsmouth Association for the Blind14-Apr-03
Portsmouth Foyer Limited11-May-04
Portswood Church12-Nov-09
Positive East 11-May-10
Positive People Plus18-Oct-12
Positive Steps Oldham25-Jan-05
Potterspury w Furtho and Yardley Gobion St Nicholas & St Leonards23-Apr-12
Poverty Release25-Sep-12
Poverty Solutions02-Jun-03
Povorest Coronation Hall22-Jun-05
Pragathi Cafe Sri Lanka 30-Jul-11
Prayer Fellowship for South Asia02-Nov-06
Preachers' Help02-Nov-06
Prebendal School09-Nov-06
Premier Christian Radio07-Aug-13
Presbyterian Church in Ireland - Board of Mission Overseas02-Nov-06
Preston Capes St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Preston St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Preston Trust Homes20-Jun-05
Primavara Copiilor02-Jun-03
Primavolta Charity Music Shop 09-Jul-12
Priority Management Limited25-Jan-05
Prior's Court Foundation06-Dec-04
Prison Advice and Care Trust26-May-11
Prisoners Education Trust18-Sep-13
Pro-Action 28-Jun-11
Project 620-Jul-11
Prometheus Trust26-Jul-05
Promise Works 23-Jul-12
Prospects 02-Nov-06
Prostate Cancer UK - Head Office20-Apr-10
Prudhoe Community Partnership07-Apr-10
Prudhoe Waterworld19-Jul-12
Pseudomyxoma Survivor11-Feb-20
Pure Creative Arts24-Sep-12
PurpleZebra Limited07-Dec-05
Pursuing Independent Paths 09-Jul-12
Pushkin House 23-Jul-12
Put Them First11-Dec-13
Putnoe (Bedford) Scout Group18-Dec-08
PWSA (UK)26-Jan-05
Pytchley All Saints23-Apr-12
Queen Alexandra Hospital Home02-Jun-03
Queen Elizabeth's Foundation - Head Office10-Jul-06
Queen Mary, University of London05-Dec-07
Queen's College20-May-05
Queensway Chapel Pre-School15-Sep-05
Quest School for Autistic Children10-Jan-05
Quicksilver Theatre28-Jan-04
Quinton & Preston Deanery St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Racehorse Rescue Centre 03-Jan-13
Radio City 1386AM30-Sep-09
Radio Society of Great Britain08-Jun-05
Radnorshire Women's Aid19-Oct-11
Radstock Ministries02-Nov-06
Rainbow Film Society07-Nov-11
Raincatcher 21-Feb-13
Ramabai Mukti Mission 02-Nov-06
Rampton Village Hall25-Feb-05
Randalstown Arches Association11-Mar-08
Ranmoor Parish Centre - St John's Church29-Nov-04
Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre06-Aug-03
RASASC (Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre) - Guildford 30-Mar-11
Rathbone - Head Office05-Jun-06
Raunds St Peter23-Apr-12
Ravensthorpe St Denys23-Apr-12
RBS Care Homes Foundation03-Jun-05
RCCG True Worshippers Assembly 03-Jan-13
Reach Africa23-Feb-05
Reach Volunteering15-Jun-05
ReachAcross - Birmingham12-Nov-09
ReachAcross - Head Office02-Nov-06
Reachout Essex16-Feb-13
Read for Good15-Nov-11
Read Up Nigeria Initiative 15-Jan-13
Real Fathers for Justice18-Oct-05
Rectory Cottages (Bletchley) Museum Trust30-Sep-09
Reculver Visitor Centre16-Jul-12
Red Cafe05-Apr-11
Red Kite Learning24-Mar-10
Red Ladder Theatre Company03-Oct-08
Redbridge CVS01-Feb-05
Redbridge Sports Centre Trust Limited26-Mar-07
Redcliffe College02-Nov-06
Redearth Education11-Sep-12
Redr UK04-Apr-06
Redruth Community Association30-Sep-09
Refugee & Migrant Forum of East London (RAMFEL)08-Jan-13
Refugee Action 04-Dec-12
Registered Nursing Home Association14-Jul-05
Reignite 29-Oct-12
Re-Instate Limited24-Jun-11
Relate - Croydon & Wimbledon13-Jun-05
Relatives and Residents Association02-Mar-05
Release International02-Nov-06
Remploy Limited - Coventry05-Apr-04
Renaissance Foundation28-Jul-11
Resolven Building Blocks04-Mar-15
ReSound Community Choir02-Aug-12
Resource Alliance21-Feb-05
Response Organisation15-Oct-07
Restoration Beyond Belief Ministries24-Jan-18
Restore Limited22-Jan-19
Retail Trust - Head Office15-Sep-10
Rethink - Finance and Human Resources19-Apr-04
Revival Fires18-Aug-08
Revive Enterprise17-Jun-05
Revolving Doors Agency20-Sep-09
RFU Injured Players Foundation11-Mar-09
Richmond AID15-Aug-05
Richmond Borough Church05-Sep-12
Richmond Council for Voluntary Service03-Jan-12
Richmond EAL Friendship Group Centre 08-Dec-11
Richmond Fellowship (2Care) - Head Office05-Nov-03
Richmond Fellowship (2Care) - Longview Care Home02-Nov-10
Richmond Fellowship (2Care) - Trevayler02-Nov-10
Richmond Fellowship (2Care) - Winston House02-Nov-10
Richmond Fellowship (2Care) -St George’s Care Home (Islington)02-Nov-10
Richmond Fellowship (2Care) -The Knowl Care Home02-Nov-10
Richmond Parish Lands Charity 29-Nov-12
Ridlington St Mary Magdalene & St Andrew23-Apr-12
Rig Arts Limited22-Apr-11
Right Employment27-Jun-05
Right To Play UK22-Jun-17
Rights and Humanity - Ipswich Office19-Dec-07
Ringstead Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary23-Apr-12
Risborough Area Residents Association (RARA) 17-Jul-12
Rising Brook Baptist Church21-Mar-05
Riverise Community Health Project 24-Jul-17
Riverside (formerly ECHG)25-Mar-03
Riversiders Trust24-Apr-14
Roade St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Rochdale Petrus Community - Head Office20-Dec-04
Rockdale Housing Association08-Feb-05
Rockingham St Leonard23-Apr-12
RollaDome All Skate01-Mar-16
Romford Autistic Group Support (R.A.G.S.)30-Sep-11
Romney Marsh Visitor Centre16-Jul-12
ROPE Charitable Trust05-Oct-11
Rossie Young People’s Trust30-Oct-07
Rothbury - Coquetdale Swimming & Fitness Centre19-Jul-12
Rotherham Advice and Information Network28-Nov-03
Rothersthorpe St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Rothwell w Orton Holy Trinity23-Apr-12
Round Table Children's Wish18-Nov-04
Routeways - Beckly Adventure Centre14-Apr-05
Rowan Humberstone Limited11-Jun-05
Rowcroft Hospice20-Jan-05
Rowdeford Charity Trust24-Jan-05
Rowner Community Trust23-Feb-15
Roxies Rainbows 29-Oct-12
Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation 05-Sep-13
Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution16-May-05
Royal Air Forces Association - Head Office16-Jun-05
Royal Artilliery Centre for Personal Development (RACPD)21-Feb-11
Royal British Legion Industries05-Jul-05
Royal British Legion Poppy Factory Limited11-Nov-14
Royal College of Nursing - Head Office24-Feb-04
Royal College of Physicians04-Jun-08
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Trust14-Oct-08
Royal Cornwall Museum20-Feb-06
Royal Courts of Justice Advice Bureau (Inc. Islington Citizens Advice Bureau)08-Nov-05
Royal Exchange Theatre19-Jul-10
Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability28-Aug-03
Royal National College for the Blind20-May-05
Royal National Lifeboat Institution23-Oct-03
Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts04-Mar-03
Royal Society for the Promotion of Health11-Apr-05
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) - Head Office16-Nov-07
Royal Star & Garter Homes - Richmond02-Dec-02
Royal Star & Garter Homes - Solihull11-Jan-12
Royal West of England Academy17-May-04
Royds Community Association31-Jul-03
RSPCA - Stort Valley Branch 19-Feb-13
RSPCA - Sunderland, Hartlepool & South Tyneside District Branch21-May-12
Rudolf Steiner House (Anthroposophical Association Limited)01-Oct-03
Rural Age Concern Darent Valley30-Sep-09
Rural Life Centre (Old Kiln Museum Trust)10-Mar-05
Rural Support Network08-Jun-05
Rushcliffe Community & Voluntary Service09-Jun-05
Rushden Full Gospel Church02-Nov-06
Rushden St Mary 23-Apr-12
Rushden St Peter23-Apr-12
Rushden, Whitefriars Parish23-Apr-12
Rushey Green Time Bank22-Jul-13
Rushton w Glendon All Saints and Pipewell St Mary23-Apr-12
Rydes Hill Preparatory School21-Jan-10
Ryhall St John the Evangelist23-Apr-12
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
Sacred Heart School21-Jan-10
Safe Haven Childrens Trust22-Jul-13
Safe Partnership14-Jun-05
Safe Start Foundation10-Nov-09
Safeguarding in Sport21-Mar-12
Safer Places (Harlow Women's Aid)29-Aug-03
Safety Groups UK22-Mar-14
Saint Mathias - Worcester Park20-Jan-10
Salesian School20-Jan-10
Salford Foundation - Head Office30-Sep-10
Salters Hill Charity Limited20-Sep-07
Saltisford Evangelical Church09-Mar-10
Saltmine Trust30-Sep-02
Salvation Army - Cambridgeshire14-Feb-05
Salvation Army - Head Office16-Jan-19
Samaritan's Purse19-Jun-12
Sanctuary Housing10-Jan-08
Sangat Advice Centre17-Jun-03
Save the Children - Leeds17-Aug-06
Save the Children - Scotland 20-Jul-06
Save the Children UK13-Mar-03
Save the Family Limited03-Aug-11
Save Tiny Paws 18-Feb-13
Scaldwell St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Scene and Heard11-Sep-12
Schonfeld Square Nursing Home19-Jun-14
School Councils UK08-Jun-05
Scottish Autism - Head Office20-Mar-06
Scottish Christian Alliance The Arch29-Oct-12
Scottish Refugee Council08-Mar-11
Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruely to Animals (SSPCA)23-Feb-05
Scottish Sports Futures28-Feb-11
Scripture Union02-Nov-06
Scropton Riding for the Disabled15-Jun-05
Sea Cadets - Cheltenham01-Oct-12
Seafarers UK 05-Nov-12
SEAN International02-Feb-07
SEAP - Head Office02-Mar-12
Seaton All Hallows23-Apr-12
Seaton Dalaval and Holywell Community Association08-Jun-05
Sedgemoor Community Partnership27-Jan-10
Seeability - Eastleigh12-Jan-12
Seeability - South East12-Jan-12
Seeability - South West12-Jan-12
Selby District Association of Voluntary Services30-May-06
Selby District Vision14-Nov-03
Selby Trust14-Jun-11
Self Directed Support Scotland (SDSS)18-Oct-12
Self Help Africa22-Aug-03
Sense - Head Office11-Jan-12
Sense - Northern Ireland11-Jan-12
Sense - Scotland11-Jan-12
Sense Cymru, TouchBase Wales11-Jan-12
Sense Trading27-Sep-06
SERV (Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers) 30-Mar-11
Servants to Asia's Urban Poor02-Nov-06
Service User Network Swindon (SUNS)24-Feb-16
SESKU Academy28-Feb-17
Settle College24-Jul-09
SGM Lifewords02-Nov-06
Shaftesbury Youth Club15-Dec-04
Shanti International Charity14-Mar-14
Share Holiday Village05-Jun-03
Sharing Christ Internationally30-Apr-08
Shaw Trust Limited22-Dec-05
Sheerwater Maybury Partnership02-Jan-07
Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind02-Jun-08
Sheffield Sports Commentaries for Hospital Patients and the Blind10-Jun-05
Shenley Lodge Meeting Place03-Nov-04
Shepshed Toy Library21-Dec-07
Shine (formerly ASBAH)05-Sep-01
Shooting Star CHASE- Head Office09-Nov-04
Shoreditch Trust02-Feb-05
Shropshire Languages Society21-Mar-13
Siawns Teg (Fair Chance)09-Jun-05
Sibbertoft St Helen23-Apr-12
Sierra Leone Mission 02-Nov-06
Sight Savers International23-Feb-04
Silver Birch (Scotland) Limited22-Feb-05
Silver Star 09-Aug-13
Silverstone St Michael23-Apr-12
SIM International (UK)02-Nov-06
Simply A Pound Limited05-Nov-09
Simpson Hall21-Apr-08
Skill Force Development14-Oct-05
Skills - Third Sector01-Mar-10
Skills for Growth07-Nov-16
Skills Funding Agency 03-Feb-07
Slapton St Botolph23-Apr-12
Slinging London CIC10-Jun-14
Slipton St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Slough Islamic Trust26-Jan-16
Small Charities Coalition15-Mar-11
Small Charity Support09-Feb-17
Small Steps31-May-12
Smile for Life Childrens Charity27-Jan-10
Smile International28-Oct-08
Smiths Row (Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery Trust)24-Feb-06
Soapbox 02-Nov-06
Social Information on Disability21-Jun-10
Society of Dyers and Colourists10-Mar-05
Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine (Society of Orthopaedic Medicine)25-Nov-09
SOFT UK01-Jul-15
Solihull Action through Advocacy23-Feb-05
Solihull Life Opportunities21-Apr-05
Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust 25-Feb-13
Somerset Care Group - Head Office14-Oct-03
Somerset Wildlife Trust - Head Office03-Nov-06
Something for Romania17-Jun-03
SongBird Survival18-Aug-11
SOS Développement Togo29-Mar-10
Sound It Out Community Music06-Dec-04
Sound Sense27-Jul-05
South Asian Concern02-Nov-06
South Bradford Community Network24-Mar-10
South Bucks. Counselling28-Aug-12
South Cheshire Community Council16-Nov-04
South Kilburn Trust24-Sep-14
South London CVS Partnership25-Sep-13
South London Somali Community Association06-Dec-04
South Luffenham St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
South Northants Community Responders 07-Jan-13
South Ockendon Community Forum18-Jul-03
South Tynedale Railway Preservation Society30-Sep-09
South West Birmingham Community Association 13-Jul-10
South West Foundation 10-Jul-12
Southall School of Languages and Missionary Orientation02-Nov-06
Southampton Rape Crisis 19-Feb-13
Southampton Sight01-Jun-08
Southend Association of Voluntary Services11-Apr-06
Southend-on-Sea Darby & Joan Organisation 02-Jun-03
Southwark Irish Pensioners Project01-Mar-05
Southwick St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Sovereign Finance Services for Charities28-Jul-11
Sovereign World Trust02-Nov-06
Space East05-Jun-09
SPEAR Search & Rescue07-Mar-18
Special Friends Club16-May-05
Spencer Benefice (Brington, Whilton, Norton, Church Brampton with Chapel Brampton, Harlestone, East Haddon and Holdenby)23-Apr-12
Spice Innovations16-Jul-15
Spice Innovations Limited26-Feb-14
Spiers Bank House Trust30-Sep-09
Spirit Charity29-Sep-05
Spitalfields City Farm24-Feb-16
Sport and Recreation Alliance (formerly CCPR)01-Dec-08
Spratton St Andrew23-Apr-12
Spread Some Sunshine 14-Mar-13
Springboard for Children - Manchester Office14-Dec-10
Springfields Employees Medical Research and Charity Trust Fund14-Jun-05
Square 1 Studios Limited03-Jan-13
SSAFA Forces Help24-Jun-04
St Agnes - Eastbourne18-Jan-10
St Aidan18-Jan-10
St Alban’s Catholic Primary School 20-Jan-10
St Aldates Church, Oxford02-Nov-06
St Ambrose - Warlingham19-Jan-10
St Andrew Holborn Church Foundation02-Aug-04
St Andrew's Church High Wycombe13-Oct-09
St Andrews Family Support01-Dec-04
St Andrews Healthcare24-Jan-05
St Andrews Hospice26-Mar-12
St Ann18-Jan-10
St Anne18-Jan-10
St Anne's Catholic Primary School20-Jan-10
St Anne's Church21-Oct-09
St Anselm - Hindhead19-Jan-10
St Anthony and St George18-Jan-10
St Anthony of Padua - Rye19-Jan-10
St Anthony of Viareggio - Rose Green19-Jan-10
St Augustine's Catholic Primary School20-Jan-10
St Barnabas - Molesey19-Jan-10
St Barnabas - Woodside Park27-Sep-12
St Barnabas Church24-Apr-12
St Barnabas, Kensington02-Nov-06
St Bartholomew's Church and Centre16-Nov-04
St Bede's School20-Jan-10
St Bernadette18-Jan-10
St Bernard - Lingfield19-Jan-10
St Catherine - Heathfield19-Jan-10
St Catherine - Littlehampton19-Jan-10
St Catherine's Hospice26-Jan-05
St Charles Borromeo - Worthing19-Jan-10
St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School & Nursery21-Jan-10
St Christophers Hospice27-Nov-02
St Clement - Ewell18-Jan-10
St Crispin and St Crispinian - Pulborough19-Jan-10
St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School20-Jan-10
St Cuthman's Retreat Centre19-Jan-10
St Dunstan - West Hoathly20-Jan-10
St Dunstan - Woking20-Jan-10
St Edmund, King & Martyr - Godalming18-Jan-10
St Edmund's Catholic Church05-Aug-14
St Edmunds Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
St Edward - Sutton Park19-Jan-10
St Edward the Confessor - Keymer19-Jan-10
St Edward the Confessor - Pound Hill18-Jan-10
St Elizabeth's Centre07-Apr-08
St Erconwald - Walton-on-Thames20-Jan-10
St Fagans: National History Museum19-Jul-12
St Francis & St Anthony18-Jan-10
St Francis' Catholic Primary School20-Jan-10
St Francis Children's Society02-Aug-05
St Francis of Assisi - Brighton18-Jan-10
St Francis Pre-School06-Jan-08
St Gabriel18-Jan-10
St George - Hove19-Jan-10
St George - Polegate19-Jan-10
St George's Association24-May-06
St George's College21-Jan-10
St Georges Community Children's Project02-Sep-03
St George's Crypt - Head Office05-Nov-07
St Gregory - Eastbourne18-Jan-10
St Helen’s Church19-Jul-10
St Helena Hospice24-Jun-04
St Helens Youth Matters26-Jan-05
St Hugh of Lincoln - Knaphill19-Jan-10
St Hugh of Lincoln Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
St Hugh's Charterhouse - Cowfold19-Jan-10
St Joachim - Hampden Park19-Jan-10
St Joan of Arc - Farnham18-Jan-10
St John Ambulance - Leicestershire & Rutland14-Jun-07
St John Ambulance - Maidstone22-Nov-09
St John of Rochester18-Jan-10
St John the Baptist - Brighton18-Jan-10
St John the Baptist Catholic School20-Jan-10
St John the Baptist School20-Jan-10
St John the Evangelist - Herons Ghyll19-Jan-10
St John the Evangelist - Horsham19-Jan-10
St John the Evangelist - Tadworth19-Jan-10
St John's Church03-Feb-05
St John's Church, Ben Rhydding26-Apr-10
St John's Parish Church - Farncombe18-Jan-10
St Joseph - Brighton18-Jan-10
St Joseph - Epsom18-Jan-10
St Joseph - Guildford18-Jan-10
St Joseph - Milford19-Jan-10
St Joseph - Redhill19-Jan-10
St Joseph - Rustington19-Jan-10
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
St Josephs Catholic Church18-Jan-10
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Brighton20-Jan-10
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Epsom20-Jan-10
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Guildford21-Jan-10
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Redhill21-Jan-10
St Joseph's School21-Jan-10
St Leonards-Mayfield School21-Jan-10
St Luke - Hurstpierpoint19-Jan-10
St Luke's Cheshire Hospice - Head Office29-Aug-03
St Luke's Hospice - Head Office14-Apr-05
St Madoc Christian Youth Camp04-Mar-10
St Martha - Little Common19-Jan-10
St Martin's Church16-Jun-05
St Martins Housing Trust - Bishopbridge House15-Sep-11
St Martins Housing Trust - Head Office22-Sep-11
St Mary18-Jan-10
St Mary - Rydes Hill19-Jan-10
St Mary Magdalen - Brighton18-Jan-10
St Mary Magdalene18-Jan-10
St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School20-Jan-10
St Mary of the Angels - Gomshall18-Jan-10
St Mary of The Angels - Worthing20-Jan-10
St Mary Star of the Sea - Hastings19-Jan-10
St Mary Star of the Sea Roman Catholic School21-Jan-10
St Mary, Mother of Christ18-Jan-10
St Mary’s Catholic Primary School - Crowborough20-Jan-10
St Mary's Catholic Primary School - Bognor Regis20-Jan-10
St Mary's Catholic Primary School - Portslade21-Jan-10
St Mary's Catholic Primary School - Worthing21-Jan-10
St Mary's Catholic Primary School PTFA 29-Oct-12
St Mary's Church25-Aug-05
St Mary's Church - Camberley 03-May-13
St Mary's Church, Reigate02-Nov-06
St Mary's Parish Church - Tatsfield19-Jan-10
St Matthew's & St Oswald's Church31-Mar-10
St Mellion Village Tenants & Residents Association 15-Jan-13
St Michael18-Jan-10
St Michael - Worthing20-Jan-10
St Michael's Hospice (North Hampshire)14-Jun-05
St Mildred's Church02-Nov-06
ST Mungos - No Second Night Out (NSNO)08-May-19
St Mungo's Broadway (Broadway Homelessness and Support - City Outreach)21-Feb-12
St Mungo's Broadway (Broadway Homelessness and Support - The Broadway Centre)21-Feb-12
St Mungo's Broadway (Broadway Homelessness and Support - Work and Learning)21-Feb-12
St Mungo's Broadway. (Broadway Homelessness and Support - West London and Heathrow Outreach)21-Feb-12
St Mungo's CHA Limited08-Jan-04
St Oswalds Hospice02-Jun-03
St Pancras - Lewes19-Jan-10
St Patrick - Woodingdean19-Jan-10
St Paul - Haywards Heath19-Jan-10
St Paul's Catholic College20-Jan-10
St Paul's Church - South Harrow26-Jan-05
St Peter - Hove19-Jan-10
St Peter - Shoreham-by-Sea19-Jan-10
St Peter - The Witterings20-Jan-10
St Peter & St John18-Jan-10
St Peter, Prince of Apostles - Rotherfield19-Jan-10
St Peter's Catholic Comprehensive School20-Jan-10
St Peter's Catholic Primary School20-Jan-10
St Philip Howard Catholic High School20-Jan-10
St Philips Catholic Primary School - Uckfield21-Jan-10
St Philomena's School28-Jan-11
St Pius X - Merrow19-Jan-10
St Richard - Slindon18-Jan-10
St Richard of Chichester18-Jan-10
St Richard's Catholic College20-Jan-10
St Richard's Catholic Primary School20-Jan-10
St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
St Stephen Parish Council27-Sep-12
St Tarcisius18-Jan-10
St Teresa of Avila18-Jan-10
St Teresa of Liseux - Northiam19-Jan-10
St Teresa of the Child Jesus - Merstham19-Jan-10
St Teresa's Preparatory School21-Jan-10
St Teresa's School21-Jan-10
St Theodore of Canterbury - Gossops Green18-Jan-10
St Theresa of Lisieux - Southwick 19-Jan-10
St Thomas a Becket Catholic Infant School & Nursery20-Jan-10
St Thomas More18-Jan-10
St Thomas More - Brighton18-Jan-10
St Thomas More - Seaford19-Jan-10
St Thomas of Canterbury - Mayfield19-Jan-10
St Thomas of Canterbury - Whyteleafe18-Jan-10
St Thomas of Canterbury and English Martyrs19-Jan-10
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
St Thomas's Community Network13-Nov-03
St Vincent's & St George's Association14-Nov-06
St Wilfrid18-Jan-10
St Wilfrid - Hailsham19-Jan-10
St Wilfrid's Catholic School20-Jan-10
St. Andrew's Church, Collyweston23-Apr-12
St. Andrew's School20-Jan-10
St. Anne’s School20-Jan-10
St. Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School20-Jan-10
St. Catherine’s Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
St. Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Primary School20-Jan-10
St. David's Church and Hall23-Apr-12
St. Dunstan's Catholic Primary School 21-Jan-10
St. Francis of Assisi School20-Jan-10
St. John’s Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School20-Jan-10
St. Marks, Kennington11-Feb-08
St. Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary School20-Jan-10
St. Mary of Bethany11-Feb-08
St. Michael le Belfrey11-Feb-08
St. Pancras Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
St. Paul Church - Norwich13-Feb-12
St. Paul's Catholic Primary School - Thames Ditton21-Jan-10
St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School - Leatherhead21-Jan-10
St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School - Shoreham21-Jan-10
St. Philip’s School20-Jan-10
St. Polycarp’s Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
St. Teresa's Catholic Primary School29-Jul-10
St. Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School - Angmering20-Jan-10
St. Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School - Burgess Hill20-Jan-10
St.Clement's Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
Stafford District Voluntary Services (SDVS)23-Feb-09
Staffordshire Band15-Jun-05
Staffordshire Buddies11-Mar-16
Staffordshire Council of Voluntary Youth Services19-May-14
Staffordshire University Students' Union13-Nov-08
Stag Community Arts Centre03-Jun-16
Stalybridge Old Band10-Aug-04
Stamps for Evangelism02-Nov-06
Stanion St Peter23-Apr-12
Stanwick St Laurence23-Apr-12
Star Project10-Jan-05
Start in Salford03-Jan-12
Staverton St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Stewards Company Limited09-Mar-10
Stoke Albany St Botolph23-Apr-12
Stoke Bruerne St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Stoke Doyle St Rumbald23-Apr-12
Stoke Dry St Andrew23-Apr-12
Stoke Poges Village Hall11-Jun-05
Stone Lane Gardens09-Jul-12
Stonebridge City Farm15-Jul-08
Stoneleigh Baptist Church11-Feb-08
Stonewall - Head Office25-Aug-05
Stowe Nine Churches St Michael & St James23-Apr-12
Strathclyde Youth 23-Mar-06
Strawson Hall19-Oct-16
StreetVibes UK 06-Dec-04
Stretton St Nicholas23-Apr-12
Strood Community Project12-Feb-13
Strood Gospel Mission Church08-Apr-13
Stroud Court Community Trust17-Jun-03
Stroud Women's Refuge (Stroud Beresford Group)05-Jan-04
Sudanese Community - Glasgow04-Aug-06
Sudborough All Saints23-Apr-12
Sue Ryder - Head Office06-Nov-07
Sue Ryder - Sudbury 20-May-09
Suffolk ACRE07-Nov-06
Suffolk Young Peoples Health Project07-Dec-05
Sulgrave St James the Less23-Apr-12
Sunfield Childrens Homes31-Oct-07
Sunnyhill Church22-Aug-17
Sunset Club09-Jun-05
Sunshine Children's Centre Charity27-Jan-10
Support in Mind Scotland - Head Office28-Aug-03
SupportLine Telephone Helpline05-Aug-05
Surrey Community Action08-Feb-10
Surrey Docks Farm28-Aug-12
Surrey Heath Carers19-Aug-09
Surrey Law Centre22-Aug-03
Surrey Wildlife Trust08-Sep-05
Surrey Women's Aid16-Oct-06
SurreySave Credit Union 24-Oct-13
Sustainable Trust02-Jul-07
Sutton Bassett All Saints23-Apr-12
Sutton Centre for Indepenent Living and Learning09-Sep-03
Sutton CVS 29-Nov-12
Sutton St Michael & All Angels23-Apr-12
Swanland and Ferriby Scout Group14-Jun-05
Swanland Village Hall28-Aug-12
Swansea & Brecon Diocesan Board for Social Responsibility (Faith in Families)25-Apr-11
Swarthmore Housing Society Limited12-Mar-14
Swindon Children's Scrapstore26-Jan-05
Syresham St James the Great23-Apr-12
Syston and District Volunteer Centre21-Jun-10
Sywell St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Syzygy Mission Support Network02-Nov-06
TACT (The Adolescent and Children's Trust) - Head Office03-Mar-06
Tadcaster Sunday School08-Aug-05
Talaton Parish Hall24-Nov-05
Talking SENse! 15-Jan-13
Tansor St Mary23-Apr-12
Tanzanian Church Partnership Association10-Jun-05
Taraloka 17-Jul-12
Target Tuberculosis18-Oct-10
Tashi Lhunpo Monastery UK Trust12-Apr-16
Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships20-May-03
Teach A Man To Fish01-Nov-08
Teacher Support Network09-Sep-11
Teddington Baptist Church11-Feb-08
Teddington Methodist Church28-Jan-04
Teigh Holy Trinity23-Apr-12
Television for the Environment16-Nov-06
Telework Association01-Oct-03
Tendring Community Transport29-Jul-10
Teso Development Trust02-Nov-06
Tettenhall Wood Community Association03-Jul-13
Thames Reach21-Aug-03
Thanet Early Years Project23-Feb-05
The 999 Club28-Jan-09
The Abbey of Our Lady Help of Christians - Crawley20-Jan-10
The Abbeyfield Society21-Oct-03
The Act Foundation05-Aug-03
The Albany13-Dec-05
The Aldingbourne Trust01-Oct-03
The Anteros Arts Foundation28-Sep-11
The Archway Foundation31-Mar-10
The Ark Trust Limited13-Nov-12
The Art House13-Apr-05
The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI)17-Aug-10
The Association of Lighting Designers10-Nov-06
The Assumption of Our Lady - Englefield Green18-Jan-10
The Atticus Project (Charity)25-Jan-16
The Avalon Group - Head Office13-Oct-10
The Avenues Trust - Southwark Home Care14-Apr-05
The Befriending Scheme09-Jan-12
The Ben Kinsella Trust 15-Jan-13
The BESOM in Camberley20-Apr-13
The Bible Network03-May-12
The Big Issue Foundation Scotland03-Aug-04
The Biodynamic Agricultural Association 07-Jan-13
The Bless Network02-Nov-06
The Bobath Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy25-Nov-10
The Brain Tumour Charity28-Jun-12
The British & Foreign School Society12-May-10
The British Society for Rheumatology12-Sep-14
The Brontë Society14-Jul-09
The Burrough Harmony Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing04-Jun-19
The Cellar Space02-May-12
The Cellar Trust08-Jun-05
The Charity Buddies 15-Jan-13
The Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children09-Jun-10
The Clare Foundation Limited19-Dec-11
The Columbian Coffee Company 13-Nov-12
The Community Bureau22-May-17
The Conservation Volunteers 26-Sep-13
The Coventry Charity24-Jun-10
The CrecheMobile Project15-Oct-18
The Dame Vera Lynn Trust - Head Office28-Jul-11
The Daneford Trust07-Nov-11
The Dash Charity13-Nov-09
The David Adams Leukaemia Appeal Fund29-Nov-12
The Debt Advice Network24-Feb-16
The Devon & Cornwall Food Association (DCFA) 09-Jul-12
The Devon Music Collective01-Feb-10
The Disabilities Trust - Head Office21-Feb-17
The Divine Motherhood and St Francis of Assisi - Midhurst 19-Jan-10
The Dohnavur Fellowship 02-Nov-06
The Ear Foundation BAHA. Users Support (Kemt)24-Feb-05
The East African Missionary Society27-Sep-12
The Emma Filler Foundation 30-Aug-12
The Environment Council05-Oct-09
The Esther Benjamins Trust29-Aug-13
The Factory Community Project22-Mar-12
The Family Trust - Head Office27-Aug-08
The FED (Federation of Jewish Services (Heathlands Village))07-Feb-08
The Food Chain21-Nov-06
The Friendly Almshouses30-Sep-09
The Friends of the Polygon School 07-Jan-13
The FSI (Foundation for Social Improvement)27-Jan-10
The Garwood Foundation12-Apr-16
The Gifted14-Mar-13
The Greenbank Project19-Feb-09
The Guinness Partnership02-Aug-05
The Guy Pilkington Memorial Home28-Apr-09
The Harbour28-Aug-12
The Hebridean Trust04-Apr-08
The Hepatitis C Trust 17-Sep-12
The Holy Angels18-Jan-10
The Holy Family - Addlestone18-Jan-10
The Holy Family - Heath End19-Jan-10
The Holy Family - Lancing19-Jan-10
The Holy Family - Reigate19-Jan-10
The Holy Family Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
The Holy Ghost18-Jan-10
The Holy Name - Esher18-Jan-10
The Holy Redeemer - Hollington19-Jan-10
The Holy Spirit - Fetcham18-Jan-10
The Homeless Games22-Jul-13
The Hospital of God at Greatham07-Feb-07
The Humanimal Trust09-Oct-15
The Immaculate Conception of Our Lady - Peacehaven19-Jan-10
The Infertility Network UK01-May-09
The Inform-All Project Limited21-Feb-13
The Institution of Engineering and Technology18-Aug-08
The Invicta Foundation06-Sep-13
The Isbourne Holistic Centre15-Jul-10
The James Charities 07-Jan-13
The Jericho Foundation18-Apr-08
The Jerusalem and the Middle East Church Association03-Jul-12
The Jessica Sherman Foundation 08-Oct-12
The Jewish Leadership Council22-Jul-13
The J'sHospice05-Nov-09
The Juniper Tree Charitable Trust08-Jul-10
The K Woods Foundation08-Aug-16
The Kepplewray Project24-Mar-10
The Kyesimira Foundation08-Mar-08
The Lausanne Movement02-Mar-12
The Liverpool Gateway Centre 13-Nov-12
The Living Water Christian Centre17-Jul-12
The Living Word Church 'Parole Vivante' 17-Sep-12
The Llandrindod Wells Men's Shed18-Feb-16
The Lodge Trust28-Nov-07
The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC)28-Feb-14
The London Museum of Water & Steam 19-Apr-04
The Loss Foundation (Formerly Bereaved Partners Support Group)13-Nov-12
The Lucy Rayner Foundation04-Apr-18
The Lullaby Trust26-Nov-13
The Lullaby Trust04-Dec-12
The Marist Catholic Primary School21-Jan-10
The MEA Trust09-Jul-12
The Meath Epilepsy Trust25-Jul-11
The Message Works12-Nov-09
The Methodist Church19-Mar-13
The Milton Rooms02-Mar-16
The Missionary Training Service02-Nov-06
The Moira Anderson Foundation15-Dec-11
The Money Charity13-Jul-17
The Movement Foundation23-Feb-05
The National Collections Centre19-Jul-12
The National Council for Voluntary Organisations26-Jun-09
The National Gardens Scheme24-Jun-10
The National Holocaust Centre & Museum16-Nov-05
The National Roman Legion Museum19-Jul-12
The National Slate Museum19-Jul-12
The National Waterfront Museum19-Jul-12
The National Wool Museum19-Jul-12
The Nativity of the Lord - Surrey19-Jan-10
The Neuro Foundation 07-Jan-13
The NFSH Charitable Trust Limited03-Jan-13
The Nomad Trust11-Feb-09
The Nutrition Society28-Jun-11
The Olive Branch Christian Counselling Service 28-Aug-12
The Organic Cookery School20-Mar-12
The Papworth Trust - Head Office21-Dec-12
The Papworth Trust - OWL Centre Sawston10-Feb-05
The Peaceful Place Limited09-Jan-14
The Petrovini Foundation 09-Jul-12
The Physiological Society 09-Jul-12
The Pink Cow Project30-Mar-11
The Prince's Foundation10-Feb-03
The Prince's Trust26-Nov-04
The Prince's Trust - West Midlands Regional Office26-Jun-19
The Prince's Youth Business International04-Dec-12
The Printing Charity16-Nov-04
The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles21-Oct-10
The Richmond Fellowship Scotland19-Jan-09
The Riverside Centre04-Jul-11
The Rosemary Foundation Limited24-Feb-16
The Royal British Legion - Head Office21-Sep-10
The Royal College of Pathologists22-Feb-11
The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust25-Feb-16
The Royal Society18-Oct-07
The Sacred Heart - Caterham18-Jan-10
The Sacred Heart - Cobham18-Jan-10
The Sacred Heart - Hove19-Jan-10
The Sacred Heart - Newhaven19-Jan-10
The Sacred Heart - Petworth19-Jan-10
The Sacred Heart - Wadhurst20-Jan-10
The Sacred Heart Church - Sunningdale19-Jan-10
The Sayers Croft Trust03-Jul-14
The School of Ceramics & Applied Arts14-Mar-13
The Scout Association06-Mar-08
The Shade Trust22-Apr-13
The Sheiling Ringwood (Sheiling Trust)06-Nov-06
The Silver Line21-Jun-19
The Special Yoga Centre18-May-09
The Stanford Forum06-Oct-11
The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust 31-Jul-12
The Sun Lotus Trust25-Sep-12
The Sussex Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Centre18-Oct-12
The Together Trust27-Jun-05
The Towers Convent School21-Jan-10
The Trust Women's Project22-Jul-13
The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom09-Feb-11
The Village Halls Consortium (Mickleton Village Hall Association)11-Jun-05
The Vine Project10-Aug-06
The Whitstable Castle Trust16-Jun-10
Thenford St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Third Age Project24-Feb-16
Thistleton St Nicholas23-Apr-12
THOMAS Organisation03-Mar-10
Thornberry Animal Sanctuary22-Nov-04
Thornby St Helen23-Apr-12
Thornhaugh St Andrew and Wansford St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Thorpe Malsor All Saints23-Apr-12
Thorpe Mandeville St John Baptist23-Apr-12
Thorpe St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Thought for Sport 03-Jan-13
Thrapston St James23-Apr-12
Three Rivers Church20-Apr-12
Threshold Housing Project30-Jan-09
Thrive - Head Office18-Nov-03
Throckley Community Hall Limited02-Jun-05
Through the Roof14-May-12
Thurning St James the Great23-Apr-12
Thurrock CVS 28-Jun-11
Thyroid UK 09-Jul-12
Tiata Fahodzi02-Sep-05
Tickencote St Peter23-Apr-12
Tiferes High School Limited28-Feb-16
Tiffield St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Tilsley College01-Feb-08
Time for God28-Jun-16
Time4 07-Jan-13
Tinwell All Saints23-Apr-12
Tip Top Productions17-Mar-08
Titchmarsh St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Tixover St Luke23-Apr-12
Toc H03-Nov-04
Together Creating Communities (TCC)27-Jun-12
Together for Short Lives09-Feb-16
Together for Short Lives (Children's Hospices UK)20-Apr-10
Together Working for Wellbeing27-Jan-03
Tools with a Mission04-Sep-08
Torbay Street Pastors - Newton Abbott25-Aug-10
Torch Trust for the Blind02-Nov-06
Torridge Community Transport Association Limited02-Jun-03
Total Healing World Outreach04-Apr-13
Towcester with Caldecote St Lawrence23-Apr-12
Toxteth Tabernacle Baptist 'Church11-Feb-08
Trafford Shopmobility & Access Group 10-Sep-10
Training Trust (Wales)20-Jul-05
Transport for Sick Children19-Jun-07
Tree Aid17-Dec-04
Treloar Trust21-Jan-05
Tresanton Trust15-Jul-08
Trinitarian Bible Society14-Oct-03
Trinity Baptist Church, Bexleyheath11-Feb-08
Trinity Christian Centre23-Jun-16
Trinity College02-Nov-06
Trinity Hospice25-Nov-02
Trinity Partnership (Clitheroe)28-Feb-05
True Volunteer Foundation30-Jun-10
True Volunteer Foundation - Head Office22-Dec-11
Truro School02-Jun-05
Turning Point - Head Office01-Oct-03
Turning Point Counselling Service14-Aug-06
Twelve's Company09-Jun-05
Two Ridings Community Foundation26-Nov-18
Twywell St Nicholas23-Apr-12
Ty Hafan - Head Office23-Jan-09
Tyneside Women's Health 23-Jul-12
Tytherington Family Worship Church28-Jun-16
Ufford St Andrew23-Apr-12
UFM Worldwide02-Nov-06
Uganda Development Services - Head Office26-Oct-10
UK Coalition of People Living with HIV and Aids14-Jun-05
UK Parliament – Colchester09-Jun-10
UK Parliament - Edinburgh South 24-Oct-13
UK Parliament - Kingston and Surbiton12-Dec-11
UK Parliament - Liverpool Wavertree19-Sep-12
UK Parliament - North Norfolk16-May-13
UK Parliament - Ogmore26-Jul-10
UK Parliament - Sheffield Central 10-Aug-12
UK Youth - Avon Tyrell02-Sep-11
UKIM YOUTH Walsall19-Feb-17
United Christian Broadcasters - Burslem Office19-Jul-05
United Churches Healing Ministry11-Apr-05
United for Somali Students 17-Jan-13
United Response12-Feb-02
Unity in Community (Northern Hull Community Development Limited)21-Dec-06
Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship (The Christian Unions UCCF)02-Jun-10
University of Southampton 21-May-14
University of Surrey Chaplaincy19-Jan-10
University of the Third Age in Cambridge (2007)22-Jul-13
Upkeep & The Charities Facilities.Management Group25-Jan-10
Upper Teesdale Agricultural Support Services10-Mar-05
Uppingham St Peter & St Paul 23-Apr-12
Upton St John the Baptist23-Apr-12
Urban Saints11-Feb-08
Urmston Lions Club Trust Fund27-Jan-10
Urras Achadh an Droighinn/The Auchindrain Trust29-Feb-16
Us in a Bus24-Jan-05
Us. United Society22-Aug-13
Vale of Atholl Pipers Association29-Sep-05
Vale Royal Women's Aid 13-Nov-12
Vale Wildlife Rescue09-Sep-08
Vast - Newcastle Community & Voluntary Support 08-Apr-03
Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council25-Jun-03
Venta Millones Limited24-Feb-05
Veritas College11-Feb-08
Veterans with Dogs26-Aug-15
Viables Community Association01-Oct-12
Victim Support - Head Office10-Aug-05
Victim Support Scotland01-Oct-03
Victoria in Partnership06-Dec-04
Victory Hall23-Feb-05
Victory Services Association25-Aug-05
Viewpoint Housing Association - Head Office19-Mar-10
Villiers Park Educational Trust21-Jun-05
Vision for China02-Nov-06
Vision Support - Head Office14-Jul-03
Visualise Scotland12-Nov-14
Vitalise - Head Office11-Jan-12
Vitalise - Jubilee Lodge11-Jan-12
Vitalise - Kendal Office10-Jul-06
Vitalise - Netley Waterside House11-Jan-12
Vitalise - Sandpipers Centre31-Aug-01
Viva Network02-Nov-06
Vivi Research Limited10-Jun-16
Voluntary Action Calderdale26-Jan-05
Voluntary Action Coventry27-Feb-12
Voluntary Action Islington03-Jan-12
Voluntary Action Rotherham (SYOF) 06-Dec-04
Voluntary Action South Leicestershire10-Sep-07
Voluntary Action South West Surrey15-Jul-09
Voluntary and Community Action Trafford26-Jan-05
Voluntary Service Aberdeen02-Jun-03
Voluntary Services Overseas26-Jul-05
Voluntary Support North Surrey09-Jul-14
Volunteer Centre Broxbourne & East Hertfordshire25-Mar-11
Volunteer Centre Dacorum02-Feb-05
Volunteer Centre Dorset30-Jun-05
Volunteer Centre Midlothian18-Oct-12
Volunteer Link Up (West Oxfordshire)30-Sep-09
Volunteering Moldova20-Aug-15
W.O.R.K. Ltd25-Jan-12
Wadenhoe St Michael & All Angels23-Apr-12
Wakefield Hospice29-Aug-03
Walcot Foundation & Hayle's Charities06-Jul-05
Walgrave St Peter23-Apr-12
Walsingham Community Homes05-Dec-01
Waltham Forest Youth for Christ11-Jun-05
Walthew House05-Sep-03
Walton Pre-School07-Oct-11
Wappenham St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
War on Want19-Jun-18
Warkton St Edmund23-Apr-12
Warkworth St Mary23-Apr-12
Warmington Playgroup 19-Feb-13
Warmington St Mary the Blessed Virgin23-Apr-12
Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs02-Mar-05
Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action 30-Jun-05
WASPS Limited06-Feb-04
Waste Watch14-Jan-10
Water for Africa29-Mar-06
Watford FC Community Sports & Education Trust05-Oct-11
Watford St Peter and St Paul23-Apr-12
WAVE Trust12-Mar-14
Wax Chandlers Charitable Trust23-Sep-18
WEC International02-Nov-06
Weedon Bec St Peter and St Paul23-Apr-12
Weekley St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Welcome Church 11-Feb-08
Weldon with Deene St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Welford St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Wellbeing Regeneration20-Apr-11
Wellingborough All Hallows 23-Apr-12
Wellingborough St Barnabas 23-Apr-12
Wellingborough St Mark 23-Apr-12
Wellingborough St Mary 23-Apr-12
Wellingborough, Gleneagles (Conventional District) 23-Apr-12
Wellington College01-Oct-03
Welton St Martin23-Apr-12
Werrington St John the Baptist w Emmanuel23-Apr-12
WESC Foundation (West of England School & College)11-Feb-04
West Haddon All Saints23-Apr-12
West Herts Against Crime Limited07-Jul-11
West Lancashire Scout Council11-Mar-05
West London Churches Homeless Concern 11-Sep-12
West Northamptonshire Conservatives15-Jul-11
West Sussex Mediation Service24-Jun-10
West Yorkshire County Scout Council25-Mar-11
Westhill Men's Shed26-Dec-12
Weston Favell St Peter 23-Apr-12
Weston Spirit13-Jun-05
Weston-by-Welland St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Westway Development Trust - Head Office17-Aug-05
Wetheriggs ARC24-Feb-16
What About Me Campaign28-Aug-12
Wheels for Wellbeing 13-Nov-12
Where Next Association15-Feb-11
Whilton St Andrew23-Apr-12
Whissendine St Andrew23-Apr-12
Whiston St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Whitby Area Development Trust30-Jun-05
Whitechapel Centre06-May-09
Whitehaven Civic Hall19-Jul-12
Whitehaven Sports Centre19-Jul-12
Whiteley Homes Trust27-Jun-05
Whitfield St John the Evangelist23-Apr-12
Whitstable Improvement Trust15-Jun-05
Whittlebury St Mary23-Apr-12
Whitwell St Michael & All Angels23-Apr-12
Wicken St John the Evangelist23-Apr-12
Wigtownshire Community Transport01-Mar-10
Wilbarston All Saints23-Apr-12
Wilby St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Wild Futures' Monkey Sanctuary 18-May-06
Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust - Head Office02-Aug-07
Wildlife & Countryside Link17-Sep-12
Wildlife Heritage Foundation06-Dec-04
Willaston Memorial Hall28-Feb-05
WILLC 25-Sep-12
William Henry Smith School27-Jan-05
Willow Park Housing Trust Limited - Head Office14-Oct-03
Winchester & Andover Carer Centre25-Feb-05
Winchester Radio25-Nov-10
Wing St Peter & St Paul23-Apr-12
Winnicott Foundation12-Feb-08
Winsleys Charity01-Oct-09
Winwick St Michael & All Angels23-Apr-12
Wirral Autistic Society - Head Office22-Apr-05
Wirral Foodbank24-Feb-16
Wirral Independent Living & Learning31-Mar-09
Wisbech Angles Theatre Council10-Apr-10
Wisbech St Mary Sports & Community Centre16-Nov-09
Wishful Smiles18-Feb-13
Wishing Well11-Jul-05
Wittering All Saints23-Apr-12
Wittersham Parish Council17-Nov-16
Woldingham School21-Jan-10
Wollaston with Strixton St Mary23-Apr-12
Wolverhampton Community Radio Training01-May-13
Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council31-Jul-13
Womankind Worldwide10-May-11
Womens Royal Voluntary Service - Cardiff Gate23-Aug-05
Wood Green, The Animals Charity - Head Office24-Sep-07
Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre05-Sep-03
Woodcroft Christian Centre25-Jun-03
Wooden Spoon Society14-Apr-11
Woodford Community Centre28-Nov-18
Woodford Halse St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Woodford St Mary the Virgin23-Apr-12
Woodgreen Evangelical Church11-Feb-08
Woodland Trust07-Jul-05
Woodnewton St Mary23-Apr-12
Woolwich Hospital Broadcasting Service08-Apr-09
Wootton Fields23-Apr-12
Wootton St George the Martyr23-Apr-12
Word of Faith International Christian Centre28-Jun-16
Workers Educational Association02-Feb-05
Working Class Movement Library 11-Sep-12
Working on Wheels (National Playbus Association) - Head Office14-Jun-05
World Changing Centre 08-Nov-12
World Confederation for Physical Therapy 04-Dec-12
World In Need International02-Nov-06
World Mission Associates - UK11-Feb-08
World Outreach UK02-Nov-06
World Society for the Protection of Animals07-May-08
World Support 18-Feb-13
World Villages for Children17-Jan-18
World Vision UK02-Nov-06
Worth School21-Jan-10
Worthing Tabernacle02-Nov-06
Wycliffe Bible Translators Limited05-Mar-03
Wycliffe UK02-Nov-06
Yad Veachisomoch - L'chaim23-Feb-12
Yakaar African Vision23-Jul-12
Yardley Hastings St Andrew23-Apr-12
Yarwell St Mary Magdalene23-Apr-12
Yelvertoft with Clay Coton All Saints23-Apr-12
Yeovil Community Church02-Nov-06
YMCA - Barnsley31-Jul-12
YMCA - Birmingham12-Oct-07
YMCA - Blackburn09-Dec-05
YMCA - Brightlingsea 16-Jan-12
YMCA - Central 20-Apr-10
YMCA - Central Hertfordshire29-Apr-09
YMCA - Chelmsford13-Dec-04
YMCA - Lancaster and District11-Jan-07
YMCA - Norfolk22-Oct-13
YMCA - North Staffordshire 18-May-10
YMCA - Nottinghamshire (Shakespeare Street)12-Apr-13
YMCA - Romford10-Feb-06
YMCA - Sheffield 14-Jun-05
YMCA - Training13-Sep-12
YMCA - West London25-Oct-12
York Council for Voluntary Service28-Apr-03
Yorkshire ArtSpace 09-Jun-04
Yorkshire College of Music and Drama14-Jun-05
Yorkshire Dance21-Oct-08
Young Enterprise UK - Head Office14-Jun-05
Young Enterprise UK - London27-Oct-05
Young Jains UK04-Mar-09
Young Kent25-Sep-14
Young News07-Nov-11
Young Pioneers Company15-Oct-13
Young Potential (East Midlands) Limited17-Jan-13
YoungDementia UK19-Nov-14
Your Choice23-Apr-08
Your Sanctuary13-May-14
Youth Action Ltd22-Apr-13
Youth Action Sussex 19-Feb-13
Youth Employment UK CIC11-Sep-15
Youth Hostel Association (England & Wales) Limited06-Mar-06
Youth Matters Global Network (YMGNet)24-Mar-10
Youth with a Global Vision26-Nov-08
Youth With A Mission02-Nov-06
YOW Organisation Wolverhampton25-Jun-12
Zambesi Mission02-Nov-06
Zest Community (Sheffield Cubed)11-Sep-13
Zimbabwe Educational Trust31-Jul-14
Zing - Unleashing Potential27-Jun-13

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